11 Apps Like Dave To Get Cash Advance Quickly & Easily

Dave is a go-to cash advance app that has saved many from financial troubles. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that people are on a hunt for Cash advance apps like Dave that can prove to be useful.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Earnin, Moneylion, and Brigit are top choice when it comes to finding apps like Dave.
  • Most of these apps charge minimal interest rates.
  • You have to aware of the terms and conditions of the applications before you sign-up.

…and Much More!

Apps Like Dave – Top 11 Choices!

Luckily, there are plenty of money apps like Dave with great collection of features & reasonable interest rates. Some apps are more beneficial over the others.

Hopefully, precise reviews below will help you choose the right app in the end!

Apps Like Dave Loan Amount Interest Charges Monthly Fee Credit Check
Brigit $2500%$0No
PockBox $2,500Variable $0No
Branch $5000%$0No
Loan Solo $3,000N/AN/ANo
FlexWage Depends on incomeN/A$5No
DailyPayVariable Variable $1.25/transferNo
Rainy Day Lending $2000%$0No
Chime $1000%$0No
PayActiv $500N/A$5/weekNo


In the list of apps like Dave that let you overdraft, Earnin is definitely on the lead. It is one of the best options in the market specifically designed to look after your financial needs.

  1. The app allows you to borrow up to $500.
  2. You can choose to provide a voluntary tip of $14.
  3. Applicants can also sign up with Earnin’s Lightning Speed feature for more perks.
  4. The applicable APR depends on how much you borrow.
  5. There is no additional fee for late payment.


Another reliable option is Moneylion that let you borrow handsome amount of cash advance as long as you have a checking account.

  1. You can avail a loan up to $25 to $250.
  2. The fee for instant delivery of cash is $3.99.
  3. You would have to pay $4.99 if you are not a Moneylion accountholder.
  4. The APR can be as high as $300 so watch out!
  5. You would have to pay an additional fee if you do repay the amount in decided time frame.


Brigit is a budgeting app that lets you avail cash advance if needed and on flexible terms.

  1. You can apply for a loan of $50 up to $250 using its Paid Plan.
  2. The plan carries an additional fee of $9.99 per month.
  3. The loan will be instantly delivered to your account.
  4. The applicable APR can be as high as 500%.
  5. Brigit also offers additional tools like automatic deposits and credit monitoring.


PockBox is a reliable money app alternative that let you borrow large amount of money if needed.

  1. The app lets you borrow loan of $100 up to $2,500 in just a couple of minutes.
  2. You don’t need to connect any bank to PockBox app for the loan application to work.
  3. There is no sign-up fee.
  4. The approval rates are quite high.
  5. The interest charges are variable and depend on how much you loan.


Loan apps like Dave also include impeccable names like Branch that offer money-monitoring tools as well.

  1. Branch lets you borrow up to $500 depending on your working hour.
  2. This app is completely free for all to join.
  3. You can choose to withdraw a portion of your pay in advance as loan.
  4. There is no interest on the amount that you loan.
  5. Branch is a commendable app when it comes to speedy transfer and flexibility.

Loan Solo

Loan Solo works by connecting you to reliable lenders who are willing to help you with financial needs.

  1. It lets you get access to cash quickly.
  2. The funds will be sent directly to your account without any additional expenses.
  3. You can avail up to $3,000 of personal loan.
  4. The amount offered to you would be variable depending on you credit.
  5. The app can get cheaper if you continue to use it and learn the right tricks.


This one is a great option if an employee wishes to access wages based on their demands.

  1. The app is hassle-free when it comes to payroll advances.
  2. FlexWage provides reloadable payroll debit cards.
  3. The card is a method to accept direct deposit for people who do not have bank account.
  4. It can carry a fee of up to $5.
  5. The app is not very costly when compared to other options.


DailyPay works similar to Dave and allows you to enjoy many benefits over time.

  1. It allows you to build balance over time.
  2. You simply need to tap in the balance you need and access the cash.
  3. The app will them promptly transfer the money to the bank.
  4. The amount would be deducted on your next payday.
  5. The app charges $1.25 per transfer.

Rainy Day Lending

This is not a wage advance loan but it lets you avail personal loan based on your current financial conditions.

  1. All types of credits are accepted.
  2. You can have the money sent directly to your account.
  3. The funds will be made accessible within the next business day.
  4. The app does carry overdraft charges so you need to be careful.
  5. You will have to deal with certain rates of interest.


Apps like Dave that work with Chime have been user’s favorite for a long time. Besides being an amazing online bank for checking accounts, Chime offers a range of other benefits.

  1. You can borrow loan of $20 up to $100 depending on your account history.
  2. There is no account set-up fee.
  3. You need to make a direct deposit of at least $500 per month to qualify for the loan.
  4. The balance needs to be repaid within a week.
  5. The APR can be as high as 105%.


PayActiv offers loan on easy terms.

  1. You can use the app to withdraw up to $500.
  2. Each transfer would charge you $5 once in two weeks.
  3. PayActiv is one of the most affordable app alternative to Dave.
  4. It is regionally-restricted so you have to check whether it is available in your city or not.
  5. The app works on partnership with companies around the US.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, Dave is not the app out there that can help you in times of financial emergency. The list extends to many names although you have to learn about their terms and conditions as well.

  • Keep in mind that not all apps are designed keeping your needs in view.

Therefore, you have to understand more about these apps to have all the right information before you sign-up with any.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apps Like Dave

Are there any good apps like Dave?

Yes, there are many financial tools and online apps that work like Dave and allow you to borrow money to repay later. Some prominent names include Moneylion, Earnin, and Chime app.

What other applications give you money advance?

Some of the best borrow-money apps are Chime, Empower, DailyPay, PayActiv, Earnin, etc.