$50 Loan Instant App | Top 6 Picks To Solve Your Financial Needs!

Your next paycheck may be too far away to handle a financial emergency. Luckily, $50 loan instant app has you covered with money available at affordable rates and within 24 hours!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • The top three picks for $50 loan instant app are Chime, Earning, and PaydaySay.
  • Loan instant apps are more convenient and affordable that payday loans.
  • Learn how to stay away from online scammers that can steal money in the name of loan or benefit programs.

…and Much More!

$50 Loan Instant App – Top-Picks

With a tight budget, you are often not able to take care of immediate cash needs. Although credit cards can be helpful in such a case as well, people with low credit score might struggle to get approved.

A reliable solution is the use of mobile apps that let you borrow small amount of money.

You can find some decent options online that are willing to tailor their packages depending on your needs. Below, we have reviewed 6 best $50 instant loan apps that may be just what you are looking for.

Loan Instant AppAmountFeeAPR
Chime $20 – $100Optional Up to 105%
PaydaySayUp tp $5,000N/A5.99% – 35.99%
Dave$ – $200$1Up to 400%
Moneylion$25 – $250Optional Up to 300%
Earnin$100 – $250NoneUp to 105%
Brigit$50 – $250$9.99 per monthUp to 500%


Chime is an online bank where you can open checking or savings account and apply for a loan as well. You need a checking account to take out pre-determined amount of cash as loan.

  1. Applicants can withdraw $20 to $100 as loan depending on their account activity.
  2. There is no set-up fee although you can pay a tip if you want.
  3. You need to make a direct deposit of more than $500 per month to qualify for the loan.
  4. The balance is repayable within 7 days with $1 tip.
  5. The APR may be up to 105%.


Another top-rated cash advance app is PaydaySay that lets you obtain cash directly from their office and without any delay.

  1. Applicants can borrow up to $5,000 instantly.
  2. You will get the approval within minutes after which you will be connected to the creditors directly.
  3. Generally, an APR of 5.99% to 35.99% is applied.
  4. There is no paper-based application required for acquiring the loan.
  5. It works with encrypted private information to keep your data completely secured.

You can submit the application via phone and then receive the cash in your bank account after the approval within 24 hours.


Dave app lets you borrow small amount of money or you can open a Dave spending account to enjoy access to a larger amount.

  1. Applicants can get $5 to $200 as a loan with Dave account or up to $100 without one.
  2. There is an optional $1 subscription fee.
  3. You can pay up to $5.99 for instant delivery of loan.
  4. There is an optional tip of 20% of the amount being borrowed.
  5. The Side Hustle feature helps you find additional gigs to earn cash.

It may take up to 3 days to get the cash unless you opt for instant delivery. Moreover, the funds will be deducted from your account on the next payday.


You can avail instant cash through this app as long as you have a checking account although you would need to pay an extra fee.

  1. Applicants can get approval for $25 to $250 through the Moneylion app.
  2. The fee for instant delivery of the cash is $3.99 for accountholders and $4.99 for those without account.
  3. APR rates can be 300% or more.
  4. You can pay $1 as a tip and repay the loan in 7 days.
  5. Additional fee if your payment is more than 5 days late.

Funds will be taken from your account on the day that you are supposed to get the next pay. However, if your account does not have sufficient funds, the app will try again after 24 hours.


Earnin is a loan app that offers money based on your working hours. If you are looking for a loan program at low fee, this is one is probably the best choice.

  1. Applicants can borrow amount from $100 to $500 depending on their working hours.
  2. Voluntary tips up to $14 or you can set up recurring tip of at least $1.50.
  3. You can get the money instantly by signing-up with Earnin’s Lightning Speed feature.
  4. The APR depends on how much you borrowed. It can be up to 105%.
  5. There are no additional fee for late payments.


This is basically a budgeting app but you can use its features like Free Plan for financial support and Cash Advance to avail a loan, if needed.

  1. Applicants can get $50 to $250 loan by singing up to Paid Plan.
  2. The plan has an additional cost of $9.99 per month.
  3. The delivery is almost instant (the same day) for people who apply earlier.
  4. APR for a basic $100-7 day loan is as high 500%.
  5. Paid plan has additional features like automatic deposits and credit monitoring.

Extra Reading

Should You Use a Loan App?

Loan apps are designed to help you through a financially-challenging situation. However, most of them come with high interest rates and may encourage users to repeatedly rely on loans which is not a smart move.

  • Loan apps are still better than payday loans as they impose a borrowing limit and offer financial guidance to customers.

Whether you should or should not rely on such applications is completely up to you. However, there are a few tips that can improve the experience you have with $50 instant loan app. Keep reading!

Watch Out For Scams!

Availing a loan over app can be a desperate situation and there are many scammers out there ready to take advantage.

To make sure that you only land on legitimate platforms for loans and don’t fall prey to online fraudulent apps, there are a few things to watch out for when seeking a loan.

  • Don’t respond to phishing emails

Scam emails notifying you of some “wrong” information and promising to help correct you loan application are becoming common.

They request you to either pay a small amount to get it done or encourage you to share sensitive information such as your bank account details. Red Flag!

  • Only apply for “benefit” programs through reliable websites

Some scammers also promise to help you avail a helpful programs such as unemployment benefits or getting to the payday faster using the right paperwork.

You can lose a lot of fee paying them for the tasks that are never going to see completion so be careful who you hand out the money to.

  • Do not agree to pay a hefty advance for your loan

Similar programs may ask you for cash advances prior to delivering a loan. Although set up fee is common for many platforms, it tends to be a small amount only.

Covid-19 pandemic has considerably boosted the number of online scammers using fraudulent tactics to steal your money. Any program that offers something that is too good to be true is probably not.

Cash Advance Apps – The Good and The Bad Side

Like any other financial support system that you can find, money loan apps also carry different sort of advantages and disadvantages that you need to watch out for.

  • They let you access cash quickly

You have instant access to the cash once the application for the loan is approved. The money is sent to your account typically within 24 hour.

  • The interest rates are considerably low

Payday loans can charge hefty amount of interest but these apps are more considerate and some even let you completely off the hook i.e. they don’t have any APR.

  • You need one approval for lifetime use

The application needs to be processed for only one time. After this, you are free to keep using the app and applying for loan multiple times whenever needed.

  • You can not borrow a large amount

Instant loan apps can get you a small fund that you need immediately but that is about it! They are not sufficient to cover for long-term issues or bigger emergencies.

  • Apps encourage repetitive loans which is not smart

Since the loans are so easy to obtain, applicants can get carried away. Some even apply for the money constantly for minor needs and end up incurring debt that is difficult to pay off.

$50 Loan Instant App – Alternatives

Although loan apps are convenient, they do put you at risk of being scammed and carry a number of other disadvantages as well.

Conversely, it is better to weigh your options before applying for a loan through an app. Here’s what you can consider to do instead.

  • Online lenders who offer small personal loans

You may be able to find an online lender that gets you access to a small amount of personal loan. Their interests rates are as low as 36% so they are more affordable than instant loan apps in most cases.

  • Loans from reliable credit unions

Credit unions also offer personal loans with APR of 18% or lower. You can get as low as $500 and larger amounts as well depends on how good your credit score is. You can repay the amount in months or even a year.

  • Loans from friends or family

This may not sound nice but if you really need a loan and can’t manage to pay an interest, it is better to simply ask for help. A reliable friend or a family member can lend you money to uplift your financial situation.

To avoid any ambiguities, you can draw up a contract that mention date and method of repayment along with signatures from both parties.

  • Part-time jobs to make extra money

If borrowing money can wait, you may have enough time to look for a way to earn some extra cash such as by taking online surveys or doing a side hustle.

The Bottom Line

People frequently relied on payday loans previously to help them through a financially-challenging month. However, that option could drain your pocket quickly due to high APR and tough approval terms.

  • Loan instant apps, on the other hand, are easy to access and let you loan small amount of money at considerably lower interest rates.

We talked about a bunch of $50 loan instant app above and you can borrow cash from here without too many fees. Hopefully, these would be enough to improve your financial scenario right away.

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Chime: Best loan app for a secure experience
Best for large amount of loan
Best for loan with small fees

Frequently Asked Questions About $50 Loan Instant App

Which apps can I use to borrow money instantly?

There are a number of mobile loan apps that you can apply at for instant cash in times of need. Some reliable names include Chime, PaydaySay, Earnin, and Dave.

Which is the best app for borrowing $75 quickly?

Dave is one of the best loan app that lets you borrow $75 with minimum additional fee and a tip of $1 per month. You can qualify for up to $100 with Dave debit card. The money will reach you within 72 hours.

What are the most reliable ways to instantly borrow money?

You can get your hands on instant loan using a number of different ways. Banks, money loan apps, credit unions, online lender, and payday lender let you qualify for loan on easy terms.

Moreover, you can utilize cash advance on a credit card or simply ask a friend or a family member for financial support.

Does Chime let you borrow money?

Yes. You can borrow money from Chime using Spot Me feature that lets eligible candidate overdraft up to $200 with no fees.

What will happen if I don’t pay Dave back?

Dave, like other instant loan apps, deduct money automatically from your account on the next payday. If sufficient funds are not available, it will try again after 24 hours.