How To Get Money From Venmo Without Bank Account In 4 Easy Steps?

It is ideal to link bank account to Venmo for transactions but if you don’t, you can still learn how to get money from Venmo without bank account and proceed with hassle-free transfers of money.

What Will We Talk About Here?

1. Bank account is not a necessity when taking out money from Venmo account.
2. You can cash out from Venmo debit card instead by Opening Venmo Account > Applying For Debit Card > Using Cash Card For ATM Withdrawal.
3. You can deactivate the Venmo debit card by using Settings Venmo Debit Card > Deactivate.

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How To Get Money From Venmo Without Bank Account?

  • Bank account is not a necessity when taking out money from Venmo account.

Like other debit cards that you can use to send funds to cards or bank accounts, Venmo card can be used for similar transactions.

You can learn how to get money from Venmo without bank account by following the steps below.

Confirm That You Are Eligible For Venmo Debit Card

If you are eligible to create a Venmo account then you automatically be eligible for the card as well. There are few rules that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Applicants must be 18 years or older at the time of account opening.
  2. Only legal residents in the US can apply and open Venmo account.
  3. Applicants must have USA cell phones to send and receive confirmation codes for authentication.
  4. One phone number and email ID can be use to open one account only.

Apply For The Card Via Mobile App

Activate your Venmo account after which you can apply for the debit card using the following method.

  1. Open the Venmo app and tap on “☰” icon towards the right side of the screen.
  2. Tap on Venmo Debit card. This would open the application that you need to fill.
  3. Provide the important personal information such as contact address, contact number, social security number, date of birth, etc.
  4. Attach government identification documents including driver’s license, U.S passport, DHS card, SSN card, tribal ID card, ITIN assignment letter.
  5. Attach clear pictures with the application to complete it.
Attention! High-quality pictures and verified documents are important to confirm your identity. It helps the company avoid fraud and scams.
  • Application process would be initiated as soon as you hit the Submit button.

Moreover, Venmo conveys to its users about any delays in the system performance. You should wait for official email or notifications and respond to these only.

Wait For The Debit Card To Reach You

Once the application is complete and you have been approved for the debit card, it can take 10 to 15 business days to reach you.

However, the process can take longer. It is best to wait for 2 weeks before contacting Venmo customer care for updates.

Cash Out Money From Your Venmo Account Using The Debit Card

Now that you have the debit card in your hands, you can use it to make cash withdrawals at ATMs or take out money over-the counter. You can protect the card with secret PIN to make sure all your transactions are safe.

How To Recharge The Venmo Account and Debit Card

The funds that you put in your Venmo account or the card can be used interchangeably. It is important to know how to recharge your Venmo account so you can top-up balance whenever needed.

You can use these three methods to transfer funds in-app or for card usage.

Connect To a Bank To Fund The Top-Up

When an bank account is linked to your Venmo app, it can be used to fund transactions and withdraw money whenever needed.

  1. Open your Venmo app and tap on Manage Balance.
  2. Enter the amount of money that you wish to transfer. Click on Done.
  3. Choose the bank from which you want to accept the transfer. Then click Next.
  4. Recheck the information that you have added.
  5. Tap on Add Money to complete the transaction.
Attention! t is important to review the information before you hit the send button. A transaction on Venmo can not be reversed.

Conversely, you can use Venmo to send funds to other online transfer apps as well. We have covered Venmo transfer to Cash App and exchange of funds between Venmo and PayPal in detail in our previous articles.

Make Direct Deposit To Debit Card

You can allow your employer, friends, or family members to make direct deposit to the debit card. Once you have the funds in your card, it would reflect on your in-app account as well.

Keep in mind that you have to share the routing number and account number for money transfer using this method.

Use Online Check Deposits

Venmo allows you to make online check deposits. Therefore, it is a handy way to transfer balance into your account when you are running low on funds.

  1. Open the Venmo App and tap on Manage Balance.
  2. Click on Cash a Check.
  3. Provide the amount of money that you want to transfer.
  4. Deposit the check and follow the prompts on the screen to complete the process.

Extra Reading

Venmo Online Payment App – In a Nutshell

Venmo is a popular choice for peer-to-peer transactions. It was launched under PayPal and Braintree parent companies in 2009.

  • Venmo mobile app is available on Android as well as iOS.

Currently, it has more than 40 millions active users as per the study carried out in 2019. With the advancements in the use of mobile banking, the number is expected grow exponentially for the years to come.

Fees Linked To Venmo Debit Card Usage

There are a couple of fees associate with Venmo debit card although it lets you off the hook for some payments as well. Here’s a quick overview:

  1. You can apply for the card with $0 charges.
  2. There are no monthly charges as well.
  3. You can pay for online purchases with Venmo debit card with $0 additional fee.
  4. ATM withdrawals will cost you $2.50 per transaction.
  5. Over-the-counter withdrawals will cost you $3.00 per transfer.

One way to avoid ATM charges is to stick to using MoneyPass® ATMs within the United States. Moreover, you can purchase from Maestro® and PULSE linked merchants to win cash backs.

Debit Card Expiry Time

All payment cards, including debit cards or credit cards, have an expiration. Therefore, it is important for cardholders to keep track of such important dates and apply for a new card accordingly.

  • Venmo debit cardholders will be informed 2 months before the card expiry date through a notification in your app.

You need to activate the new card once it arrives. Make sure you do this within 3 months of debit card arrival or Venmo might disable your account permanently.

Here are some other important pointers about debit card expiry and acquisition of a new card.

  1. You can disable the old card if you don’t plan on using it before expiry date arrives.
  2. If you had left the card with no use and wish to apply for a new one after quite some time, it is necessary to make at least a single transaction before you do so.
  3. New card gives you an opportunity to update all the important information. Make sure you provide the latest contact details and shipping address.

Venmo Account Cash Out and Money Transfer Limits

Money transfer limits on Venmo run on rolling day or weekly basis. This means it resets after a certain period of time. Some of the useful spending or transaction limits to keep in mind when using Venmo mobile app or the card include:

  1. The spending limit for Venmo account is $6999.99 per week.
  2. The transaction limit for Venmo is $4999.99 per week.
  3. Sending limit with Venmo app is $2999.99 per week.
  4. You can withdraw a maximum of $400 per day over-the-counter or through cash backs.
  5. ATM withdrawal limit is $400 per day.

Moreover, Venmo allows you to make up to 30 transactions in a day. You can find more about Venmo money transfer limits by clicking Here.

Is It Safe To Use Venmo Debit Card?

The Bancorp Bank issues Venmo debit card as licensed by Mastercard International. Consequently, you can use the card at all locations, online stores, and ATMs where Mastercards are accepted.

As for the safety of the debit card, it would be a relief to find out that your fund in Venmo account are FDIC-insured.

This means, even if the company collapses, you will be eligible to receive major portion of the money that was in your account.

Method To Deactivate Venmo Card If Needed

You can instantly disable the card in case you lose it or it gets stolen.

  1. Open the Venmo app on mobile.
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. Then click on Venmo Debit Card.
  4. Scroll down to locate the deactivate button. Tap on it.

This should take care of the problem! Alternatively, you can call the Venmo customer support service at 855-204-4090 to request them to deactivate your debit card.

Many users have sent in queries wondering if they can reactivate the same card when they find it. Yes, it is possible!

You can remove the freeze by again contact customer care center. If you are suspicious that the card information might have been leaked, then it is best to apply for a new one instead.

Attention! Venmo debit card is not the end of the world. You can experience some more reliable reloadable debit cards. Tap here to find out.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it is possible to get money from Venmo without using a bank account and instead relying on Mastercard Debit card. You can visit nearest ATM for cash withdrawal or use the card to make over-the-counter payments.

However, a linked bank account is a pre-requisite for Venmo app use. You can withdraw cash without bank account but you still need it for some specific transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Get Money From Venmo Without Bank Account

Can you keep more than one debit card?

No. Venmo does not allow you to apply for multiple debit cards linked to the same account. Also, you can not add somebody else’s debit card to your Venmo account.

Is it possible to use Venmo debit card internationally?

You can use the Venmo debit card and the app in the US only. Conversely, users who wish to make international transactions can use PayPal instead.

Venmo and PayPal come under the same management and each service offers cash cards for more convenient use.

How can I get money out of my Venmo account?

You can transfer the money from your Venmo account to a linked bank account or use the debit card to cash out money. It is also possible via standard ACH transfer but that could take up to 3 business days.