Does Amazon Take Klarna? Buy Now Pay Later Scheme At Amazon!

Amazon accepts several payment methods such as credit and debit cards, Amazon gift cards, and, most recently, “buy now, pay later” applications to pay for their purchases. Customers, who use Klarna, on the other hand, may ask does amazon take Klarna?

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Yes,Amazon does take Klarna online.
  • It allows users to pay through 4-part installment or 30-day installment plan.
  • Amazon purchases made through Klarna can be returned and Klarna will be alerted automatically in this case.

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Does Amazon Take Klarna?

Klarna was just added to Amazon’s payment choices. Customers can use Klarna to pay by downloading the app, registering, and searching for Amazon in the search field.

  • Customers can then add Amazon items to their cart and checkout, using a four-part payment plan to pay for their purchases.

How Can You Use Klarna At

You can either download the Klarna app for mobile shopping or the Klarna browser extension to use their Klarna Card on

  • Users who purchase on Amazon can add any item to their cart and pay for it in installments rather than in one single price.

Customers can pick between a four-part payment plan that is paid out every two weeks or a 30-day payment plan that is interest-free and has no hidden expenses.

Moreover, it is not necessary to use Klarna app. Customers who prefer to shop online from their desktop or laptop computer can still use Klarna by installing the Klarna browser extension.

Customers can add things from Amazon to their cart once they have downloaded the browser extension.

When clients are ready to pay, a “Pay with K” option will appear on their screen, which they can select and use to complete their transaction.

Attention! Customers should be aware that the Klarna browser extension is now only available for Google Chrome.

How Klarna’s Payment Scheme Works?

Klarna is a “buy now, pay later” platform that allows users to pay for items over installments. It has different payment options. Some of these we have mentioned below.

Pay In 4 – Installments

Pay in 4, Klarna’s most popular payment option, allows customers to split their purchase into four equal installments, with the first due at checkout. The company charges a late fee of up to $7 if the payment is unsuccessful after two attempts.

  • If your purchase costs $200, you would pay $50 at the checkout.
  • The remaining three $50 installments would be invoiced to your debit or credit card every two weeks until the entire $200 was paid.
  • Making a payment early or paying off your amount in full before the last due date has no penalty.

Pay In 30 – Installments

It is another Klarna interest-free payment option. Rather than paying at the time of purchase, customers have 30 days to pay after the item has been shipped.

  • According to the company, because you only pay for what you keep, you may try before you buy.
  • Klarna also has a typical loan option with annual percentage rates ranging from 0% to 29.99 percent, available at certain stores.
  • Standard purchases have a 19.99 percent annual percentage rate (APR).

One-Time-Use Virtual Credit Card

It can be used at any shop in the United States, including those that do not accept Klarna.

  • When you check out, just like any other credit card, you can enter the card’s information.
  • Each card follows a distinct payment plan.
  • You can view and adjust the plans via the Klarna app, according to the business.

Extra Reading

How Do I Get A Klarna Amazon Refund?

When customers make an Amazon purchase through Klarna and want to return it, Klarna will be alerted automatically and will proceed to execute a refund.

  • After Amazon has confirmed the request, Klarna will complete the refund within 14 days, albeit it may take up to 3-5 business days for the refund to be processed.

Customers can use invoices, direct payments, and partial payments, all of which are processed at different times by Klarna. As a result, buyers may receive a Klarna refund at a different time than an Amazon refund.

On Amazon, How Do I Use My One-Time Klarna Card?

Customers who have a One-Time Klarna card can use it on Amazon by opening the Klarna app, selecting the Home tab, and typing “Amazon” into the search bar.

Customers will then be offered the opportunity to create the One-Time card, which they can then apply to their purchase at the checkout, and their debit/credit card will be linked to the One-Time Klarna card automatically.

Can I Pay For Amazon Prime Using Klarna?

The Klarna app is set up to accept payments in installments for any website with e-commerce capabilities. Customers of Klarna can now use the app to split their annual Amazon Prime payment!

  • You can pay for Amazon Prime membership in 30 days or four installments every two weeks.

Customers can use the Klarna app to pay for their Prime subscription or download the browser extension to manage their membership from their PC.

The Bottom Line

Customers can use Klarna, a “buy now, pay later” app, to make payments on Amazon. Customers can choose to pay in full within 30 days or set up a four-part payment plan that will be paid out every two weeks.

Klarna can also be utilized with the Klarna app on the Amazon app or with the Klarna browser extension on

Frequently Asked Questions About Does Amazon Take Klarna

Is Klarna is compatible with Amazon Prime?

The Klarna app is set up to accept payments in installments for any website with e-commerce capabilities. Klarna customers can now use the app to split their annual Amazon Prime payment!

Is Klarna a credit builder?

On-time payments are not reported to credit bureaus by Klarna, although it may disclose missing payments. Only if the lender reports on-time payments can they assist you to improve your credit score. If Klarna is unable to charge your account, you may be charged a fee or your loan may be considered delinquent.

What is the minimum credit score required to be authorized for Klarna?

Klarna does not require a minimum credit score to be approved for financing. It is feasible to obtain credit with no prior credit history. The company may perform a soft credit pull if you want to make four interest-free installment installments.

What happens if you fail to make any payments to Klarna?

Please be aware that if payments are not made on time, you may be barred from using our payment methods in the future. You may be charged up to $35.00 per missing month if you do not make your monthly payment by the due date. Your late fee will not exceed the amount owed on your minimum payment.

Is it possible for me to have two accounts with Klarna?

Yes. The number of purchases you can make with Klarna has no predetermined restriction. When buying with Klarna, however, the acceptance decision is based on the following criteria: Your shopping card’s purchase amount.