Does Venmo Work Internationally? Top Alternatives For Money Transfers

Since Venmo is a superb tool for sending money and receiving funds, users often wonder does Venmo work internationally to support transactions to other side of the world. Well, we are about to find out!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Unfortunately, Venmo does not work internationally owing to certain limitations such as currency exchange and cross-border payments.
  • Customers can instead use WorldRemit, TransferGo, Revolut, etc. to make international transfers.
  • The transfer fees are variable and depend on (i) which country you are sending money to (ii) how much funds are being transferred.

…and Much More!

Does Venmo Work Internationally?

Venmo is one of the best money transfer services. However, one of the significant downsides of using Venmo is that it does not work for international transfers. But you can use Wise Alternatives for Venmo

  • It allows you to make any money transfer within the US, from paying bills to sending money to your family and friends.

Hence, we can say that it is a full-service package.

But only within the boundaries of the United States, and to bring your Venmo credit card into use, you and your recipient must be physically located within the US.

It allows you to make payments such as paying your employees, shopping online, paying utility bills, and much more.

The best way is to get yourself a Venmo MasterCard which chiefly serves the best of its purposes.

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Venmo Does Not Work For International Transfers – Why?

Even though digital wallets have paved the way for us to make international transfers look like child’s play, there are certain limitations these services come with.

Venmo is bound to local transfers. This helps to avoid few complications such as those of currency exchange, cross-border payments, and massive anti-money laundering and know your customer regulations.

Therefore, Venmo allows peer-to-peer payments only within the boundaries of the United States and not internationally.  

Best International Alternatives for Venmo

No need to worry, if Venmo was not the perfect fit for you.

We have listed here a few of the very best Venmo International alternatives for you that will provide every inch of service you need to transfer your funds internationally. 


Wise is one of the acclaimed platforms that allows you to move your money internationally.

Not only this, Wise also holds a place among the cheapest financial institutions ranked among all other services available for transferring funds internationally. 

Transfers can be made either through the user-centric app or online, whatever is easy for you to use.

To avoid any foreign transaction fees, there is a card known as a Wise multi-currency card that you can use to make transfers.

  1. Wise comes with the best exchange rate with a minimum fee on top. It uses a mid-market exchange rate to convert your money accurately.
  2. Wise locks the exchange rate at time of confirmation so you won’t be exposed to market fluctuations. 
  3. It allows transfers in approximately 62 countries.
  4. It has low and transparent fees (usually between 0.4-1% of the transfer amount).
  5. Wise is a top-rated service and has always received positive reviews from millions of customers.


Remitly has made transfers affordable for people who are to perform recurrent international transactions.

Moreover, it put forwards an option of pay-in and pay-out transfers, which means you can make transfers through bank transfers, cards, and cash services. 

  1. Remitly is available in more than 80 countries such as the US, Australia, Canada, UK, etc.
  2. It has transparent fees. You can calculate how much you will be paying and receiving. 
  3. The transfer fee with Remitly depends on what country you are sending your money to, the amount you wish to transfer, the target currency, and the last are instant or regular transfers.
  4. Transfer fee ranges between 0.5 to 2% of the transfer amount.
  5. Transfer fee is waived off if the transfer is above USD 1000 via the economy transfer.


WorldRemit allows you to send funds to approximately 150 countries.

You can send cash and make mobile wallet transfers internationally to sectors such as the Middle East, Africa, and a few more. 

  1. It is an app-based service but also allows cash pickups.
  2. It comes with a bit more than the usual fee as it adds a commission to the mid-market rate.
  3. You are also bound to pay money for performing a transfer, depending on the amount and country you are sending money to.
  4. The usual is between USD 3.99 and USD 24.99, considering several more factors. 
  5. Airtime top-up allows you to send funds to recipient’s mobile phone on prepaid plan.


TransferGo allows bank and card transfers in several countries. TransferGo brushes off the problem of not transferring money internationally.

It is a quick, safe, and secure service available, allowing transfers through its website and mobile application.

  1. TransferGo is fully authorized by both FCA and HMRC for security.
  2. You will pay 0.5% as fee when using debit or credit card for money transfers.
  3. The exchange rate margin will be from 0 to 2.2%.
  4. User-friendly website and mobile app.
  5. TransferGo is widely use for business money transfers.


It gives you access to bank accounts in more than 40 countries and allows you to invest in a digital cryptocurrency, stocks, and travel insurance.

  1. Revolut is also authorized by EMI, i.e., Electronic Money Institution.
  2. It is currently available in Australia, the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, and Norway, etc.
  3. It hosts user-friendly website and app.
  4. Revolut offers free international and local payments.
  5. There are no hidden fees.  

The Bottom Line

We hope that you find these alternatives useful since Venmo does not work internationally. All of the options are perfect competitors of each other.

  • They have made their names in the market through high-profile and convenient money transfer solutions for their customers.

Therefore, it would be best to give each of those innovative companies a thorough study before deciding. Also, keep in mind the country where you are sending money along with the amount you wish to transfer, to land on the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Venmo International Transfers

Does Zelle work internationally?

Unfortunately, Zelle does not work internationally. However, you can use multiple platforms for international transfers like WorldRemit and TransferGo.

Can I use PayPal to send money internationally?

Yes. PayPal does allow transfer to countries where this service is accepted. In fact, you can use it to make direct bank transfers as well.

Which platforms are best for making international transfers?

Although there are a plenty of options, the right choice should consider where you are sending the money as well as the total amount. Nonetheless, some sites that stand out in this regard include TransferWise and Revolut.

Is there a cheap way to send money to other countries?

Money transfer providers charge reasonable fees for international transfers. Consider using Xoom or Remitly if you are on a tight budget.