Money Orders

How to Correct a Mistake in Money Order Or Apply For a New One?

Money orders are a practical way to relieve financial stress in times of need. They work similar to checks, but without the trouble of extensive paperwork. With that being said, how to correct a mistake on money order is essential to know especially because their use has considerably increased over the years.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • The procedure to correct a mistake in money order vary depending on company’s rules and regulations.
  • Most of the institutes allow you to make minor changes to money order as long as you don’t alter the amount and more sensitive information.
  • If the changes are not permitted, you will have to cancel the money order and request a new one. This may carry additional fees.

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How to Correct a Mistake on Money Order

Banks and other financial organizations require accurate information to complete transactions quickly and efficiently. The transactions may become perplexed if there are scribbles and scratches, and the money may be wired improperly.

So, if you have made a mistake on your money order, it is unfortunate to say that you cannot change your mistake due to security concerns. You won’t be able to cross out and rewrite the information, nor will you be able to use white-out.

  • Any adjustments to a money order are restricted to avoid scams.

On the other hand, money order correction regulations vary based on where you purchase them. Some banks allow you to correct minor inaccuracies in the name or address fields and others may allow you to cash a money order as such.

Attention! Although some companies are willing to accept modifications, it is advisable to cancel and resubmit your money order form.

We recommend that you should not attempt to repair any errors that have been made.

It’s a good idea to double-check all of the information before sending the money order to the cashier. The money order may still be cashed if you make a tiny error, such as misspelling your name or address incorrectly.

Money Order Correction Policies for Different Platforms

While filling a money order, it is good to be aware of the policies of the organizations prior to making changes.

Typically, issuers may reject a document if it has scratches but it might not be an issue if there are minor spelling mistakes. However, when it comes to filling payee or payor name or address, banks and check cashing centers, may not accept a money order even with minor inaccuracies. 

  • The safest way then is to cancel the original money order and replace it with a new one if you make a mistake. You can also ask for a refund.

As for the detailed policy on how certain organizations allow you to correct mistakes on money orders and what you are not permitted to do, we have covered in detail below.


  • if you cannot find a bank or check cashing service, you may cancel the money order.
  • You can replace the previous money order by filling in a new one.
  • Banks and check cashing facilities may accept a money order with minor mistakes in the payee or address.
  • However, MoneyGram does not allow you to change the amount, payee, or any other information on the money order.
  • Make sure to double-check the information on your money order to prevent any mistakes. 

Western Union

  • The purchaser cannot make any adjustments to inaccuracies on the money order form, regardless of the information provided.
  • Despite the strict rules, some Western Union agents advise customers that changes are okay as long as the money order’s quantity remains the same.
  • You can change minor mistakes on your money order, however, you cannot change payee name, or payee address any information, if you have made a mistake on a money order.
  • If you have entered any information on the money order inaccurately, you must cancel it and obtain a new one.
  • Try to avoid making mistakes that lead to suspicion and any uncertainty.


  • The customer is allowed to cash the money order at the discretion of the bank or check cashing site if there are minor misspellings.
  • However, for safety reasons, USPS has made it a policy not to correct any mistakes on money order forms if the consumer has provided incorrect information.
  • However, the USPS provides a guarantee that any damaged or erroneous money orders will be replaced for free.
  • The USPS will send you a new money order form if you are qualified for a replacement,
  • Simply, fill out a PS Form 6401 Money Order Inquiry to get a renewal on your money order. 

Bank Money Order

  • If there is a problem or a minor error, most banks agree to allow their customers to amend their name and address updates.
  • You may be able to rectify minor mistakes in the name and address fields or cash orders.
  • However, if you have a major problem with your money order, such as the amount or other concerns, it is recommended that you must cancel the incorrect money order and obtain a new one from your local bank.
  • If the bank makes a mistake, they will correct it on their own. Citibank, for example, has a policy that if a money order is lost due to a bank error, the branch will replace it free of charge. Other banks, such as Chase, also offer free money orders to consumers if a branch makes a mistake.
  • If you cancel your money order and purchase a new one, you will have to pay a small fee.

Extra Reading

Can You Submit Money Order with Incorrect Information?

Customer’s sensitive information is strictly protected by the bank. This eliminates a lot of the possibility for misunderstandings and blunders while transferring funds. If you make a mistake when filling out a money order and want to submit it, you will be unable to do it. 

  • However, you can cancel your money order and replace it if you want to make changes to the information on it. 

Nonetheless, always write sensitive information such as the amount with care. If you make a serious mistake with the money order, you must cancel it and request a new one.

Attention! Some issuers will accept adjustments if they are not in the amount. You may also ask for a refund. Don’t forget to bring a receipt to ask for a refund. 

Alternative To Correcting a Mistake on Money Order – Redo! 

Certain banks are more tolerant when it comes to correcting a mistake on a money order. Such issuers allow minor changes to names and addresses as long as the balance remains the same. If you are unable to correct your mistakes on your money order, the only option is to cancel and replace it.

  • Cancel Previous Money Order

You can cancel your money order anytime you want to, however, make sure it hasn’t been cashed yet. When cancelling an order, bring the money order receipt with you and also photographic proof of your purchase if your money order receipt is lost or stolen.

On the other hand, you’ll have to fill out some paperwork and provide certain information to cancel it. Depending on the institution where you purchased the order form, simply fill out the cancellation paperwork in person or online.

  • Buy a New Money Order

If you want to purchase a money order, you must first complete the necessary paperwork. You also have to pay the full amount plus a little fee when purchasing a money order. The cost of a money order varies depending on where you get it.

You should bring cash, a debit card, or a traveler’s check to buy a new money order. If you pay using a credit card, the issuer may classify the transaction as a cash advance. Most money order issuers prefer not to accept credit cards or personal cheques.

The Bottom Line

Although money orders are quite convenient, their exchange is not as smooth as online transfer. This means that re-doing a transaction would not only take more time but also charge certain fees.

Therefore, we recommend that you are careful while filling out a money order. Make sure you provide the correct information and double-check before sending it over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it allowed to scribble out a mistake if you make any on a money order?

You should not try to make changes on a money order like this. Before making any alterations, it is better to get in touch with the specific company and be aware of their policies regarding this issue.

How can I get a replacements for money order?

First of all, it is not possible to make changes if the money order is being posted. However, if it has been stolen or lost, the company would need to confirm it and that might take up to a month. After that, you are allowed to request for a replacement which may or may not come with a processing fee.

Can I put two names on a money order?

Yes, you are allowed to enter two names on a money order but, in that case, it must be signed by both the parties unless you place an “or” in between the names.

Who should I contact to find out how to correct a mistake in money order?

The policy for correcting a mistake varies from one company to another. Therefore, it is better to contact the specific business beforehand.