Best Gas Stations That Only Hold $1 | Complete List

If you’ve ever paid for gas with a credit or debit card, you may have had a large hold placed on your card for a particular amount of money, stating that a debit card must be “approved” for purchasing up to a certain amount. Whereas some gas stations may hold up to $500 there are some gas stations that only hold $1!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Some prominent gas stations that only hold $1 include Chevron, BP, 7-Eleven and Costco.
  • The exact amount that they hold may vary.
  • Majority of these also offer reward points on purchases.

…and Much More!

Gas Stations That Only Hold $1

It is important to know which petrol outlets hold just $1 for authorization. The following is a list of gas stations that have been reported to have the lowest amounts as low as $1.

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  • Customers will enjoy an 11-cent-per-gallon discount on all gasoline grades for the first seven fill-ups if they register with 7 eleven rewards.
  • The hold amount varies by card issuer/bank and can range from $1 to $100.
  • Members will thereafter enjoy a 3-cent-per-gallon discount on all fuel grades after that it can go up to 20 gallons.

BP Gas Station

  • Sign up for BP Rewards and save $5 on every gallon you buy for the rest of the month.
  • Prices to be held varies from $1 to $100, depending on the card issuer/bank.
  • You may also continue your 5-point incentive by spending $100 on gas each calendar month.


  • After you sign up to Ampm, you’ll save $5 per gallon until the end of the month.
  • Ampm holdings vary usually less than $75.
  • After saving 5$/month, you must spend $100 per month to qualify for the discount.


  • When you use the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app to pay for your first fill-up, you will receive 25 points per gallon.
  • With Mobile Rewards and the programme, you can save up to 3 cents per gallon.
  • Amount held varies between $50 and $100, depending on the card issuer/bank. You can also get two points for every dollar spent in stores or on car washes.


  • With Costco the Amount retained is up to $100, depending on the card issuer/bank.
  • Costco is quite cheap to use compared to other gas stations. Costco’s prices are sometimes 30 cents less than those of its nearest competitor.
  • You can find 30% cheaper gas here that may help you save up to $172 in a year.

Racetrac / Raceway

  • With RaceTrac’s gasoline rewards programme, you may earn one point for every gallon you buy.
  • Depending on the card issuer/bank, the amount retained can be up to $75.
  • Also, earn one point for every $0.25 spent at a RaceTrac location.


  • Shell Silver Status saves you 3 cents per gallon on fuel purchases and Gold Status saves you 5 cents per gallon.
  • Typically, the fee ranges from $1 to $75, depending on the card issuer/bank.
  • With Shell Fuel Rewards card, you can earn $0.10 per gallon for every $50 that you use at the restaurant.


  • Download the new Chevron app and connect your Techron Advantage Credit card, PayPal, Venmo, or personal credit card to earn petrol rewards at Chevron. 
  • Chevron Amount held varies between $1 and $100, with an average of less than $20.
  • You can also earn gasoline credits of up to 47 cents per gallon.


  • As a Phillps66 cardholder, you can now earn 3 cents on every fuel purchase when you swipe your card 
  • Amount retained by Phillips 66: Up to $100, depending on the card issuer/bank.
  • Save 5cents per gallon in Rewards when you use the Phillips Credit Card in the My Phillips App.

Circle K

  • The amount stored by Circle K varies depending on the card issuer/bank. You can earn 10 points per gallon on gas purchases 
  • Earn $2 in Circle K Cash for every 2,000 points deposited preceding a rewards rate of 1,000 points per dollar.
  • Get 20 points per dollar spent on retail goods such as food and alcoholic beverages with Circle K Easy Rewards.

Kwik Fill

  • You’ll save 3 cents per gallon with Kwik Fill. 
  • Amount on hold is determined by the card issuer/bank
  • Fill your Charge Card instantly to save up to 8 cents per gallon at the pump.


  • If you fill up 50 to 74.9 gallons in a billing cycle, you’ll get a 4-cent discount per gallon with Valero.
  • Valero card allows its loyal customers to earn a refund of four or eight cents per gallon of petrol purchased, depending on how much you buy each billing cycle. 
  • Valero Amount held varies depending on the card issuer/bank.

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The Bottom Line

We have gathered the best gas stations that hold only one dollar, although the amount held by some gas stations varies depending on the debit/credit card supplied by the bank.

Every spot has its distinct bonuses and prizes for saving pennies per gallon of fuel. For example, there are gas stations that do cash backs and other that offer free air. Now, drive free and visit your nearest gas stations to get the most benefits out of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I avoid hold on gas station?

You should opt to pay with cash or credit card in order to avoid hold on your transaction.

What is the amount that the gas station will hold on credit card payment?

Typically, it may place a hold of up to $50 that remains until the transaction is cleared. This can take up to 3 days.

Can I overdraft at gas station?

Banks have the authority to allow or reject overdrafts. There are banks that allow overdrafts, offer highest limits, but there are also other banks that do not have this feature. If your account is links to a bank that permits overdraft, you can perform it at a gas station as well.