How does a Wifi Extender Work for Better Signals

I’m sure we all agree to the fact that in today’s world internet has become one of the most important requirements for human beings. Internet basically provides a gateway for the man kind to connect with the whole world with just a click of a button at the comfort of their home.

And to be able to have access to internet at your home a Wi-Fi extender is considered the most preferred means of connection.

WiFi stands for wireless LAN and is considered one of the most imperative technologies in computer networking allowing you to connect with the internet without any sort of wires or cords. However it becomes quite frustrating when your Wi-Fi router is unable to provide proper internet signals in every corner of your home steadily.

Just imagine watching your favorite season on Netflix or playing your favorite game and then unexpectedly face buffering or stumbling into a Wi-Fi dead zone and the whole thing just stops. This is where you need this amazing device called the WiFi extender which is available to sort this problem easily.

What is a WiFi Extender?

A Wi-Fi extender is a device used to boost or extend the coverage area of your WiFi device. The device functions by first receiving the WiFi signals from your router, then amplifying those signals and in the end transmitting those boosted signals to every corner of your house.  This device effectively doubles the coverage area of your Wi-Fi router ensuring there are no Wi-Fi dead zones in your home.

Do I really need a WiFi Extender?

Sometimes the layout of your home doesn’t allow you to place the Wi-Fi router in the exact center of your home which is mandatory if you want steady and equal signals in every corner with no Wi-Fi dead zones.

For this reason you might require a Wi-Fi extender to be placed in your house if your Wi-Fi router is placed in a corner this will boost the signals ensuring they reach every corner of the house. Before buying the device look at your homes layout and see if you can place your Wi-Fi router in a much centralized place.

Also, ensure that you have the upgraded version of the Wi-Fi router before investing in a Wi-Fi extender. An old model router might not be as powerful to be able to provide signals in every corner of your home.

How does a WiFi Extender Work?

A Wi-Fi extender is also known as a wireless network extender. The Wi-Fi extender is also sometimes wired this device uses both the wire and the wireless system to ensure you get proper network coverage throughout your home.

It has a very simple functionality as it first uses a wired connection to travel all over your home. This is an added plus considering you don’t have to rely on wireless signals solely instead you can rely on high speed internet as well to do the job.

You might be thinking about all the wiring you might have to do? Well don’t worry about that as the Wi-Fi extender uses the existing wiring in your home. The MoCA-based solutions use your coax cabling while the Powerline solutions use the electrical wiring of your home. Just this requirement and you can take this Wi-Fi’s wired network signal and convert it to a much stronger Wi-Fi signal for your Wi-Fi dead zone.

Benefits of having a WiFi Extender

There are various benefits of having a Wi-Fi extender at your home if you are tired of slow streaming of 4K (Ultra HD) content vidoes and games all the time:

  1. Because of the architectural design of your home, the Wi-Fi signals from your router might not reach every corner of your house, by using a Wi-Fi extender you can boost these signals to each every corner.
  2. Even if you are facing slow internet connection issues, a Wi-Fi extender can boost the Wi-Fi signals for a much better experience overall and the fastest internet speed for you to enjoy.
  3. When you own a large house it is basically impossible for a single router to cover the whole house for which you might have to install two or more routers but the better solution is to get one of these extenders and see the magic.
  4. The amazing thing is by using a Wi-Fi extender you can even use internet sitting outside your house near the pool side or on the patio etc.