Does Walmart Make Keys? | Copy Price and Where To Get It?

Walmart key copy is an amazing self-service provided by Walmart to its customers who wish to copy, cut or create home, office,  and padlock keys.

Thanks to robotic technology, you will be done with the process in a minute, hence the name MinuteKey!

What Will We Talk About Here?
1. Walmart provides splendid key copy services at its MinuteKey Kiosks.
2. It may price you $2 to $6 depending on the type of key and the design that you choose.
3. If Walmart is not the right fit, you can look into Home Depot, KeyMe, and Locksmiths as alternatives.

…and Much More!

Does Walmart Make Keys Copy – What You Need To Know

Walmart key copying service is a unique initiative that can help you get copy of your key in a minute at any Walmart  store near your home using its MinuteKey Kiosks. 

However, the kiosks do not copy all kind of keys so you have to be aware of the details before you go. As for the keys that you can duplicate here, they include home and office key types including:

  • Baldwin
  • Kwikset
  • KW1
  • KW10
  • Schlage
  • SC1
  • Titan
  • Weiser
  • WR3 + WR5
  • Padlock Key Master Lock M1
  • Unfortunately, Walmart kiosks do not copy car keys or keys to specific buildings like schools or public places.

Moreover, if you take keys that are clearly labelled “Do Not Copy”, you may not be allowed to use the MinuteKey Kiosk.

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Cost of Key Copying Service at Walmart

Walmart does not charge much for copying or cutting the types of keys mentioned above. The price range may vary from $2 to $6 depending on the key design that you choose.

  • You can pay at MinuteKey kiosks either with cash or debit or credit card. 

As for the key cutting, the service is free if you happen to purchase the key from Walmart.  There is a $3 fee for the cutting of keys that had been bought from elsewhere.

Walmart Stores That Have MinuteKey Kiosks

Not all Walmart stores have MinuteKey kiosks since this service is available to certain franchises only.

If  you have difficulty finding a store near you, it can be located with the help of MinuteKey kiosk  locator. 

In order to locate a store which has key copying services, you need to go to Walmart’s website and provide your state, zip code and location.

Step By Step Guide To Use MinuteKey Kiosks at Walmart 

In order to use MinuteKey kiosks, you need to follow these steps.

  • Press the Start Button and choose the type of key that you wish to copy.
  • Insert your key in the machine’s self-service. 
  • Choose the number of copies you want to make. 
  • Choose the design of your key from the options including animal prints, cartoons, plain silver or  gold, nature’s scenery or sports team logo.  
  • Select payment method and insert you debit or credit card as per choice.
  • Wait for the machine to do its job then you can take them out of the Drop Box and retrieve the original key as well.

Walmart Key Copy Services – Alternatives

If you are looking for kiosks for making key copies and Walmart does not seem to fit your choice, there are other options to look into. 

  • Locksmiths 

Locksmiths can help duplicate or cut your home, safe, car, Yale, Chubb and padlock keys. It can charge $2 to $10 for it services.

  • Home Depot 

Just like Walmart, Home Depot have a key copy machine in different franchises of the store. It can  provide a duplicate key in less than 5 minutes and typically charges $1.5 for it.

  • KeyMe

KeyMe is another company which help you in making duplicate keys. Depending on the type of the key, price may range from $2.99 to $89.99. 

The Bottom Line

Walmart is providing an instant solution to people who have difficulty finding an easy way to get their important keys copied.

  • It offers many designs for your keys and  you can make as many copies as you want in less than a minute.  

Other kiosks may be cheaper than Walmart but they either do not work as quickly and they don’t offer the range of designs that Walmart does which is a huge catch!