Oculus Gift Card – How Can You Gift Oculus Quest Games To Friends?

Are you tired of deciding what to gift someone on a special occasion? Here’s one thing you can consider: Gift cards! Not only are these convenient to buy online but there are even buy now, pay later gift card options available to make the purchase lighter on your pocket. While at it, let’s see if an Oculus gift card is available for game lovers.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Oculus does not provide its customers with any gift cards. It does offer you to buy a game and email it to your loved one.
  • You can gift the game by Choosing your desired game > Buy for a friend > Enter email ID > Provide 25-digit code > Make a payment > Finish!
  • You can redeem gifts on Oculus by Open the app > click the ‘redeem gift’ > enter the 25 digit code > Redeem gift!

…and Much More!

Oculus Gift Card Online – What You Need To Know!

Although Oculus does not offer physical gift cards, it is still the best platform to buy a gift for your gamer friend, and we will tell you how!

There is no better option than allowing the gift receiver to choose their gift, but gift cards still need to be available on Oculus, so what should you do? Although there are other gift card markets like AcmeHEB, and Dollar Tree, Oculus may now be one of them, but here’s a way out you can try instead.

Note! Please refer to the last section of the article to discover new updates.

Oculus Gift Card – Alternative 

Now that we know Oculus has no gift card facility, it’s time to move on and look for alternatives. Why look at other platforms when you can avail of the Oculus excellent ‘buy a game’ offer? Go to the Oculus shop, buy your friend’s favourite game, and be done! Gift sorted. 

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How To Gift Oculus Game Directly on Quest and Quest 2 

Let’s see how it works, as we have given your friend an Oculus game.

Make sure you know your friend’s email ID to precede the process. Since you won’t be buying the card online and picking it up at the store, you need to provide the correct email ID of the recipient to avoid any issues. Follow these basic steps and choose something special for your buddy from the Oculus games Oculus Quest and Quest 2.

Oculus Quest2 from Amazon

  1. Open the Quest store
  2. Choose a game for your friend from the available options.  
  3. Choose “Buy for a Friend” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Oculus would ask for your friend’s email ID. Enter the email in the given box.
  5. They will soon receive a 25-digit number. This works as an entrance pass for filling out the form they will get later. 
  6. You can even write a note to customize your friend’s gift. 
  7. Choose your desired payment method and pay.
  • The Oculus Quest 2 is still new and does not yet have the same features as the Oculus Quest. 
Quest store

No Gift card is available if you buy it directly from Quest 2, but other platforms can help you. If you know your friend’s interest in Oculus Quest 2, go to GameStop or any medium to buy the gift card. 

Attention! This gift card can be further used to buy Oculus Quest 2.  

How To Redeem Gifts on Oculus – Step By Step Guide 

You don’t need to be always the one gifting; maybe you’re on the recipient end this time?

Here are a few steps to guide you if you wish to redeem an Oculus gift. As explained above, you would now have a 25-digit code. You need this to redeem your gift.

  1. A game was given to you in the email. Go to the Oculus shop and navigate the given game. 
  2. On the right-hand side of your screen, click the ‘Redeem Gift’ option 
  3. Then, the store would ask for your 25-digit code. Enter the correct code and enjoy your gift.

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Update! Meta Quest Gift Cards Are Now Available

In 2021, Facebook rebranded itself as Meta. Ultimately, the name of Oculus Quest 2 was also changed to Meta Quest 2. These are the same products.

You can see that Meta Quest gift cards are available online through different platforms. You can use these gift cards for VR games and apps. However, as some might think, you may need help finding a Meta Quest/ Oculus gift card for free. You can shop for these at MetaQuest store, GameStop, and Amazon.

 The Bottom Line  

Gift cards are a safe choice when you can’t decide on a gift otherwise. However, unfortunately, an Oculus gift card is not an option yet, so you will have to stick to the alternative we discussed above.

Moreover, you can check out gift cards at other stores, like ScheelsSheinRossMacy’sCircle K, etc., for more options!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy an Oculus gift card on Amazon?

Meta Quest gift cards are available for purchase on Amazon. You can provide the recipient’s email address to have the card delivered directly to them.

Can I purchase a gift card for the Oculus Quest?

No gift cards are available at the Oculus Store yet. However, adding your friends to the list lets you send them a game and make their day. All you need is your credit card and your friend’s email ID. 

Can I use a Facebook gift card to purchase Oculus?

The only possible payment options at Oculus are PayPal and Credit Cards. Although Facebook owns Oculus, its gift cards or Facebook credits cannot be used at Oculus. If that were the case, it would’ve been fantastic. I hope Oculus changes that in the future. 

Through Oculus, how do you get $10 for free?

Suppose a single user buys at least 2 Quest apps (only eligible for Quest Apps) 10 days apart. They will receive $10 as an Oculus Shop credit.  

How can I receive an Oculus promo code?

Here’s all you need to do for an Oculus Promo Code: find the “Sign up for Oculus updates” box by scrolling down. Now, type your email ID in the given box. Select “Sign Up” from the drop-down menu after agreeing to the privacy policy.