Biz2credit Reviews | Loan Amount, Interest Rates, Pros and Cons!

This Biz2credit Reviews entails everything you need to know about lending loans, consequently helping you improve your credits and finances with their multiple loans and financing options!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can apply for Biz2credit loans if you have experience in business for at least six months, a positive revenue, and a fair credit score.
  • The loan amount ranges from $25k to $2 million.
  • It offers several loan types for Technology Investment, Business Debt Refinance, Working Capital, Product or Service Expansion, Merchant Cash Advances, SBA Loans, and others.

…and Much More!

Biz2credit Reviews – In A Nutshell 

Biz2credit was founded in 2007 to provide its customers the loans to help them grow their small businesses. It offers an extensive range and type of loans you can opt for as per your requirements. 

To meet your financial needs, marketplace lenders try to match the business borrowers with the lenders.

Attention! To help you understand your business financials in a more practical manner, Biz2credit has a free financial assistant referred to as the BizAnalyzer. 

Biz2credit is known for its wide range of loans, starting from $25 k to $2 million. You can borrow as much as you want within this range. However, the company decides the suitable amount for you, keeping in mind all your credentials. 

  • Above all, Biz2credit offers complete transparency when discussing costs and rates. It can vary with your credit score, so make sure you have a strong score.

Constant reporting to credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian) of your regular payments is yet another great feature of the Biz2credit as it helps improve your credit status. 

Biz2credit Reviews Key Features

Founded in 2007, Biz2credit has been a saver for several individuals struggling to manage their finances practically. With their advanced loan types and extensive loan ranges, we hope this can be a suitable place for you. 

To present before you a quick overview, we will list a few key features before we dive into all the details of Biz2credit reviews. 

Loan Amount$25k to $2M
Associated FeesVaries
Time in businessSix months minimum
Credit ScoreVaries (More than 550)
APR5.99% to 30%
Transparent PricingYes
Response Time24 hours
Annual sales requiredRobust


  • Biz2credit connects its customers with an entire network of financial institutions to land on the best possible option. 
  • Wide range of loans ranging from a minimum of $25k and a maximum of $2M. 
  • Quick and easy application process without any extra unnecessary details. 
  • You can compare your business loan offers from multiple lenders before deciding on one. 
  • Biz2credit services are available in 50 states overall. 
  • Biz2credit matches the borrowers with the loan options and then carries out further processes. 
  • Variable funding types and financing are available. 


  • Instead of connecting you with a potential lender, it does not directly provide you with the funds. 
  • Rates are a bit expensive when compared to other available services. 
  • They might charge you with an additional fee that varies according to the loan type. 
  • You cannot get funding on the same day. 
  • People with low credit scores cannot be acquainted with Biz2credit services. 
  • The lending guidelines can vary from program to program. 

Eligibility Criteria for Biz2credit

Biz2credit offers advanced loan options for its customers of multiple kinds, as we have explained earlier. However, to qualify for these services, you need to follow a specific set of requirements. It includes

  • You must have experience in business for at least six months. 
  • Must have a positive revenue.
  • Excellent and fair credit score.

Hence, with an acceptable range of credit scores and a rough revenue of $10,000 every month, you are all fit to qualify for the Biz2credit loans. 

Quick Overview of Biz2credit Application Process

Biz2credit offers a diverse range of loans, and you can opt for the best one per your requirements. The application process of Biz2Credit is such a convenient procedure; hence you can fill it out in just a few minutes. 

  • All you need to tell is the the amount you wish to borrow, your duration in business, the revenue, and the credit score which fulfills the FICO’s criteria. 

As soon as you upload all the documentation, you will respond to the company within 24 hours of submission. The funding time can vary depending on the type of loan you apply for, but it takes around 3 business days on average. 

Essentials For Biz2credit Loan Plans

Apart from the basic credentials that help you qualify for the Biz2credit loan plans, you need to have the below-mentioned documentation below to start your process officially. 

These can vary with the type of loans you apply for, so look out for every tiny bit before beginning the process. The business funding requires:

  • The credit account statements have an excellent record. 
  • The bank statements from your bank account (should be multiple months). 
  • Statement presenting the business profit and loss. 
  • Individual tax returns. 
  • Multiple years corporate tax returns. 

Biz2credit Pricing to Watch Out For 

The rates of Biz2credit are such that it offers a fixed APR that typically ranges from 5.99% up to 30%. In addition to this, it also charges an upfront fee for the loan products it has for its customers. 

  • The fee can vary depending upon your lender and the type of loan you are getting. Its fee is known to be a bit ahead than charged by banks otherwise. 

Another aspect you need to look out for is the underwriting fee or a loan origination fee. It is associated with financial options that are not linked with the bank. 

Here, you are bound to pay an underwriting fee of around $250 to $400. The loan origination fee is associated with the financing directly linked to banking.

Biz2credit never charges you for the pre-submission or the application fee. As explained earlier, the process is plain and straightforward, with no hidden fee tagged along. 

Note! Biz2credit can schedule your repayments in a way that it either gets deducted from your account automatically or on a weekly or monthly basis, all depending upon the loans. 

Services Offered by Biz2credit

Bi2credit offers many services for people who hardly manage to pay their bills and are under financial constraints. With its different loans and offers, you can make both ends meet. 

Here, we will let you know about some practical business loans that Biz2credit has for its customers, and you can choose what fits you the best. 

  • Hiring
  • Equipment Purchase
  • Payroll
  • Technology Investment 
  • Business Debt Refinance
  • Working Capital 
  • Product or Service Expansion 
  • New Location 
  • Lease Improvement 
  • Inventory  
  • Term Loans 
  • Merchant Cash Advances 
  • SBA Loans 

To avail of any of the above loans, all you need to do is create your profile with Biz2credit, submit the application, find best-fit funding solutions, and get funded. We will discuss the process of application in detail in the next section. 

FYI! Some other loans that Biz2credit offers its customer include the lines of credit and Paycheck Protection Program Loans. They connect you to the most suitable lenders per your requirements and carry forward your process. However, you need to check which of these are active and not at the time of application. 

Customer Service

Biz2credit has a detailed and well-equipped website where you can approach all sorts of information regarding loan plans. Their customer representatives are active and well-trained to help you understand the complete process. 

  • You can contact the technical staff through several communication channels, and they will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. 

To get in touch with the Biz2credit staff, drop them an email on the official email address provided at their website or call them directly.

Other options include the LiveChat feature on their website. Their response is fast and flexible, and they will answer your queries in the best possible ways. 

The Bottom Line

Biz2credit is a marketplace lender striving to connect the borrowers to their potential lenders who can meet their financial needs in the best possible ways.

  • They have excellent and robust customer service to cater to your problems and help you choose the perfect loan plan for you. 

Biz2credit is more preferred for people who own small businesses and require capital. You can get in touch with the Biz2credit officials you avail yourself of the best of their services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Biz2credit charge a late fee?

Yes, a late fee is charged around $25 in case of late payments.

Is Biz2credit a direct lender?

No, Biz2credit is not a direct lender. It instead connects the potential borrowers and the lenders. 

How do I withdraw from the Biz2Credit? 

Log in to your Biz2credit account > Applications > Withdraw. 

Whom is Biz2credit recommended for?

Biz2credit is suitable for businesses with good credit scores and healthy annual sales. 

How long does Biz2credit take to deposit?

Typically, the process takes up to 24 hours or a maximum of four weeks. It all depends on the type of loan you are looking for. 

What credit score is required to qualify for the Biz2redit services?

In order to qualify for Biz2credit services, the applicants must have a credit score of at least 560 of minimum and a maximum of 670. 

How long does it take for PPP loan to be deposited in Biz2credit?

It can take a minimum of 72 hours or 2 working days for PPP loan to be deposited in Biz2credit account.