How To Make a Bachelorette Venmo and Enjoy Free Drinks On The Go!

Are you looking for gathering funds for your thrilling Bachelorette party? Well, we would say that you are at the right place as this is the spot where you’ll know each and everything on How to Make a Bachelorette Venmo and enjoy crowdfunding all the way! 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • To create your Bachelorette Venmo Account, you can either set up a Gmail and use your Google Account or Register yourself to get a free phone number with Google Voice. 
  • Get free drinks for your Bachelorette by using Venmo. You can do it by wearing your Venmo code or putting the Venmo handle on the car window. 
  • Venmo charges 3% of the total amount if the transaction is made via credit card. 

…and Much More!

How To Make a Bachelorette Venmo Account – Step by Step Guide?

You can set up your Bachelorette Venmo Account and get excited about having a crazy weekend like never before. To make a Bachelorette account, you can opt for two ways: 

  • Set up a Gmail for a couple of days if you have already used your email for signing up on the Venmo account. This helps you use your Google account for all that you planned for your bachelorette weekend. 
  • Register yourself to get a free phone number with Google Voice to send and receive SMS texts. This is required to verify your account by authentication code. 

Choose whatever suits you the best! Here is all you need to do to begin: 

  • Register for the Bachelorette Gmail as discussed above with Google. 
  • Sign up for a personalized phone number with Google Voice. 
  • Lastly, you can sign up for Venmo using your Bachelorette Gmail and phone number. 

And voila! Get into the ride of rocking your bachelorette party with Venmo and cherish it for the rest of your life! 

Using Venmo for Your Bachelorette Party to Get Free Drinks

Getting free drinks here is not the same as borrowing a loan from Venmo. Now that you have set up your Bachelorette Venmo account, it is time to rock and roll. Getting free drinks is always a pleasure. Lucky enough, if you are a Venmo user and looking for getting free drinks! You can get them in two most exciting ways: 

  • You can use your Venmo handle and write it on your car. 
  • Or by printing out the QR code that directs the person to your account. You can print it on your shirt or wear it as a cardholder. 

Venmo handle on the Car

  1. Create your Bachelorette Venmo Account to begin. 
  2. You can write down your Bachelorette handle on the car, preferably at the rear window and add some moving tag lines along with it. 
  3. And that is it! Just wait for your crowdfunded drinks and enjoy! 
Note! You can also change your Venmo handle for the weekend, so people do not recognize you and you don’t face any security issues. It is also recommended that you make all your transactions private to prevent any privacy breach on your account. 

Wear the QR code 

  1. First, come first, create the Bachelorette Venmo Account. 
  2. Once done, go to the Profile icon on the top left of the screen. 
  3. Click on the QR code to proceed. 
  4. Save the image on your screen. 
  5. You can then create excellent graphics with the QR in it as per your likings. 
  6. Get it printed on your shirt or wear it as a card, whatever you prefer and wait to fill up your bucket with free drinks! 

Venmo – In A Nutshell

Venmo is an online payment platform that allows peer-to-peer money transfers quickly and easily. Initially, it was a payment delivery system operated via text messages that helped people send money from one place to the other. 

Later, the platform was integrated with techy tools and emerged to peak success in no time.

  • It works in a way where you have to link your payment cards and account to the Venmo account. 

It acts as a channel between the two bank accounts, i.e., the receiver and the sender. Although Venmo does not support international transfers, you can send money via Venmo by entering the beneficiary details, which require the phone number, email address or username of the recipient. 

Working through Venmo is easy, and the funds are usually readily available in the recipient’s account if they are a Venmo user.

  • On the contrary, it may take up to three business days if either party does not hold a charge at Venmo. 
Note! Venmo does not charge any monthly maintenance fee or send money from a linked bank account. However, it charges a 3% transaction fee if you use a credit card. 

As far as the security of Venmo is concerned, it uses everything to make your data encrypted and prevent any sorts of security breaches. Users can also not perform any unauthorized transactions and have the information of all the users stored. 

The Bottom Line 

Venmo has mastered easing the payment process for customers seamlessly. You can also add money to your Venmo account from your bank, debit card, or any other likely payment source. It won’t be wrong to say that Venmo is an essential ledger and the best online banking platform. 

  • You can create your Bachelorette account and enjoy its exciting perks by crowdfunding your Venmo account and enjoying some free drinks!

Make sure you take the necessary steps ahead to avoid anyone invading your privacy and transactions on the app. Either print out the QR code and add aesthetic graphics along or just put your Venmo handle on the Car and enjoy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up a business account on Venmo? 

You can create a business account on the Venmo app from the section of Create Business Profile. Follow the instructions and provide all the necessary required details. 

How can I make a Venmo Bachelorette account online?

You just need to download the Venmo app and log in. Then complete the verification process either by providing mobile phone or email address.

How can you make a bachelorette sticker for Venmo party?

First of all, open the PDF in Adobe that you edit. Then insert your Venmo QR code icon. After that you can print it on a standard sheet as per your liking.

Can I make a second Venmo account?

Yes. Venmo does allow you to create accounts unlike Cash App. Open your account and click on Profile. Then tap on username and choose “Create another account with this email address”.