Where To Buy Hair Extensions With Payment Plans? 6 Sites For You!

Women often worry that hair breakage would stop them from styling their hair the way they want. Moreover, certain looks aren’t possible without harsh hair treatments. Well, stop right there because after learning where to buy hair extensions with payment plans, you will be able to choose the set of your liking and at very affordable prices

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Hair extensions are a great alternative to harsh hair treatments.
  • Perfect Locks, Hair Shipment, and Luxy hair are some of the top places where you can buy hair extensions with payment plans.
  • It is better to seek professional help that can aid you in deciding what looks better on your face.

…and Much More!

Where To Buy Hair Extensions With Payment Plans?

Lucky for you, there is a wide selection of hair extensions websites as well as physical stores that allow you to purchase the ones of your choice with payment plans and at affordable rates. You can check out some of the best ones below. 

Perfect Locks 

Perfect Locks is a top brand that promises to have something for everyone and ensure that clients would always find what they are looking for. Moreover, it is one of the few places that accepts payment plans from Affirm, Sezzle, and Splitit with easy installments. 

  • The company uses 100% virgin Remy hair for best results. 
  • You can also purchase hair care products here. 
  • The website has a wide collection of blogs that provide tips on hair care and hair styling. 
  • The payment plans are quick and convenient. 
  • They do not carry hidden charges or excessive fees. 

Hair Shipment 

You can find a wide variety of hair extensions here in addition to bundles and wigs that are also quite popular. Hair Shipment offers accessories as well. 

  • It is known for amazing customer support that comes with positive energy and lots of warmth. 
  • You can use flexible payment plans by here. 
  • Buyers may need to pay a portion of the amount at the time of the purchase. 
  • The rest of the fee can be dealt with through installment. 
  • Typically, the installment plan is spread over 6 months. 

Luxy Hair 

Luxy hair is a high-end brand that entertains women all around the world. It is an interesting fact that the company is headed by ambitious young leaders who are willing to bring something innovative to the market. 

  • You can choose extensions from different ranges including basic and premium options. 
  • Luxy hair offers hair accessories as well. 
  • The FAQ section on the website carries extensive information on hair styling and more. 
  • You can use PayBright buy now pay later option here and split the price to pay in quarters.
  • The payment can be completed in 4 parts over 6 months without interest charges. 


This one is another popular option that offers a wide range of hair extension options including various texture, colors, and lengths. In fact, Nadula is one of the most well-known places for hair wigs and extensions in US and European countries. 

  • Nadula offers payment plans through Quadpay.
  • You can choose this option at the time of the checkout. 
  • According to the payment plan, you can pay in 4 easy installments. 
  • The installments are spread over 6 months and do not carry high interest rates. 
  • Moreover, you can choose to pay online if you can’t visit the store in-person. 

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Zala Hair 

You can pick hair extensions and other relevant products here as per your need. They also host video reviews, product reviews, and more guidance in this regard. 

  • You can avail online courses here for hair styling.
  • Their payment option stands out from the rest of the market. 
  • You can pay via Sezzle buy now pay later option. 
  • The payment can be completed in 4 parts spread over 6 months. 
  • All the payments are free of interest charges. 

Dynasty Goddess

Dynasty Goddess caters to women all around the globe by providing a vast range of stylish hair extensions. Thanks to different payment plans, it also ensures that the purchases are made as affordable as possible for the clients. 

  • This website also offers hair styling and maintenance services. 
  • You can pay via Sezzle buy now and pay later programs. 
  • All payments are free of interest charges. 
  • When you are done adding items to the cart, you just have to select Sezzle and complete the payment. 
  • The billing would be split into installments. You can choose a program that is affordable to you. 

Naij Hair 

You can find a variety of hair wigs and bundles here along with different hair textures to choose from. This is quite an interesting point because extensive range ensures you can consider all your options and choose the one that looks good on you. 

  • You can contact a stylist expert to help you which one to choose. 
  • There are a number of payment plans available for easy billing. 
  • You can pay through Sezzle buy now and pay later. 
  • The payments are free of any interests. 
  • The procedure is also quite quick. 

The Right Way To Buy Hair Extensions 

As is the case with all other purchases, it is better to be sure of what you want before you start looking into the options. Most importantly, you need to decide over the budget, additional accessories, maintenance fee, and more. 

  • You can opt for professional help to give you a better idea of how your face will look with a particular hair extension. 

Moreover, it is always ideal to go with the option that suits your natural hair. You can look into fashion blogs and hairstyling tips to make better informed decisions in the future. 

The Bottom Line 

These are some of the websites that can help you in buying hair extensions with payment plans. Since they offer different ranges, you can choose the one that seems most appropriate and affordable to you. 

Moreover, if you have a specific texture or hair that is prone to damage, you can get in touch with the stylists at these businesses for guidance. Hopefully, you will be able to find the best set of extensions here. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you avail payment plans on hair extensions? 

Yes, you can choose a wide variety of plans when purchasing hair extensions and accessories on many different websites. Most of these accept Sezzle, Affirm, and Quadpay. There are typically no hidden charges or fees to worry about. 

What is the cheapest way to buy hair extensions? 

If you are looking for the most affordable method, it is best to opt for clip-in and tape-in extensions that will cost you less than $200. If you go for the advanced ones, these may charge you up to $600. 

What kind of extensions would look the most natural on me? 

Fusion-type hair extensions look the most natural and are probably your best look for the natural look.