Loans Like LendUp And Similar Cash Advances Services For You!

LendUp is more structured as compared to payday lenders and is more transparent with upfront pricing. LendUp lends loans without the requirement of minimum credit score but has a higher APR. However, there are other loans like LendUp which offer better services with low APR. 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • LendUp is a credible and trustworthy site that can help you get a match with most suitable lender.
  • Loans like LendUp have more versatile loan amounts starting as low as $50.
  • These loan programs also have lower APR, easy application, small turnaround time, and flexible loan terms.

…and Much More!

Loans Like LendUp – What Are Your Options?

Although the company offers some impeccable features and perks, LendUp has higher annual percentage rates (APR). Therefore, we have listed some alternate and better options for Payday Loan That Accepts Chime , Loan Under 36 , or installment-based loans for Shopping

 MoneyLion Credit Builder Plus

This lender is specifically built to offer loans to people with poor or no credit scores and help them build their credit scores. Its annual percentage rate (APR) is quite low, however, it requires a monthly membership fee of $19.99, and funds are not delivered right away. 

  • The loan amount is approximately $1,000.
  • Their APR rates range from 5.99% to 29.99%.
  • The interest rate type is fixed.
  • No minimum credit score is required. 
  • Their loan term is 12 months and higher.


For a personal loan, this firm is very helpful and is not a direct creditor. However, it helps borrowers connect with lenders through their online platform. It provides the best match as per the data entered and helps find a lender quickly and therefore stands out in the list of sites like Lendup to consider.

  • The service is free and entirely online so there is no need to visit physically. 
  • As it’s entirely online, it saves time and the hustle of visiting lending stores in person. 
  • PaydaySay does not ensure request approval by lenders.
  • The loan amount ranges from $500-$5000.
  • It is not the direct creditor and acts as a loan matching forum.

Monevo Loans

It also offers personal loans but can be used if you need a loan as low as $500. Its APR rates are up to 35% and it lets you choose a loan according to your credit i.e. good, fair, or bad. 

  • Monevo loans amount ranges from $500 to $100,000. 
  • Their APR rates are lower i.e. 1.99% to 35.99% as compared to LendUp.
  • No minimum credit score is required.
  • Their turnaround time varies from lender to lender.
  • Their loan term ranges from a minimum of 0.5 years to a maximum of 12 years.

Cash Advance 

A cash advance is a lender that is reliable for emergencies. It is not a direct creditor but instead is a loan-matching forum for connecting lenders with borrowers. 

  • It has a modern design.
  • Cash Advance has a user-friendly interface. 
  • Cash Advance is suitable for obtaining fast financial decisions.
  • It has an easy application process with no faxed documents required.
  • The application process is entirely online. 

Check Into Cash Payday Loan

For small emergencies loans as low as $50, Cash Payday Loan is suitable. Although the payments are not reported to three credit bureaus with this loan provider it charges higher rates and fees for this convenience. 

  • Loan amounts vary from state to state and the interest rate type is fixed.
  • They have a variable loan term depending upon the state.
  • Their turnaround time is as soon as the next business day or the day after that.
  • It does not report to credit bureaus.
  • The minimum age requirement to borrow is 21 years.


Opploans help improves credit scores by lending loans in installments with an annual percentage rate (APR) lower than LendUp. It demands a direct pay deposit into a three-month-old bank account at least. 

  • The amount for the loan ranges from $500 – $4,000.
  • The interest rate type is fixed.
  • The duration of the loan is 6 to 18 months.
  • OppLoans require payment with direct deposit.
  • Their turnaround time is 1 business day.

Net Credit

This company offers personal loans in easy installments and therefore serves as a good Lendup alternative. This platform offers larger loans and starts from $1000, therefore, its interest rates are also high. However, interest rates are still lower than LendUp. 

  • Their loan amount starts from $1,000 and ranges up to $10,500.
  • Net Credit has APR rates lower than LendUp i.e. 34% to 155%.
  • They have fixed interest rate types and no minimum credit score is required.
  • Their turnaround time is 1 to 3 business days.
  • Their loan term is 6 months to 5 years.


Like LendUp, CashUSA provides lending services to US citizens. They have easy applications, flexible repayment terms, and reliable assistance. However, they demand a payslip of $1000, and the age requirement is 18 years. 

  • CashUSA has higher interest rates i.e. 5.99% to 35.99%. 
  • Their loan amount ranges from 500-10,000 dollars.
  • The loan term is 3 months to 6 years. 
  • The minimum age requirement is 18 years.
  • CashUSA’s minimum credit score is $1000.

Even Financial Loans

If you have a low credit score i.e. 600 dollars and you need a personal loan of more than $1000 then Even financial is a great pick. It offers loan offers from multiple long-term lenders and thus is faster and easy to analyze. 

  • Their loan amounts range from $1,000 to $100,000.
  • Their APR rates are 4.99% to 35.99%.
  • A minimum acceptable credit score is 550.
  • Their turnaround time is variable.
  • Their loan term ranges from 2-7 years.

Personal Loans

Another platform for personal or installment-based loans that is not a direct creditor and good Lendup alternative is personal loans. It also helps find the best lender for your loan requirement. 

  • Personal loan company lends loans without asking for reasons.
  • The loan term is 3 months to 6 years.
  • Their APR rates range from 5.99% to 35.99%.
  • They have an option for a request of $35,000 for unexpected emergencies.
  • Their turnaround time is 1 business day.

 Rise Credit Loans

For repeat borrowers, RISE credit offers loans in installments with lower rates. The loan ranges from 5-500 dollars without minimum credit. However, after every 14 days repayments are due. 

  • Rise Credit Loan amount ranges from $300 – $5,000.
  • They have fixed interest rate types.
  • Their loan term is 4 months to 2 years.
  • The turnaround time of Rise credit loans is the next working day.
  • The repayment is due after every 2 weeks.

Extra Reading

LendUp- In a Nutshell

LendUp offers short-term loans and has high APR rates. They have a ladder system through which they give borrowers a chance to lower interest rates after every transaction. Borrowers reaching on the top of the ladder achieve the lowest APR rates. 

Initially, an amount of $400 can be borrowed which can be returned within 30 days. There are different levels i.e. silver, gold, and platinum with loan amounts low to highest of platinum borrowers i.e. $400. The application process is quick and easy. 

  • First, you need to fill out an online form to incorporate basic information like contact, banking, income payslip, social security number, etc. 
  • To ensure that the applicant can repay the loan within the given time constraint, a copy of the bank statement is required as proof. 
  • Funds transfer within 15 minutes once your loan is approved. However, it does not take longer than 1 business day for funds to be transferred. 

Is LendUp and Sites Like Lendup Safe to Use?

While online platforms do have many scammers, however, LendUp is credible and trustworthy. LendUp helps you choose the best match according to your current financial status, loan amount, payslip, and reasons for borrowing with variations in a payday loan and same-day deposit. 

LendUp shows transparency in terms of fees and terms as it charges no hidden fees and you pay only what they tell you upfront.

  • However, fees are variable in different states. Also, it offers lower annual rates. 

Although LendUp has an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau, it does not have accreditation and many complaints have been registered against it in Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

The Bottom Line

In this controversial lending market, Lendup is a socially responsible lender, wants to help the troubled borrowers get off the debts and improve their credit score without being under the burden of debts forever.

Although, they are a bit pricey as compared to their competitors as they have higher APR rates, you can always look into companies similar to Lendup to find a better match.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the credit score requirement for LendUp?

LendUp does not have a minimum credit score requirement or minimum income to be qualified for a loan application but the minimum age requirement is 18 years. 

What is the maximum loan amount of LendUp?

For installment-based loans, the maximum loan amount is $300 while for single payment loans, the maximum loan amount is $255. 

How long funds transfer process take from LendUp?

Within 1 day of application submission, they respond with approval, and once approved, funds are transferred in 15minutes to a maximum next business day. 

How to apply for a LendUp loan?

For applying for a LendUp loan, all that is required is an online application or call, approval, and funds transfer in most cases the same day.