Top 11 Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines That Offer Instant Credit!

Shopping online makes even more sense now that the world has gone through new buying patterns of their mobile apps after the severe pandemic ends.

Therefore, online shopping sites with credit lines and sites that allow customers to buy now and pay later have become quite popular. 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Fingerhut, HSN, and Ashro are some of the best options as online shopping sites with credit lines.
  • You can consider Amazon and if looking for online shopping with credit lines for bad credit.
  • You must create an account with majority of these shopping sites in order to apply for the credit line.

We will review some of the best online shopping sites with credit lines, how they work, and which one you should try next time. Here’s a quick list for you to check out.

  1. Fingerhut
  2. HSN
  3. Lend You
  4. Midnight Velvet
  5. Ashro
  6. Monroe and Main
  7. LeaseVille
  8. Massey’s
  9. Swiss Colony
  10. Stoneberry
  11. MDG

Best Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines

Now, why should you not simply pay with your credit card? What makes shopping sites with credit lines so important?

  • Let us explain this to you! 

When purchasing stuff online, you give cash on delivery or pay via debit or credit card.

Sites that accept payment via credit lines are pretty handy because they don’t require you to use a credit card at the time of purchase.

You will get an instant line of credit for online shopping. There are usually no credit checks, and your credit score will not be a problem either!

Moreover, websites that allow you to pay with a credit line are beneficial when making large purchases for which it might be challenging to pay up-front.

Now that you know all the benefits these shopping sites can bring you, it is time we explore our top 11 picks for online shopping sites with credit lines. 


Why you should choose Fingerhut 

  • The most popular online store that lets you shop with a credit line.
  • Shop online and pay bills in-store if you need it.
  • Avail of free catalogues once every two months.

Fingerhut is one of the best free online shopping sites with credit lines for shopping online at stores that offer credit line use.

You have to sign up, after which the company will send you free catalogues once every two months.

Then, you can use either the Fingerhut credit card or their FreshStart loan to purchase items and pay later.

Some customers with poor credit scores have been turned down, so it is safe to say that you require at least a fair score to be approved.

Moreover, each buyer has to make a down payment at the time of the purchase. This will equal $30 if you use a FreshStart loan.


Why you should choose HSN

  • There are no annual fees.
  • Every product you buy here can be easily exchanged or returned.
  • The website makes special offers from time to time.

The Home Shopping Network website is an ideal place to head to when you wish to shop with your credit line.

You can make an application online and wait for the approval. Remember that HSN has higher approval numbers than other websites discussed below.

Once you become a member here, the website charges no extra fee and offers special offers.

However, ensure you clear payments on time because HSN charges $1 as an interest fee. You can find out more about this on their official HSN website.

Lend You

Why you should choose Lend You 

  • Connect with reliable lenders
  • Approval for the loan is possible instantly
  • You will have access to an immediate line of credit

Lend You works a bit differently. Instead of letting you purchase with your credit line and pay off later, this website will connect you with lenders willing to provide you with the funds you need for the purchase.

Approvals for a decent amount like $1000 are possible almost instantly after request. Moreover, the money will be sent directly to your account.

Since the funds will be at your disposal, it is up to you to decide on which website you wish to utilize them.

Midnight Velvet

Why you should choose Midnight Velvet 

  • Best collection of updated fashion trends.
  • Easy to complete the sign-up process.
  • One of the best approval rates in the market

This go-to website for fashion fanatics is loaded with up-to-date clothes, shoes, and jewellery that you will find nowhere else.

You first have to create an account, but the process is simple. Once you are logged in, purchases can be made online or opt for a physical catalogue.

Also, remember that Midnight Velvet is one of the few top online shopping sites with credit lines that carry out a credit check. However, the authorities have not mentioned any threshold score buyers need for approval.

The interest rates are considerable, so the best way to avoid them is to pay during the interest-free period. Late payment is also applicable, so watch out!


Why you should choose Ashro 

  • The entire process of purchase is easy to complete online.
  • The catalogue is available for free.
  • Response to application in 24 hours.

Ashro is a hub for all the Afrocentric attires and more. You can select the item, purchase it, and complete credit submission online in minutes.

The catalogue is accessible online, but you can also obtain a hard copy by signing up at their official website.

The response to any application is finalized within 24 hours. There is no specific credit score requirement, although a fair score will improve your chances of approval. Watch out as late payment fees and APR are applicable.

Monroe and Main

Why you should choose Monroe and Main

  • Offers Monroe and Main credit card.
  • Approval is expected within a day after the application.
  • Offers free hard copies of their inventory.

Monroe and Main is another website that hosts a commendable collection of men’s and women’s wear. You can buy in-store or shop online with a credit line.

However, you can benefit from the program online once you have Monroe and Main credit cards. You can apply for it right now, and if you are lucky, you will be approved within 24 hours.

The site mentions credit checks as a prerequisite, but no minimum score has been specified. Once you are ready to purchase things, remember that late payment fees and variable APR are applicable.


Why you should choose Massey’s 

  • Application is typically followed by instant approval.
  • Specific buyers can make the first payment after 30 days.
  • Lower fees for those with higher credit scores.

The website lets you use Massey’s credit to make instant purchases from a beautiful range of products. Like Fingerhut, this online store also prefers applicants with at least a fair credit score.

The application submission at Massey’s may or may not be followed by instant approval. It is best to wait at least 24 hours.

Buyers with low credit scores are required to make a down payment. In contrast, those with fair to excellent scores can make the first payment after 30 days.

Swiss Colony

Why you should choose the Swiss Colony 

  • The biggest online bakery in the US.
  • Easy-to-complete online application form.
  • Monthly instalments are as low as $10.

Aside from all sites offering clothing and accessories, Swiss Colony is an online credit line store that hosts an extensive collection of food items.

Attention! Currently, Swiss Colony is considered the best and largest bakery in the US.

It works like other online shopping sites where you can pay using your credit line and access the funds immediately. However, the minimum order is $75 with $10 monthly instalments.


Why you should choose Stoneberry 

  • Excellent customer support service.
  • The most extensive collection of electrical equipment, garments, shoes, etc.
  • Installments as low as $5.99 per month.

It is a commendable ecommerce store where you can sign up in a single step. Once you are in, you can choose from various products and pay via credit line.

Some late payment fees and APR are applicable, so you must clear the payments on time.


Why you should choose MDG

  • The most reputable and reliable online store with a credit line.
  • Allows up to a credit limit of up to $3000.
  • Approval rates are high.

Last but not least is MDG, one of the most reputable online stores for the past two decades. It maintains the most friendly relationship with its consumers and a wide variety of available products to satisfy the broad customer base.

Attention! MDG has been awarded Consumer Choice Award multiple times!

Although MDG can also provide you with other sorts of equipment, it is known chiefly for electronic gadgets, appliances, and gaming equipment.

You can access up to $3000 credit line on this online store. This is a huge advantage, considering most other e-stores only allow clients to use up to $1000. Nonetheless, an online application and consequent approval is a must.

Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines For Bad Credit

Amazon Store

Why you should choose Amazon Store

  • It offers 5% cash back on purchases.
  • A unique financing option is available to all cardholders.

Amazon is one of the online store credit cards that guarantees approval and no deposits you can rely on. The card offers discounts, and those in need can also apply for a secured version of the card. You have to pay off the amount timely to avoid interest charges.


Why you should choose LeaseVille

  • All products are of high quality.
  • The product range is enough to satisfy every visitor.
  • There is no credit check requirement.

The website has a product range to satisfy a broad customer base. You will find something of your choice here: a vintage jewellery set or a microwave for your home.

There is no need for a credit check, but LeaseVille might assess your income history before i. Here are two significant requirements for approval:

Income of at least $1000 per month. 

Working in the current place for at least 6 months. 

A bank account that has been active for at least 3 months. 

Late payment fees and lease fees are applicable for each customer. These are discussed in more detail on LeasVille’s official website.

Why you should choose

  • It offers unique financing options.
  • You can avoid interest by paying off the entire purchase in a timely.
  • More significant purchases will have a longer time window to pay back.

You must be mindful to pay off the amount per the terms. If any portion of the purchase is outstanding at the end of the term, you will be charged an interest fee.

Extra Reading

What Is a Credit Line?

When you own a credit card, a credit line is the most crucial aspect of its use.

You can view it as the amount the card would allow you to use. It is regularly renewed when you repay the amount you used from the allotted funds.

Simply put, the credit line is a loan that you can use via credit card when needed and then pay off when you have the money.

Credit cards come with different credit lines; the exact amount may also vary from person to person.

For example, some credit-rebuilding credit cards offer restricted credit lines to customers who have poor credit scores and wish to improve their credit scores as a way to help them learn financial management.

How To Apply For Credit Online Shopping

Applying for credit online shopping can be like navigating a rough terrain for someone new. Here’s what you need to know about the application process.

  1. The first step is to choose a credit provider. You must thoroughly research the options and select a provider that aligns with your financial needs. It can be a bank, credit union, specific retailer, or a BNPL service like Afterpay or Klarna.
  2. After choosing the credit provider, you must visit its official website to initiate the application.
  3. You will typically find the application form on the homepage of website or in credit/financing section.
  4. Then, fill out the application. Ensure you enter the correct name, address, social security number, etc.
  5. Before you hit the submit button, go through the terms and conditions section. The documents have crucial information about the credit agreement and will guide you about interest rates, fees, repayment, etc.
  6. Then, apply. The credit provider will review your application form and get back to you shortly.

It can sometimes take a couple of days for the provider to conclude. Be patient!

How Do Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines Work

Most of the shopping sites we discussed above follow the same work mode. You have to create an account with a user ID and password.

Once you have logged in, there will be a sign-up application for you to complete.

A credit line can be used to make as many purchases as possible as soon as you have the membership.

Some stores offer an interest-free period at the start as a perk for newbies.

This ranges from six months to a year, after which the interest can shoot up to 40%.
Once the interest-free period is finished, every buyer must pay a monthly fee on top of the costs of the items purchased.

The Bottom Line

Many reliable online shopping sites accept payment via credit lines. However, the trick is to choose the best service considering the quality of their products, delivery, customer support, and easy approval.

Moreover, making the payment as soon as possible is essential to avoid high-interest rates. The interest can be as horrifying as 40%, so paying double the amount for the purchase may seem like paying double the amount for the purchase.

Timely payments will also help improve your credit score, so that is one thing about online credit line shopping that you can use to your advantage.

There is a massive difference between sites that let you buy now and pay later and those that charge it to your credit line. Former websites require you to make an initial payment while the rest is divided into instalments. Later, deduct it from your credit, and you have to refund as much as you would do with any other type of credit card payment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Shopping Sites With Credit Lines

Is Stoneberry better than Fingerhut? 

Stoneberry and Fingerhut are similar websites that allow customers to shop with credit lines. Neither of them charges any annual fee or over-limit fines. Therefore, you can use them as alternatives to one another.

What is the most accessible line of credit that I can get to make online purchases? 

Credit One Bank Platinum Visa card and First Progress Platinum Mastercard are two credit cards that come with easy approval and appropriate credit lines. You can apply for them immediately, and once approved, these can be used instantly for online purchases.

Do I need a good credit score for shopping at online stores that accept credit lines? 

No. In most cases, you can easily shop online with a credit line without worrying about a poor credit score or unstable credit history.