Watch Battery Replacement Near Me That Offer Repair As Well!

We are living in a society where wearing watches is quite common. Multiple brands are available that provides best quality watches and accessories of all types and prices. So, if you are also someone who loves to wear watches, you should know about watch battery replacement near me.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Many store like Morrison’s Jewelers, In-2-Sta Watch and Crystals, DeMares Jewelers and Precision times etc provide one of the best watch battery replacements options.
  • Apart from watch battery replacement, other services of these stores are clock repairs, crown replacement, bead strings and jewelery customization etc.
  • Customers can do payments through debit cards, credit cards, Apple pay and Android pay etc.

…and Much More!

 In-2-Sta Watch and Crystal

In-2-Sta Watch and Crystal, a famous watch and clock repair and battery replacement center. It is located in San Francisco United States. They provide repairing of multiple parts of watches from battery and strap to complicated repair of timepieces etc.

  • Replace batteries of all types of watches like Tag Heuer, Vintage, Omega and Rolex etc.
  • Provide services from Monday to Friday 11am-3 pm.
  • Along with battery replacement watch repairing, jewelry made-up of beads and pearl strings are also a part of their service.

Morrison’s Jewelers

Morrison’s Jewelers are serving the society with their outstanding services of battery replacement. Is has been established in 1923 and it’s been a century now that they are facilitating the customers in a best way.

  • Provide repairing of various jewelry items, watches, bead strings and time piece etc too.
  • Available from Monday to Saturday from 11am- 5:30pm.
  • Located in Orinda city of California.

Carats and Stones 

Carats and Stones is another store specialized in repair of jewelry and watch etc. It is located in San Francisco United States. It is not only a watch and jewelry repair center but also provide watch cleaning, rhodium plating, prong repair, laser welding etc.

  • Customers can order customized engagement and wedding rings, colored diamonds, colored gems etc.
  • Fashionable jewelry with metallic works is also one of the famous products of them.
  • You can visit their stores from Monday to Saturday but Sunday is an off day.

Shine Little Diamond

Shine Little Diamond is a famous jewelry and watch repair unit that is located America.

  • Store is open from Monday to Saturday from 12pm- 5pm only.
  • You can also repair your watch battery, stem/crown, watch bands and also your whole watch of any brand or company.
  • You can repair your earrings, bracelets, jewelry chains, necklace from category of jewelry.

Geneva Watch Repair 

Geneva Watch Repair is located in San Francisco with a busy working hour’s service for 6 days a week. One very important facility is that through their website just put your information and issue with your branded watch then ultimately they will send you estimated amount required for repairing.

  • Provide door to door service to the customers.
  • Have well trained and expert watchmakers in their team.
  • Famous services are installation of pushers; provide water resistance certificates as well as cleaning, battery replacement and polishing of your watch.

MAK and CO

MAK and CO is a watch and shoe Repair Company of San Francisco established in 1985 with 6 days service. Their popular services are watch crown replacement, battery replacement, and band adjustment.

  • Other services include heel repair, sole repair, shoe cleaning, insole replacement and shoe stretching etc.
  • Charges of their services are quite reasonable and average.
  • Also accept payments as credit cards.

Torgsyn Antique and Estate Jewelry

Torgsyn Antique and Estate Jewelry is an Antique jewelry center located in San Francisco California where different types of customized timepieces and artworks are available. It provides both in store and online shopping services.

  • Famous services are complete overhaul of watch, replacement of watch face, crown, hands, bands, battery and bezel etc.
  • Also do pearl repairing, jewelry clasp repair and redesigning etc.
  • Also suggest list of stones to the customers according to their birth months.

Marcello Watch and Repair

Marcello Watch and Repair is a watch and jewelry store of San Francisco provide the watch repair service to wide range of customers. They repair various parts of watches like battery and straps.

  • Their instruments are always latest and give best results.
  • Also do water testing, replacement of crystals and customization of various parts of watch.
  • Payments are done through credit cards and Apply pay.

Downtown Watch Repair

Downtown Watch Repair is a watch repair company of San Francisco

  • Payments can be done through Android pay, credit cards and Apple pay.
  • It is open only Monday to Thursday from 10am-5pm.
  • Repair all types of watches within affordable prices.

 DeMares Jewelers

DeMares Jewelers, a network of watch and jewelry repairs is located in Vallejo city of California with more than 30 plus best services to the customers. They also provide options of in-store and online shopping.

  • Repair bracelet, necklace, ring, prong, watches of any brand etc.
  • Work five days of week from 10am-5pm.
  • Can pay through credit cards, Apple and Android pay.

Precision Time

Precision Time is a watch repairing and engraving company of San Francisco which done repairing within affordable prices. 

  • They have multiple categories of watches and charge different prices according to the brand and service.
  • Provide services about ultrasonic cleaning, dial restoration, crown and stem, battery and seals etc with different prices.
  • Also provide repairing guarantee too.

Leonel’s Watch and Jewelry Repair

Leonel’s Watch and Repair is a huge network of watch and jewelry repair as well as store for batteries. It is also located in San Francisco.

  • High quality services are battery replacement of watch, complete overhaul of watch, repairing, polishing and cleaning.
  • Along with other payment methods they accept crypto currency too.
  • Work on Monday to Saturday from 10am-4:30pm.

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The Bottom Line 

Repair of watch and especially a branded watch is not an easy task because chances of damage of original material are very high. 

Secondly, finding a trustworthy repairing store is also difficult work. So through famous watch battery replacement stations, people can repair and replace their watches so easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to estimate average amount of money required for replacement a branded watch?

Various companies provide information details on their websites about the cost of battery replacement of a watch where you have to simple put watch type and issue and then they recommend price of repairing and battery replacement.

Why people use online stores for watch battery replacement? 

The main reason is that all these famous stores provide the best watch battery replacement service to customers as well as also have options of watch body replacement, crown replacement, customization of various body parts of watch etc. Secondly through multiple ways you can pay.

Can customers avail their services throughout the week?

Although people are mostly using these stores for watch battery replacement but their service is not available 24/7. As few of them are open 5 days a week and other are 6 days a week.