Apps Like Brigit That Provide Payday Loans Easily and Quickly

If you need emergency loan to support your work or to deal with some minor financial issues then apps like Brigit can be considered to provide funds reliably.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Apps like Chime, Ingo Money, Money Lion, Earnin, and Affirm are among the best alternatives to Brigit to provide loans.
  • These apps provide loan ranging from $100-$700 to the customers.
  • Customers choose these apps because of their various advantages like zero annual percentage rate and subscription fee.

…and Much More!

 Apps Like Brigit – What Are Your Options?

There are many online apps that work just like Brigit and are very popular among users. Popularity of these apps is due to their minimum subscription fee, least or no annual percentage rate, loan amount that usually starts from $100- $700 etc. Here are the top choices that you can consider in this regard.


Chime is an online mobile banking app that works in an efficient way. It is most commonly used for money transfer and for saving money in your account without any fee charges or tax. Chime allows the customer to get paycheck within 2 days before the payback.

It is directly linked with VISA due to which its delivery is totally free. Moreover, Chime provides the option of a saving account where you can safely keep your money. You can also use the SpotMe feature to overdraft your account for up to $200.

  • The Chime subscription is totally free.
  • They provide maximum $200 as a loan.
  • Their annual percentage rate is zero.
  • One important feature of Chime is that you do not need to do any paperwork like you do when visit bank to get money.
  • They have a good team of experts who provide guidance to the customers related to different issues.


MoneyLion is among one of the most commonly used apps that works just like Brigit and Dave. You can create your credit builder program especially when you borrow loan. It is also known as financial management app because here a user can maintain his personal investments that known as Swiss army.

You can get up to $ 1000 from MoneyLion credit builder policy and after its approval within a short period of time loan will be transferred to your personal account. Further it allows its members to access various segments like rewards and credit monitoring.

  • You can get up to $50 as a loan each day.
  • They also charge no annual percentage rate.
  • Normal membership fee of MoneyLion is $1.
  • Both their monthly membership fee which is $ 19.99 as well as annual percentage rate increases if you want to land large amount of money.
  • You can download and install MoneyLion both from App Store and Google Play.


Dave is one of the most useful apps for borrowing a loan for emergency purposes like purchasing online food, refilling car from a gas station or payment of an online course or Netflix etc. 

While using Dave app, always provide your transaction history because it will increase your qualifying criteria to achieve a particular amount of loan.

  • Monthly subscription fee of Dave is $1.
  • You can borrow maximum $100 as a loan.
  • It is one of the most trending apps in the category of cash advance app.
  • You can access the app after downloading from Google Play and app store.
  • Dave provides two types of funding options, which are standard or express to the customers with different delivery time and tax amount.


Earnin is not a loan provider app but instead known as paying app because it is linked with your working hours. More and more task you perform, more money will be provided as a loan. Although it does not charge any monthly fee but customers can donate some amount to the app by their own will.

The amount is transferred to your account from an am within a single day if you choose their lightning speed feature but unfortunately it is not available to all banks.

  • Earnin provides loan between $100- $500.
  • Subscription fee quite varies from zero to different amount depending upon the package you want to use.
  • You can also access Earnin through its official website.
  • Its annual percentage rate is zero.
  • In Earnin user set a limit of his balance and if it is less than that limit then Earnin will send you the notifications as low balance alert.


Affirm is an online app through which you can manage you shopping details especially when you are doing online shopping. It is not only appreciated by the users or customers but also by the shopkeepers because through Affirm their business is reaching to huge number of customers. 

Through Affirm all your shopping record is stored at a single place and then you can check it any time. So simple create your account and start using it.

  • You can access it online only.
  • Downloading is not necessary.
  • As compared to zero annual percentage rate people prefer more discounts on shopping items so that is why it is very famous among people.
  • It is linked with famous brands like Nike, Sephora, Macy’s, Brooks Brothers, Home Depot and Best But etc.
  • Through Affirm you cannot borrow money but only can do online payments.

Ingo Money

Ingo Money app is used to get loan in a speedy manner to fulfill your needs. It also helps to transfer money from your account to someone else. Due to its multiple features people mostly use and recommend it as an efficient replacement of Brigit.

 It is used to transfer money between different accounts. Further it has not fix annual percentage rate. You can use it by downloading through Google Play and App Store.

  • Through Ingo Money you can track your financial details.
  • This app is used to transfer money to multiple accounts, for purchasing Amazon gift cards and payment of credit card bills.
  • You can earn points by simply referring the app to someone else through your referral code.
  • It is mostly used for emergency payment.
  • Normal transaction fee is zero but if you want to utilize their quick service for transaction then you have to pay $5.


In DailyPay there is not limitations of providing loan amount as well as annual percentage rate also depends upon the customer’s wish like he wants it or not. It is among the most accepted apps by customers. 

Here you can earn balance through working on daily basis and when you need money you can convert your balance into cash. You can use it after downloading from Google Play and App Store.

  • Its subscription fee depends upon per transaction and ranges from $1.99- $2.99.
  • It works like monthly salary system where certain money is sent to your account according to the need.
  • They only charge transfer fee and not any other fee or tax.
  • It is used as a payment method through which you can get additional benefits.
  • It is associated with Wisely so a Wisely pay card holders can create their account so easily.


Branch is another app which basic purpose is to establish and maintain the economy throughout the world. It provides loan of different amounts and according to each country currently they provide almost $700 that will be converted into respective currency.

You simple need a smart phone. Then through its online system all your eligibility criteria will be finalized automatically and loan will be given to you.

  • Branch did not charge any subscription fee.
  • You can avail up to $700 as a loan no matter which country you belong.
  • Their annual percentage rate is linked with the user’s home country and charged accordingly.
  • You can install it only through Google Play.
  • There is no need to provide the history details of your credit.

Extra Reading

How To Choose The Right Cash Advance App?

A good app is the one that not only facilitate its customers through its working but also provide them the complete guidance of its network. In this way, customers will be able to target the best app for their use. 

Secondly people should prefer the apps that charges least tax or fee. So when any app has multiple benefits then customers compromise on few things so easily that is why it is necessary to choose app with multiple features rather than a single best feature.

Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting From Apps Like Brigit

There is no single platform which provides you money as a loan without certain terms and conditions. Same is the case with online app especially financial management app because here you also have to pay certain amount to qualify their eligibility criteria.

There are multiple online apps through which you can lend a particular amount of loan for your needs but always try to target best app which exactly work like Brigit with least or no subscription fee and annual percentage rate as well as with multiple loan options.

The Bottom Line

As people are doing multiple online businesses for which sometimes they need a certain amount of loan. So in these critical situations when it is not feasible to visit a bank or to go through lengthy paperwork then these online apps are blessings. 

These apps allow us to borrow loan in an emergency situation with an easy method and charge no monthly fee. So you can pay for your online food, shopping, gas refilling and can transfer money. Further always choose the convenience, interest rate of every app to get maximum benefit from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any threat to your current balance if you choose any alternate app to Brigit?

No, just like Brigit all these online apps just provide loans and try to maintain a certain amount of credit. Apart from this, these apps never affect your credit. This is because according to their policy they are not linked to your bank account.

What are the features due to which these apps like Brigit are popular among users?

There are few reasons like if you are using your bank account then you have to follow all the term and conditions. But in case of online apps it is possible that all your balance will be deducted automatically if you are not able to return the loan amount at that time.

How to select the most suitable app for your use?

You should always go through the basic policies of all app like how much amount of loan you can get from the app, its monthly or annual subscription fee. You should also check how to get access to multiple features of the app like rewards, etc.