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What is 8K? The Future of 8K HDR Televisions Review

Technology is evolving at such a fast pace day by day that it is becoming really hard to keep up.

Taking about the 8K TV is the latest in televisions, before we had Widescreen televisions, flat screen televisions, curved televisions, 3D, HD, Full HD, and 4K HDR being the latest until now which we were getting familiar with up till now.

However the next big thing has already made it to the market, yes that’s right. We are talking about the latest 8K TV resolution. This is the latest technology the market has to offer, manufacturers gearing up to sell you the hottest televisions of this time.

However before discussing this latest technology let’s look at the different kinds of televisions available in the market and their pixels.

HD, HDR, 4K, 8K TV’s and their pixels

pixels arrangement:

  • 720p television: these televisions are 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels tall, also known as HD TV.
  • 1080p television: these televisions are 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall, also known as Full HD TV.
  • 4K Television: these televisions are 3840 pixels wide and 2160 pixels tall, also known as Ultra HD TV.
  • 8K Television: these televisions are 7680 pixels wide and 4320 pixels tall.

What Is 8K TV?

8K basically refers to the resolution of the display of these televisions, which is one step higher compared to the 4K technology.

These latest 8K TV resolution televisions offer 7,680 pixels on the horizontal axis and 4,320 on the vertical axis of the display screen. So basically these 8k televisions have quadrupled the total number pixels offered by 4k resolution televisions.

However if we do the complex math 8K resolution corresponds to 7,680 × 4,320, or 33 million pixels or 33,117,600 in exact figure. As compared to the pixels offered by a 4K resolution television of 3,840 × 2,160 pixels or 8,294,400 pixels to be exact. This is like putting together four 4k televisions to form one single display.

Looking at the brief history of this technology. You might be thinking this technology has been introduced in 2019 however originally this 8K technology was first thought of by Japanese broadcasting media NHK back in 2000 who later branded their idea in 2012.

The first actual 8K TV resolution was shown by Sharp CES in 2013. While the first 8K broadcast was launched by Japanese broadcaster NHK in 2016.

The first actual 8K resolution television was shown by Sharp in CES 2013. While the first 8K broadcast was launched by Japanese broadcaster NHK in 2016.

Why go for an 8K TV

Now that we were finally able to familiarize ourselves with the 4K technology, the content for which is still not widely available, the 8k technology has made its way into the market.

The big question that arises now is why we need 8K resolution televisions in our home entertainment setups when the 4K technology is still new.

The answer to this question is pretty tough but we can justify the need considering the growing demand for big sized televisions, giving you a theater experience at home with much larger and engulfing details.

The market trend is demanding the need for bigger and bigger televisions each year. And as the size of the television increases more pixels are necessary to make the details more visible and defined. So now we can see why the 8K resolution technology is being introduced.

Nikkei Reports that Chinese Tech Giant “Huawei” planning to launch 5G TV early in this year. But one thing is sure that streaming with 8K content needed fast speed 5G connection. Huawei is the second largest mobile selling company in the world after Samsung.

8K technology would definitely make the display more crystal clear on a 98 inch display television.

8K technology would definitely make the display more crystal clear on a 98 inch display television.

What about the content?

The next thing that definitely comes to mind is the content availability for 8K resolution displays as currently we are still figuring out content for 4k resolution televisions.

However no need to worry about availability of content for 8K resolution, as currently more than 6000 videos with 8K resolution are available on Vimeo, a video streaming site. Also the most popular video sharing site YouTube has also adapted the 8K resolution technology has over thousands of 8K videos available on their platform.

Last but not the least there is also an unlimited content option available for 8K resolution TV users as NHK has a permanent channel dedicated to showing 8K content since 2018 making it possible for the people in japan to enjoy 8K content at their homes. 

This 8K technology is definitely the next big thing making the users look forward to something new and exciting, and would bring the experience of home entertainment to another new level.