Buy Money Order Online with PayPal and Other Possible Methods

Money orders are innovative payment methods and can be purchased from several sources. Their usability has increased over time and so, customers are not only looking into money order alternatives but also how to purchase them online. This guide will throw a light on how to buy money order online with PayPal,

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can buy money order online with PayPal cash card but not directly.
  • Alternative ways to buy money order include Apple Cash Card, USPS, banks, and credit unions.
  • Money orders work the best and eliminate the need for having a bank account for many.

…and Much More!

Buy Money Order Online with PayPal – Is It Possible? 

Let us guide you to the most anticipated question, i.e., if a money order can be bought through PayPal online or not. Well, unfortunately, you cannot. 

  • However, this purchase is possible if you do it through your debit card or a credit card, referred to as the PayPal Cash Card. 

It would be best to keep in mind that only a money order of $200 can be purchased for a single time in one day and no more. 

Now that we know online buying of money orders is not supported by PayPal, we will walk you through some alternative means of buying money orders with PayPal.

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Alternative Ways to Buy Money Order Online with PayPal 

Below are several options that can help you buy a money order with PayPal: 

Use PayPal Cash Card 

As stated earlier, PayPal offers a debit card known as a PayPal Cash Card, which can be used to buy money orders at various locations, a few of which are mentioned below.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

USPS is a well-known postal service that assists the purchase of money orders through PayPal Cash Card. You need to make sure that your cash card is linked to your PayPal account to initiate the purchase of a money order. 

You have to pay at USPS for money orders is around $1.20 to $260.

Banks and Credit Unions 

Banks and Credit Unions also allow the purchase of money orders through PayPal, provided that the payment is made through a debit card linked to your PayPal account. All you need to do is visit the nearest branches and purchase. 

Many banks offer free purchase of money orders; however, you need to be an official account holder at that bank. Furthermore, you can use our guide to learn how to deposit a money order into your bank account.

Western Unions and MoneyGram 

Buying money orders through PayPal from Western Unions and MoneyGram pretty much works similarly. You can purchase a money order at any participating Western Union agent location. 

The fee or charges vary from place to place, and you will have to check in through that particular source before making a purchase. 

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Extra Reading

Money Order – How are They Beneficial?

Money orders work the best and eliminate the need for having a bank account for many. It is considered one of the safest and reliable ways of giving money to each other in person or by mail. 

Money order is not restricted to be used locally only. Indeed, you can send money internationally too through money order which can be converted into the respective currency of the country you are sending it to. Moreover, money orders do not take long to be deposited, contrary to popular belief.

Talking about further ease, you won’t even have to take the long stretch of routes to access the sources that allow you to buy or send a money order. Hence, without a doubt, money order checks all the boxes of suitability, convenience, and safe transfers.  

Getting Free money Orders

All the alternates mentioned earlier to online purchasing of money order through PayPal charge you with a minute fee that you have to pay no matter what. 

To cater to this need, we have listed a few retailers where you can get money orders for free. However, do keep in mind that the purchase requirements vary as you sway across all the options. 

In addition, there is a difference in the maximum money order amount that can be purchased from each retailer. 

  • TD Bank.
  • PLS.
  • US Bank.
  • Chase.
  • Moneytree, Inc.

The Bottom Line 

Money orders are the best ways of instant funding if you do not hold any bank account. However, beware of the frauds and scams to ensure a safe payment through money order to avoid any inconvenience. 

  • You can not buy money order online with PayPal, but it has multiple other options that can serve as an alternate for online purchases.

With the PayPal cash card, you can buy money orders at MoneyGram, Western Union, Banks, United States Postal Service (USPS), and last but not least, at Credit Unions. 

Please go through them and see which one suits you the best in terms of location and fee and buy a money order to make instant and efficient payments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do money orders via PayPal?

Yes. PayPal supports all types of money orders and checks from almost all banks. However, it does not take cashiers check or travelers check.

Can I buy money order online?

Money orders are now extensively available online. However, you might have to learn the procedure when doing it for the first time.

Can I use PayPal with Moneygram?

PayPal does not work with Moneygram at the time of this writing.