Even Financial Reviews | Is It The Best Place To Get Your Personal Loan?

Aren’t we all tired of filling loans paperwork and waiting days for acceptance?

It’s time to change this. Even Financial brings you a platform for quick and easy loans for business, house maintenance, medical care, and what not! Let’s learn more about this in our Even Financial reviews. 

What Will We Talk About Here?
1. Even Financial offers loan amounts ranging from $1000-100,000 and APR ranges, repayment years are 4.99%-35.99% and 2 to 7 years respectively. 
2. In order to apply here, the applicant should be of 18 years or older, legal citizen in the US, and have a credit score above 550.
3. You can apply at Even Financial by visiting HiFiona > Get Started > Loan > Amount of Loan > Reason for Loan > Personal Information > Job Status and SSN > Agree to Terms and Conditions > Contact Lenders > Confirm Loan Choice.

…and Much More!

Even Financial Reviews – Everything You Need To Know

Even Financial offers simple and rapid way to get personal loans or funding. It allows its users to skip the long waiting application and approval process. Get your loan within minutes!

Amount of Loan$1,000-$100,000BBB RatingA+
Repaying Time2 to 7 years or 24 to 84 months. Time for FundingUp to 5 working days.
Annual Percentage Rates (APR)4.99% to 35.99%. Minimum ProfitVaries
Credit Scores 550 to 580.Minimum Age18 to 21 years
Fee$0 Business Years 2014 – still going on. 

Even Financial Reviews and Key Features

Although Even Financial is quite new in the market, it gained its popularity very early.

We talked to some of its users and almost all of them gave a positive review about Even Financial and its working policies. 


  1. A variety of loans are offered by Even Financial be it personal or for a business.
  2. Even Financial manages your application for loan free of cost. They connect you to a business and inform you about all the loan requirements without any fee. 
  3. Even Financial gives its users a choice among the lenders for better decisions in just a few seconds and you’ll get your funding’s within no time. 
  4. The loan lent through Even Financial would not affect credit score. This loan just requires your credit score to be 550 or more.
  5. The loan is deposited into your account directly. This means you may receive your loan in 5 working days or less.


Although Even Financing does not have many cons but let’s discuss the few that we can not ignore. 

  1. Even Financial is still new and that has affected the number of lenders that are available through this platform.
  2. Even Financial just works as a connection between the lenders and the receivers. This means that the APR values on your loan will be decided by the market. These can be high.
  3. Even after the pre-loan approval, the lenders run a history check and hold the decision to deny your loan request.
Note! Applicants with a higher credit score are most likely to receive loans with low APR rates and vice versa.

Who Can Apply For Quick Loans At Even Financial?

The process for applying for a loan is easy and user-friendly. But there are a few requirements without which you are not eligible to apply for a loan. 

  • The applicant needs to be minimum of18 years of age.
  • His/her credit score should be more than 550.
  • The loan applicant needs to be a US citizen to avail of Even Financials’ loan option.  

Keep in mind that certain requirements can vary with lenders. For example, some may approve your loan with a less credit score but this will affect your APR rate.

  • Interest rates on loans offered to applicants with poor credit score may be as high as 35.99%.

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Even Financial Loan Application Easy Guide

Now that we have discussed what Even Financial is and what it offers, I’m sure you’re impressed enough to choose them as your loan lending platform.

Since it takes less than 60 seconds to get this done, let’s look at easy, simple procedure that you can perform online!

  1. Open the Even Financial online website at HiFiona. Choose Get Started on your screen.
  2. Click the Loan option.
  3. Now type the amount of loan you wish to apply for. 
  4. The website will then ask you to choose the Reason of Loan such as credit card refinancing, investments, house maintenance, medical care, etc.
  5. Next, choose your credit score. For best approval chances, make sure it is up to 580. 
  6. Enter the necessary personal information like Date of birth, Email ID, education level, house status: at rent or own this property, ZIP code, correct home address, city, state and mobile number. 
  7. Now state your Job Status, for example, working or retired, etc. You also need to mention the yearly pay, time of paycheck, and social security number.
  8. Agree to the terms and conditions provided by Even Financial.

As soon as you are done with the applications, different lenders will send in requests as per your need. You can read the information carefully before you choose the best loan option.

 Even Financial – Alternatives

Even Financial has all the qualities for a perfect loan platform but it might not be for everyone. 

To make your lender-finding experience convenient, we have listed some other options. Make sure you research properly before applying for a loan.

AlternativeThe GoodThe Bad
5k FundsThe Credit score is not considered.Offers low amounts of loans
Best EggThe Credit score of 600 is required. An application fee is charged.
CredibleIt provides possibilities for repayment.Applicants with good credit score are most likely to get a loan. 
Loans Under 36Do not consider a credit score. Lower loans amount up to $35,000 
MonevoAPR is 3.49%, which is a little lower.Loans are not taken through direct lenders. 

 The Bottom Line

Even Financial is one of the best platform for quick or emergency loans. It has collected a variety of lenders in a single organization which not only saves time but also provides the applicant with choices. 

  • Considering the customer’s reviews, Even Financial caters to everyone’s needs and saves their time. No other online platform comes with this many qualities. 

Now you don’t have to visit banks or waste your time waiting for approval. Apply for a loan online and receive the lender’s email within seconds. You also get the loan amount directly in your account within a few days after the approval. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Monevo lend a loan directly?

No, Monevo is not a direct lender. All the APR rates and loan amounts, repaying terms, charges, and more are offered by the lenders directly. 

How can I tell if I’m eligible for EVEN Financial?

You need to fulfil three requirements to qualify. Firstly, you need to be 18 years or older. Secondly, you have to be a US citizen and lastly, you should have a credit score of 580 or above. 

Is Fiona a good fit for you?

Fiona is a fantastic tool for applicants who need to swiftly evaluate different personal loan offers. You can use it at any credit score be it less than 550 or more than 620. 

Is 5KFunds a reputable loan provider?

5KFunds is a reputable service for personal loans. However, they are not marked A by Better Business Bureau. Some users have accused it of stealing personal information for fraud. 

How to Recognize a Legitimate Lending Firm?

You need to check if the company if registered. You can also check its online reviews or get more information at BBB (Better Business Bureau). It is advised to not apply for a company without checking the lender’s number and information. 

Do lenders look at your bank account?

Yes, any accounts on your bank statements, which includes checking accounts and savings account, or any existing credit lines, will be examined by a mortgage company. 

How does Even Financial line up against other lending platforms?

Even Financial is unusual in many ways but most importantly it uses an analysis tool platform to link borrowers with some of the industry’s best lenders. All lenders on one platform save you a lot of time.