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Can You Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App and How Long Does It Take?

Cash App money transfer offers many customer services and check deposit services. But the most anticipated question here is Can You Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App? We will let you know in detail how it works and the requirements. 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • First, the cash App only accepts Electronic Checks using the Mobile Check Capture. 
  • Fees and Limits for Depositing Checks with Cash App are up to $3500 per check and five checks, making a total of $7500 per month.
  • You can deposit a check on the Cash App by Cash App > Balance > Deposit a check > Enter the dollar amount > Take a photo of the check > Deposit. 

…and Much More!

Can You Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App?

Internet-based payments are nothing but a blessing for at least a third fourth of our population, while some do have to suffer in distant areas where the up-to-date services are yet to be introduced. 

Cash App is one of the easiest and fast financial institutions that allows you to send money to others in just a few steps. The funds in your Cash App account can be used on various purchases, both in-store and online. 

  • It allows customers to deposit checks too. All of us are well aware of two types of checks, i.e., Electronic and Paper Checks.

The former transfers funds in the blink of an eye, and all you need to provide is your Cash App bank name, the routing and account number, and several additional information. 

Note! While paper checks are processed slower than Electronic Checks, unfortunately, these are not yet accepted on the Cash App. Therefore, it is impossible to deposit a paper check into your Cash App. 

Cash App Electronic Check Eligibility Criteria 

Now that you are well aware that Cash App only accepts the Electronic Check, you can do it using the Mobile Check Capture, which we will be guiding you for a while. But before starting, here are the pre-requisites to deposit a paper check: 

  • You can only pay the check-in US dollars and in no other currency. 
  • The owner must vigilantly authenticate the check and sign it properly.
  • You need to write the check-in your name, or you might as well write it jointly, including another individual’s name.
  • Stick to the check amount that Cash App allows and do not exceed the limit. 
  • Only the depository unions in the US, such as banks or credit unions, can draw the check.
  • Check the date on your check and make sure it is not postdated. 
  • The applicant must have a check in their possession. 
  • No one should have deposited or cashed the check previously already. 
  • Do not alter the check in any way and stick to the regulations provided by the Cash App. 
  • Endorse the check according to the Cash App instructions only when the Electronic Check is created and not before. 

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Fees and Limits for Depositing Check with Cash App 

Many institutes have fees on the services or financial products they provide the customers with, which is quite a fair deal. But with Cash App, there is no fee for the mobile check deposits, and you can do it all for free without any additional or hidden costs. 

  • Depositing limits can vary from one financial platform to another depending on their set criteria.

For example, while you have enough leverage on not paying any fees on the Cash App for depositing a check, there is a set limit on how much you can deposit with the Cash App

Here is the Check Deposit Limit with Cash App:

  • Mobile Deposit of up to $3500 per check. 
  • Five checks make a total of $7500 per month.

Enable Mobile Check Deposit on Cash App

Cash App direct deposit is the perfect alternative for paper check payment. Before we get into the details on how you can deposit check on Cash App. let us first explain how you can enable mobile check deposits: 

  1. Go to the Cash App mobile and click on the Banking tab on the bottom left of your screen. 
  2. Click on the Deposit option. 
  3. Next, click on the Transfers and copy the details, such as routing number and account number. 
  4. Send these details to your check issuer. 
  5. Now, go back and select the option of Direct Deposit Form. 
  6. Here, enter all the details of your check issuer or the company you work at. 
  7. Follow further prompts on the Cash App direct deposit. 
  8. Upload the form as soon as you are done filling it out. 

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Deposit Check on Cash App – Step by Step Guide 

Now that you have enabled the Mobile Check Deposit feature on Cash App, here is how you can use the Mobile Check Capture feature to deposit checks on the Cash App:

  1. Open the Cash App. 
  2. At the top left corner, click on the option of Balance. 
  3. Scroll down on the same screen and click on Deposit a Check
  4. Next, you will have to enter the amount you want to deposit; please note that you do not exceed the official limit of the Cash App. 
  5. Next, click a clear and visible picture of the front and back of the check. 
  6. Keep in mind that the check is endorsed, and you have written For Deposit Only underneath your signature on the check. 

Please make sure that you confirm all the contact details on the Cash App first. To do this, you can go to the Profile Settings page and check your email address and contact number to avoid any inconvenience in the future. 

Also, confirm all the check details, including account name, account number, and other information. When you submit the electronic check, you must have an original copy of the check with you, so you have proof if requested further confirmation. 

Extra Reading

Will It Take Long for The Money to Reach Your Cash App Account?

Transfer time can vary depending on all the terms and conditions fulfilled on the Cash App, and if you successfully fulfill all the criteria, then it takes no more than the very first business day for the money to reach your Cash App account. 

Normally, the waiting period is around two weeks, in which the company performs all the security checks so that there are no frauds on the platform.

Then, once you successfully deposit the check on the Cash App, you have to wait for the Cash App review as they crosscheck all the details you have mentioned there before the payment is sent. So just don’t get excited too soon, as the check can be rejected for several reasons. 

If you are lucky enough and the team accepts your electronic check, you will be sent a confirmation via notifications on the email address, as well as on the Cash App itself. 

Warranties For Checks on Cash App 

A couple of warranties come along for cashing the check on the Cash App and getting Cash App balance, especially when you are making an Electronic Check deposit. Here are a few warranties for checks on the Cash App: 

  • Your electronic check must be an Eligible Check. 
  • Cross-reference the details on your electronic check and make sure it has the same details like those on the original paper check. 
  • All the data on the check must be legible such as MICR data, check date, your name, and specifically your signature. 

Trouble With Depositing Check? Contact Cash App Customer Support Team 

Hovering through these online procedures is much more likely to end up in a glitch at times, and there is an equal possibility that the error may be coming from either of the parties involved.

  • The same can happen when you are depositing a check on Cash App. 

Do not worry, and if there is any delay or you have trouble with depositing checks on the Cash App, they have an agile customer support team you should contact in the very first place. Here is how you can get in touch with the Customer Support Service: 

  1. Go to the Cash App on your device. 
  2. Click on the Profile Icon on the screen. 
  3. Click on the Support option from several other available options.  
  4. Next, click on Chat with Support
  5. Enter your query, and the support team will contact you shortly. 

The Bottom Line 

Cash App allows you to link your bank accounts with the Cash App Accounts to make several transfers seamlessly. It would not be wrong to say that saving customers is time and effort in this age of complete digital services. 

  • While it allows you to deposit the electronic checks via the mobile check deposit, it is yet to facilitate you with the paper check deposit.

You can deposit a check both on the Cash App account in addition to the Cash App card it offers. Just make sure you do not exceed the actual limit provided by Square Cash App, so your deposit does not get rejected. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I deposit stimulus check on Cash App? 

Cash App > Enter the bank account information > Add Name, Contact details, Card number, SSN, Amount > Confirm. 

Can I deposit a check that only has a picture on it?

No, such checks are not accepted by the Cash App and must contain your name and banks’ routing number. 

How can I cancel a Cash App Check Deposit? 

Go to the Earn tab on the Cash App and Choose Payments from there. Delete the pending payment from here.