How To Add Money To Trust Wallet Via Token Purchase or External Wallet?

Trust wallet is quite a famous choice for storing crypto assets in a secure and efficient manner. However, if you are new and still trying to figure out how to add money to trust wallet, we are here to help!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • To purchase tokens on Trust Wallet app Open account > Buy > Select coin > Choose exchange > Fiat currency > Confirm.
  • To receive funds from external wallet you have to Open wallet > Tokens > Wallet address > Provide address to sender > Choose preferred exchange > Confirm.
  • If you perform all the steps right, adding money to trust wallet should not take more than 30 minutes.

…and Much More!

How To Add Money To Trust Wallet

With growing interest in cryptocurrencies, a number of crypto wallets have been launched which makes it difficult to choose the right one.

  • Nonetheless, Trust Wallet has proven to be quite a safe choice for users around the globe.

To ensure that you can use the wallet efficiently, you must have sufficient funds in your account. That may require you to move money to the wallet, if need be.

When it comes to Trust wallet, there are two ways to get done with money transfer. Either you can purchase the token from third-party provider or move the funds from another Wallet. Needless to say, both of these methods require that you download the Trust Wallet app and set up your account.

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Purchase Tokens on Trust Wallet App

The first and easiest method to add money to trust wallet is to purchase them from third-party providers. This is because the Trust wallet itself does not sell any kind of cryptocurrencies.

  1. Open Trust wallet and open Buy Menu.
  2. Then select the coin that you want to purchase.
  3. Wait for Trust wallet to connect you with MoonPay or Simplex exchanges.
  4. Verify the fee for the money transfer and pay using fiat currency.
  5. Click Confirm and wait for the funds to be delivered to your account.
Attention! The fee for the transfer would depend on the coin that you choose. This is because the Trust Wallet itself does not charge any fee.

Receive Coins From an External Wallet

Another way to add money to trust wallet is to have the funds sent from another external wallet or exchange. You can deposit the funds directly to trust wallet address to speed up the process. Here’s how this works.

  1. Open main screen of the Wallet and click on Tokens.
  2. From of the list of each token that opens, find and tap on Wallet address of the token you will be transferring.
  3. Recheck that you have selected the right address because choosing wrong one will cause you to lose money.
  4. Provide the wallet address to the sender or keep it with yourself if you want to transfer funds from another wallet such as Bitcoin or Coinbase.
  5. Now move to preferred exchange and send the tokens.

Does It Take Long To Deposit Money To Trust Wallet?

The time it takes for the money to arrive in your account depends on a number of factors. For example, the first thing you need to consider is the internet speed. If it is not up to the mark, money transfer may take longer than you expected.

Secondly, you need to perform all the steps right. If done so, the entire procedure of money money to your trust wallet account should not take more than 30 minutes.

The Bottom Line

It is quite easy to learn how to add money to your trust wallet account. Regardless of whether you are using Android or Apple device, the procedure is a piece of cake.

In fact, trust wallet has been regarded as one of the easiest cryptocurrency wallets to use. You can download it right now and begin to learn how this works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are funds safe in Trust wallet?

There are many reviews online that show Trust Wallet is safe to use. It has employed a number of security mechanisms to protect the client against any hacks or scams.

Will Trust Wallet charge me fees?

The wallet does not charge any fee to the clients. There are also no hidden charges or extra fees for making money transfers.

Will I get a private key for my Trust Wallet?

Yes. Like other account for cryptocurrencies, Trust Wallet also provides private keys to accountholders. You will obtain separate keys for each individual account that you make here.