Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer | How To Send, Receive, and Track It?

Quickly need to make a domestic funds exchange? Look no further than Walmart to Walmart money transfer!

It is convenient, quick and easy way to send money: basically everything you were looking for.

1.You can make Walmart to Walmart money transfer by Walmart Store > Money Center > Required Documents > Amount of Money > Send.
2.You can receive such a transaction by Walmart Store > Money Center > Transaction Reference Number > Verification > Obtain.
3.The money transfer fees vary depending on the amount of money that you are sending.

…and Much More!

All About Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer

Walmart let users transfer money either through Walmart2Walmart method or by using MoneyGram.

  • Walmart2Walmart is available for money transfer from anywhere in the US and Puerto Rico.

This money transfer technique is typically used by the locals to make domestic exchange of funds. All it needs is for you to visit a physical store near you and access the money center.

Attention! You can not make Walmart2Walmart money transfer online.

Steps To Send Walmart 2 Walmart Money Transfer

There is nothing complicated about using this method to make a money transfer. However, you do need to check that you have all the necessary documentation and you are above 18 years of age.

  1. Visit the nearby Walmart location.
  2. Access the customer service desk or money center.
  3. Show the required documents including Driver’s ID, US/international passport, residency card, tribal ID, and military ID.
  4. Provide the amount of money to be sent and initiate the transfer.

You can also book a sending money order through Walmart app. This is a great idea if you wish to avoid the long queue at the store.

Steps To Receive Wamart2Walmart Money Transfer

If you are at the receiving end of the money transfer, then you need to visit the Walmart money center with the transaction reference number.

  • The sender should share the transaction reference number with you after they initiated the payment.
  1. Visit the Walmart store.
  2. Access the money center.
  3. Provide the transaction reference number to the person at the desk.
  4. Show your ID or verify through security question/PIN.
  5. Obtain the cash delivery.

Transfers like this are available only in the form of cash and should reach you within 10 minutes of the transaction.

In case you don’t reach the money center to obtain the transfer, Walmart will hold it for up to 2 months. Otherwise, it would be sent back to the person who initiated the transfer using the same payment method.

Extra Reading

Fees For The Transfer

The fee for the money transfer depends on how much you are sending through the money center.

Amount of Transfer Fee
Up to $50$4
$51 to $1000$8
$1001 to $2500$16

Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer Limits

Walmart transfer limit varies depending on the region that you are utilizing the service in.

  1. The limit is $499 per transaction in Arizona.
  2. The limit in the rest of US is $2500.

Tracking of Your Walmart Money Transfer

You can track the money transfer by calling (855) 355-2144. Alternatively, you can visit the company’s “Track a transfer” page online.

If you suspect that there is anything wrong with the order or it is not supposed to take that long, you can get in touch with customer care team at the same number that we have mentioned below.

How To Refund Walmart2Walmart Transactions

Fortunately, you can refund these transactions but only under certain conditions.

  • It is possible to refund the money if it has not been delivered yet. If the funds have reached the other account, you can not cancel the transfer.

So if the money is still on holder, you can request a cancellation by calling the customer support department at 855 355-2144.

Typically, refunds are done using the same payment method as you had chosen for the transfer. However, the company may also issue a paper check under some circumstances.

In this case, it is normal for the procedure to take up to 10 days.

Walmart Money Transfer Service Hours

The timings for the money transfer are same as Walmart Center service or when the service desk is available.

This means you can avail it mostly between 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. Visit Walmart official website for more information on MoneyCenter hours.

The Bottom Line

There are only a selective retail stores in the US that let you make convenient money transfers and Walmart is on top of the list.

You can avail Walmart2Walmart service at all locations, nationwide. It is quick so the funds will be made available to the recipient within 10 minutes. Isn’t that great?

Frequently Asked Questions About Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer

What do I need to make Walmart 2 Walmart transfer?

You simply need to visit the store and move to the assigned money center. Here you can grab a money transfer form and provide the information such as the amount of money and recipient’s name. Then you need to choose the mode of payment such as debit card or credit card. That’s all!

Can I receive money with Walmart?

Yes! You can quickly and safely receive the funds sent to you through Walmart in all the US stores.

Can I get Walmart to Walmart funds without verification ID?

Some sort of identification is a must when you receive money from Walmart2Walmart. However, besides ID documents, you can also use PIN or security question to pick up the money.

Can someone else pick my money order from Walmart?

You can visit the customer care center to add another person as an alternate pickup for your transfer.

What is the limit for money transfer at Walmart?

Walmart transfer limit varies depending on the region that you are utilizing the service in. The limit is $499 per transaction in Arizona and in the rest of US it is $2500.