Guide To Lenders For Personal Loan | Features, Eligibility, Fee, Pros, Cons

Guide To Lenders is an online platform through which different type of lenders are connected to borrowers for personal loans. These can be utilized for various necessities such as medical expenses, a new house or a car, to invest in a business, etc. You can get large amount of loan by simply filling their form online!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Guide To Lenders is an online network which connects multiple customers with different lenders who provide loans of various ranges without credit check.
  • It has a few limitations, such as, it only provides loan for housing and residential basis but not for commercial purposes.
  • System is spread in more than 50 states with more than 16 billion customers.

…and Much More!

Guide To Lenders- Everything You Need To Know

Guide To Lenders is a good option for personal or home loans. These can help the customers at the time of need and through range of lenders with different loan amount. So, for customers, it is easy to choose the best loan option out of them.

Furthermore, system is available at multiple places which also indicates its popularity among customers. The secure process of its service also play a pivotal role in its success journey.

Guide To Lenders- Key Features

When you apply for a quick loan, always take care of a few things like the system security and charges. You should also check if the system provides you authentic information and keep your personal data secure or not. Guide To Lenders has many advantages and disadvantages.


  • Large lending network: It is known as a well established network from where customers can avail all ranges of loan. The minimum limit of annual percentage rate is 4.99%.
  • Huge number of customers: From Guide To Lenders loan of more than $16 billion is demanded by the customers.
  • Nationwide service: In more than 50 states Guide To Lenders is providing their service which is known as Nationwide service.
  • One day loan approval: Customers receive loan amount just a day after approval.
  • Fast and secure process: From Guide To Lender service, a customer can fill the application within few minutes. After completing the application form Guide To Lender it provides you the loan amount as much as early possible. Further all the workers of Guide To Lender use 256 bit SSL Technology. This is to make sure the security of your data and processing of application is utmost.
  • Loans of all credit types: Guide To Lenders provide you loans without any restriction of your credit score. Either you have no credit in your account or have a good amount in it they simply provide you loan.
  • Apply with a cosigner: Individuals are also eligible and can apply with a cosigner.
  • A+BB Accredited: The overall rating of the company of Guide To Lenders is very good like A+BB rating due to its association with Better Business Bureau (BBB).


  • Limited informations: People mostly complained about availability of limited information on its website.
  • Advertisement policy: Some customers are also not satisfied with its publicity. They say Guides To Lender advertised different things and forced the borrowers to sign up through multiple emails.
  • Mortgage Loans are limited: Only home loans and for residential purpose loans are provided by Guide To Lenders. Apart from these, no other loans for commercial purpose are given.
  • Leakage of personal details: Mostly people are concerned about their personal data like name, home address and phone number which is unfortunately not secure at this platform.

How To Work With Guide To Lenders – In Detail

There are few things which are always required when you want to work with Guide To Lenders.In order to qualify for loan through Guide To Lenders first of all you should be eligible for few points.

  • Your citizenship is very important factor so you should be a citizen of United States.
  • Then you should be more than 18 years old.
  • Your bank account must be valid and verified.
  • Your source of income should be good enough to meet the basic criteria.
  • Further you should provide actual details like real name, date of birth, email address, phone number, annual income and zip code while completing the application form.

Other than that, they have two types of credit inquiry options where either they check your credit through soft credit inquiry system without affecting your credit or have a hard credit inquiry system where your credit is affected.

Guide To Lenders Pricing And Fees

Their interest rates totally depend upon your credit type and the lender who is going to provide you the loan. Mostly, their annual percentage rate is in between 4.99% to 35.99%.

24 to 84 months is a general time span of their term.Every customer get different type of no obligation loan offers of amount $ 100 to $40,000 which is based on their personal credit score and the type of loan for which they applied.

Is It Safe To Use?

Safety of the system is questionable because some customers are happy with the service and then there are a few who complain about the platform being slow and the network sharing details without their consent.

There are also hidden service charges which are shared when you return your loan. At this point, the fee is automatically charges which is, ofcourse, not appreciated by the customers.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get money as a loan for personal investment like as a home loan where you will not be asked for your credit score, then Guide To Lenders is one of the best options.

  • No matter the credit score, as per your request, they will target different lenders who are willing to provide you loan.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about their service charges and application process because these are totally free! There is also no need to visit the lender in person or go to the bank for loan. All can be done online!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Guide To Lenders have multiple investors for its customers?

As it is a digital marketing site where not only various customers apply for loan but also huge numbers of lenders are connected with it and provide loans through it to the customers so they get benefited. Further more than 16 billion request are processed through it which increases its system and connects you with different lenders.

Why Guide To Lenders does not give money or loan to its customers?

The answer is that because it is not a direct loan providing website but is a lead generation website which connects customers to investors or lenders and then the lenders provide loans to customers. It never provides loan by itself.

Why Guide To Lenders required your personal details before selecting a lender for you?

It is because if you provide all the accurate details like name, email address, phone number, zip code and social security number etc then your chances to avail that loan will be higher than other customers.

Further your data will be matched with different requirements of lenders too. After checking, your details are sent to only top 5 most suitable lenders for loan.