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How To Send Money From Chase To Wells Fargo? Top 3 Methods!

No one is willing to compromise on the security and convenience of bank to bank money transfers. So, if you are trying to figure out how to send money from Chase to Wells Fargo, two of the leading financial institutes in the US, you must want to do it through a safe and reliable platform, right? Let’s dig into the options you have on the table!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can send money from Chase to Wells Fargo through wire transfer or using money transfer apps like Zelle or Venmo.
  • The apps allow you to send or receive the funds almost instantaneously and without any charges.
  • Wire transfers can take up to 2 days to transfer the funds but are considered one of the safest ways to send or receive money.

…and Much More!

How To Send Money From Chase To Wells Fargo?

Chase to Wells Fargo money transfer is a common practice since both are large banking institutes with millions of customers. Consequently, both banks ensure that sending and receiving money is convenient for the accountholders. Some of the ways you can send funds from Chase to Wells Fargo are discussed below.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are one of the oldest ways to exchange funds between different bank account. They are pretty safe too and therefore, preferred by most of the financial institutions. You can use it to send money from Chase to Wells Fargo but keep in mind that the transfer may take up to 48 hours. Following is the procedure on how you can initiate a wire transfer online.

  1. Open your Chase banking app providing the correct credentials.
  2. Then select the Pay and Transfer option. The screen will show further instructions on how to initiate the transfer.
  3. In the next step, select Wells Fargo recipient bank account by entering the account number and routing number.
  4. Verify the transaction information that you have added and confirm the transfer.

You can also complete wire transfer in person by visiting the closest Chase bank with the banking card, valid photo ID, and bank account number and routing number for transfer.

Why You Should Choose Wire Transfer?

The biggest advantage of wire transfer is that it can be done online as well as in person as most people who are only familiar with conservative banking prefer to choose the later method. Moreover, there is no limit on how much you can send or receive via wire transfer.

  • It is also a plus point that Chase bank secure any transfer before it is sent over ensuring completely safe transaction.

The only drawback is that wire transfer can take up to several business days to complete. Moreover, chase charges up to $35 for in-person transfers and $25 if you send it online.

Transfer Via Zelle

Zelle is one of the most reliable option when it comes to exchanging money between different bank accounts. This is because it can be integrated with online banking for direct transfers. Moreover, Zelle supports around 200 banks globally

  1. Open Chase account if you don’t have one already and then access it through the banking app or the Chase website.
  2. Access Zelle in the app and link it by providing the correct information.
  3. Provide the information of the recipient Wells Fargo account. This can only be done once you have ensured that the other account is linked with Zelle as well.
  4. Review the transfer detail that you have added and click Send.

Attention! There are no fees for Zelle transfers. You can send money from Chase to Wells Fargo using this app almost instantly.

Why You Should Choose Zelle?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using Zelle to send money from Chase to Wells Fargo is that the transaction will happen almost instantaneously. There are also no fees for the transaction. You can simply use the app to send the money and the in-app navigation is extremely simple.

Zelle is also a reliable option because it works with more than 200 banks and supports transactions from and to each of them. Moreover, you can use the app daily and Zelle transfer limits per day are quite generous.

Attention! Keep in mind that Zelle allows you to send $500 per week and the transfer will be restricted afterwards.

Transfer Via Venmo

An alternative to Zelle is Venmo, another money transfer app that you can use to send money or receive funds from different bank account. It also works with credit cards, debit cards, etc. for the exchange of money.

Unlike Zelle, Venmo is not free. You have to pay 3% fee when making a transfer through credit card. You have the option to send money instantly or through the standard mode of transfer. The later is free but instant transfer charges 1.5% of the amount as fee.

  1. Download the Venmo app in your phone and log in using the correct credentials.
  2. Then sign up and connect your bank account with the Venmo app. This will require you to enter certain information such as routing number and account number for the transfers.
  3. Wait for the approval as Venmo verified your details. It will then inform you that you are set to transfer money.
  4. Follow the guidelines on the Venmo app to send money to a recipient Wells Fargo account.
  5. Ensure that you review the details of the transfer before pressing the Send button.

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Why You Should Choose Venmo?

Venmo app is also pretty simple to use just like Zelle. You can link different credit cards, debit card, or your bank account with Venmo for smooth and hassle-free transactions.

Moreover, there is no fee is you use the bank account to make the transfer. This is quite convenient for those who wish to send money from Chase to Wells Fargo without additional charges.

However, Venmo to bank transfers can take some days to be processed if you choose standard transfer. Instant transfer, on the other hand, costs up to 1.5%. There are also 3% charges for credit or debit card based transactions.

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The Bottom Line

If you have to send money from Chase to Wells Fargo or any other bank account, wire transfer is the most preferred method. Although in-app transfer using Zelle and Venmo is quick, these are less secure and there is no tracking or guarantee that the money has went to the recipient.

You can go for any method of transfer as long as you are sure it is safe. Moreover, we strongly advise against exchanging funds with accounts that suspicious or carry bad reviews. You may not be able to get the money back if scammed on Venmo, Zelle or other similar platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to send money from Chase to Wells Fargo?

You can transfer money between these two banks as with any other bank transfer.

Can you use Zelle to send money to Wells Fargo?

Zelle is a fast and convenient method to send money from one bank to another including Wells Fargo. You can send money directly to the bank account without any charges.

How much does wire transfer from Chase to Wells Fargo cost?

Chase to Wells Fargo wire transfer can cost you up to $25 or $35 depending on whether you send it online or in-person. The same goes for Wells Fargo to Chase money transfer.