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How To Transfer Money From Mercari to PayPal Account?

Money transferring is almost an everyday activity for many people. Consequently, we are in search of good platforms and apps to transfer money.

PayPal is a very reliable app that lets you send and receive funds. So, people using Mercari might be wondering how to transfer money from Mercari to PayPal?

What Will We Talk About Here?
1. You can transfer money from Mercari to PayPal by Opening PayPal > Settings > Set Up Direct Deposit > Account Details > Open Mercari account > Settings > Balance > Funds Transfer > Finish!
2. Mercari account can be set up with PayPal by Mercari app > Settings > Connect with PayPal account > PayPal Details > Confirm.
3. A bunch of methods to obtain money from your Mercari account include buying products from Mercari or using Instant Pay to withdraw cash.

…and Much More!

How To Transfer Money From Mercari to PayPal – Step By Step Guide 

Mercari is a buying and selling app with excellent customer service. It accepts almost all payment methods for its customer’s convenience.

Mercari allows us to transfer our money to PayPal. The steps are quite easy to follow but there is a requirement. PayPal Cash Card is necessary to make this transfer. 

  1. First and foremost, go to PayPal’s official website or their application.
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu, after going to the app menu.  
  3. Now choose the direct deposit option on the screen.
  4. Type down your account details like account and routing number.
  5. Close the PayPal app and open the Mercari account.
  6. Click on the Settings option from the drop-down menu.
  7. Look for a Balance option, now click it.
  8. Choose the Funds Transfer option.
  9. Add your account and routing number to lock the whole process. 

Now you can transfer money to your PayPal account with a single tap. These few steps will save a lot of time!

Ways To Set Up PayPal With Mercari Account 

For customer convenience, Mercari offers its users to link their PayPal account with a Mercari account. Mercari provides two different methods for this set up.

  • Through settings
  • At the time of checkout 

Linking PayPal with Mercari Through Settings  

This method is convenient and therefore, majority of the people tend to use it. Let’s take a look at how it works.

  1. To begin, go to the Mercari app or website.
  2. Now click the Settings options to proceed with the process.
  3. Then select My Payments from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Connect with PayPal account.
  5. Enter your PayPal account information like Account number and Routing number.
  6. Lastly, agree to the PayPal Terms and Conditions. Finish!

At The Time Of Checkout 

You’re about to checkout from Mercari online app, but you forgot to link your PayPal account? Don’t worry! Mercari’s got your back. Use these steps and link the accounts as you leave.  

  1. You’d be able to see a Card & Billing option at the check-out. Click it.
  2. Then, select Connect with PayPal from the drop-down menu.
  3. Now, type in the information for your PayPal account.
  4. Tap on Agree to PayPal’s Terms of Service after you’re finished.
Note! Mercari accepts all payments but be aware that you can only receive a full refund for PayPal payments on Mercari in a matter of 45 days. 

Methods To Obtain Money From Your Mercari Account

Since Mercari is a buying and selling app, you can get your money out of the Mercari account, if need be.

Let’s look at ways to redeem the money from the purchase through your Mercari account.  

  1. You can use your Mercari Credit to buy products on Mercari. This way you don’t even have to bother yourself with transferring money. 
  2. If you’re interested in transferring, you can use ‘direct deposit’ to send funds to your savings account. 
  3. Lastly, Instant Pay can be used to get paid in a short period of time.
All these methods are very reliable and you can have access to your money within minutes. Enjoy your earnings! 

Mercari and PayPal – Is It Safe?

We are quite aware of the safety of both apps individually. But are these apps secure when linked to each other? The simple answer to this question is Yes, Mercari will keep your PayPal transactions secure.  

  • As far as Mercari buying and selling policy is concerned, the seller won’t receive your money until you get your product and write a review.

Their shipping is also guaranteed. Nonetheless, Mercari would be helpless if you choose ‘offline transaction’.

This refers to payment completion outside Mercari and the company, then, would not take responsibility of the transaction.

What Is Mercari App?

Mercari is an online store that allows its customers to buy and sell nearly anything that can be delivered.

This is an unusual online app as it prohibits in-person meetings of buyers and sellers and only allows to mail products to the buyers. 

  • Mercari also handles all payments, ensuring that neither party is taken advantage of!

 The Bottom Line 

Mercari is a reliable platform and cares for the needs of its customers. That is why it accepts all forms of payments and allows transfers to other accounts for user’s convenience.

You can transfer money from Mercari to PayPal very easily. It also offers ways to obtain your hard-earned money through quick cash withdrawal or direct deposits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What method does Mercari use to deliver your funds?

Your balance will be updated once your buyer receives the item and rates it. You can use Instant Pay to receive your money within minutes. 

Is Mercari a fund manager?

If you buy an item at Mercari, they hold the payment from the seller unless you confirm that you have got the parcel and it is the same as the one you ordered. 

Is it possible to return items on Mercari?

Mercari buyers can always receive a refund but, Mercari employees will investigate your case and will ask for reasons for the return. All returned products permitted by Mercari must be accepted by sellers.