Where to Cash A Two-Party Check? Grocery Stores, Banks, Credit Unions

Endorsing two-party checks isn’t that easy but you can handle it if you are well aware of all the regulatory steps. If you are one such and looking for where to cash a two-party check, here is everything you need to know. 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Two-party checks are the ones where a check is written with two individuals in the Pay-To-The-Order-Of-Line.  
  • You can cash a two-party check at banks, credit unions, grocery stores, and various check cashing stores
  • Make sure to have a government-issued photo ID no matter what place you want to cash the check at. 

…and Much More!

Where To Cash a Two-Party Check? 

Every bank or retail store has its policy when cashing checks authorized by multiple parties. The third-party needs to verify every bit of information to see there is no such act where one payee attempts to deposit money into their account rather than the joint account. 

You can cash a two-party check at banks, credit unions, grocery stores, and various check-cashing stores. To dive into more detail, we have presented an extensive list of said places. 

Grocery Stores 

Many grocery stores facilitate you in cashing the two-party checks. Some of these are discussed below. 


Albertsons is one of the largest drug and food retail stores facilitating check-cashing services. The policies however may vary from one location to the other, so it would be best to contact the store first. 

  • To cash the check, please make sure you have a valid ID. 
  • The limit offered by Albertsons for check-cashing is up to $1000
  • The fees vary from one store location to the other. 
  • They may or may not cash the two-party checks as per every store’s policy. 
  • Other checks you can cash here include payroll checks, government checks, and others. 


Save your time and money at your local Walmart and cash two-party checks here. The check cashing limit varies with the state laws, but you can always cash various checks at Walmart. 

  • To cash the check, you need to bring your check and a valid ID. 
  • The two-party checks are limited to $200 and have a maximum fee of $6. 
  • The fee charged is $4 for checks up to $1000
  • For checks over $1000 and up to $5000, you have to pay at least $8. 
  • You can cash pre-printed checks, payroll checks, tax checks, two-party personal checks, and many more 


Kmart departmental stores allow you to cash two-party checks too. But it would be best to contact customer service first and know about their check-cashing policies.

  • Please carry the government-issued valid ID to cash the check here. 
  • You can also have a driver’s license, US passport, green card, or US military ID to cash the check. 
  • The limit for two-party checks goes up to $500. 
  • You can cash up to $2000 for government, payroll checks, and tax refunds. 
  • The fee varies by location but typically it lies somewhere around $5


Among several other grocery and retail stores, Safeway may or may not cash the two-party checks as the policy varies from one location to the other. 

  • To cash a check, please note that you carry a government-issued state ID. 
  • Check-cashing limits of Safeway are up to $1499. 
  • It charges you $2.25 for checks up to $200, but it may vary by location. 
  • Personal and handwritten checks do not qualify at Safeway. 
  • You can cash payroll, cashier’s, government-issued, and stimulus checks

Giant Food 

Giant Food is the pivot of best groceries where you can order online too and enjoy free delivery. It offers check-cashing services and on applying you are approved for the Payroll and Business Check Cashing card. 

  • You need to have a government-issued valid ID to cash the check. 
  • You can also present a driver’s license, or military ID as identification proof. 
  • The limit for two-party and other checks varies by location. 
  • The fees also vary by location
  • It uses TeleCheck to process checks and protect against any scams. 


Kroger, as we already know is one of the largest retail companies operating supermarkets around the United States. Cashing a check at Kroger is easy even if you don’t have a bank account. 

  • To cash the check, you need to have a government-issued valid ID. 
  • You can cash up to $5000 at Kroger. 
  • It charges $3 for $2000 and $5.50 for checks from $2000-$5000. 
  • The Shopper’s card lets you avail discount on the check-cashing fee. 
  • You can cash payroll checks, government checks, tax refund checks, printed business checks, and a few others. 


Cash your checks at food and pharmacy retail stores i.e., Publix. In addition to its products, it caters to the check-cashing financial service for the customers. 

  • To cash a check, you need to provide a valid ID
  • You can cash your personal and payroll checks at Publix. 
  • Personal checks can be cashed up to $75
  • The limit of payroll checks, however, is up to $500. 
  • The fee varies by location but typically lies in between $3 to $6. 

Stop & Shop 

Another grocery store increasing the convenience for its customers is the Shop & Stop store. Eliminate the need of going to your banks and just get your checks cashed here. 

  • Please carry along the valid ID to cash your check here. 
  • To cash the check here, you first need to be approved and get a membership card
  • You can cash the checks up to $500 with a fee of $0.50. Please note it varies by location. 
  • It is important that you apply for a Payroll and Business check-cashing card here. 
  • It facilitates cashing the payroll and government checks

Check Cashing Stores 

You can also avail of the Check Cashing Stores to cash your two-party checks. Here are a few you must consider before choosing one. 

Money Mart 

Get manageable and innovative financial solutions at the Money Mart. Whether it’s about cashing checks, mortgage solutions, or requesting loans, you can always step into Money Mart. 

  • Provide your government-issued valid ID to cash the check. 
  • The limit varies by location and check type. 
  • The fee associated also depends on the location
  • You can also do it via an app from its Cash a Check service. 
  • You can cash small businesses, insurance, payroll checks, money orders, and government checks here. 

ACE Cash Express 

ACE Cash Express cashes several check types and charges a certain fee to do so. You can apply for an installment or a payday loan at ACE Cash Express as is one of the leading loan providers. 

  • Kindly provide your government-issued photo ID or any other residential proof to apply. 
  • It allows you to cash large checks but there is a variation by location. 
  • The fee usually ranges between 2%-6% of the check amount. 
  • You can cash payroll, government, personal, income tax refund checks, and several others. 
  • It also provides you prepaid debit cards. 

PLS Check Cashing

One of the checks cashing stores is the PLC check cashing with its convenient service where you can cash checks, send money orders, and even pay your bills seamlessly. 

  • You need to have a government-issued photo ID to cash a check. 
  • It does not support third-party checks. 
  • The cashing limit varies by location
  • The fee is as low as 1% of the total check amount with an additional $1. 
  • You can cash paychecks, personal, governments, out-of-state, traveler’s, business checks, and many more here 

Check Into Cash 

Look into the nearest stores of Check Into Cash financial retailers and get your checks cashed in the easiest ways. It has around more than 1100 stores in 30 states all around. 

  • You need to have a valid ID and get enrolled in its cashing program to get your cash checked. 
  • The check-cashing limit varies by the check type and location. 
  • The fee typically lies in between 3%-5%, in addition to the $2 enrollment fee if you are new. 
  • You can cash government, payroll, financial loan checks, insurance checks, two-party checks, and others. 
  • It also facilitates both handwritten and printed checks. 

Speedy Cash 

Speedy Cash is known for offering loans to customers looking forward to managing their expenses in one way or the other. It also offers you to cash various check types. 

  • Please carry a government-issued ID with you. 
  • Its Speedy Cash or Rapid Cash feature helps people to manage loans handily. 
  • The check-cashing limit is not fixed and varies by location. 
  • You can cash the checks paying a minimum fee of $2. 
  • You can cash payroll checks, government, insurance, unemployment, and several others. 


It provides you with fast cash with its top-notch financial services. It has been cashing checks since 1983 of any amounts and any check types. 

  • Please provide a government-issued photo ID to proceed.
  • It has no dollar limits on the checks they cash such as cashier’s, government, payroll, settlement, business checks, and money orders. 
  • The fee ranges between 2% to 6% but varies by location. 
  • The check-cashing limit also varies by location. 
  • Through its Instant Funding, you can get your funds directly in your debit card account. 


Pay-O-Matic stores come with a wide range of financial services some of which include Check Cashing, Money Orders, Western Union, Money Transfers, Bill Payment, and Prepaid Mobile services. 

  • All you need is an official government-issued ID for verification. 
  • The check amount limit varies from case to case and location. 
  • The fee associated is $2.27 for every $100. 
  • It offers inPOWER Prepaid Mastercard in a minimum initial load of $10.
  • You can cash government, payroll, insurance settlement, income tax, union, and lawyer’s checks here

United Check Cashing 

Another alternative to the traditional banking system is the United Check Cashing which comes in handy. With its customer-centric financial solutions, you can avail yourself of the best. 

  • Please make sure to have a valid ID in your hand. 
  • The amount limit varies depending on the location and checks types. 
  • The fee is typically 2% of the check amount but varies too.  
  • You can cash tax refunds, government and benefits checks, payroll checks, insurance checks, and several others. 
  • It does not require any bank account to cash your checks. 

USA Checks Cashed 

USA Checks Cashed helps people with payday loans, money transfers, and check cashing too. It is indeed one of the leading retail finance providers you can opt for cashing your checks. 

  • Government-issued ID can be used to check the cash. 
  • The limit varies from one location to the other. 
  • It charges a small percentage of the check amount as a fee. 
  • USA Checks Cashed offers a first payday loan on 0% interest
  • You can cash payroll, insurance, tax refund, settlement, government checks, and cashier’s checks here. 

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Extra Reading

Where Can You Not Cash a Two-Party Check? 

Out of many stores that allow you to cash two-party checks, few do not support such help. 

  • Giant Eagle
  • Shaw’s
  • Tops Friendly Market 
  • Food Lion 
  • H-E-B Grocery
  • Hannaford 
  • WinCo Foods 
  • ShopRite 
  • Price Chopper 

Difficulties in Cashing Two-Party Check and Quick Fixes 

Two-party checks can get a bit tricky when ensuring the validation from both the payees. The cashing process might become hard under certain circumstances. 

For instance, if you are looking forward to paying the two-party check, that too without the second party, then it is most likely that you’ll face some difficulties here. To overcome such hurdles, just act per the few steps mentioned here. 

  • Contact your respective back if you are not sure where to cash it. 
  • Read through the terms and conditions as to whether the second payee has to be physically present while cashing the check or not. 
  • Search about the identity documents you’ll be needing to cash the check. 
  • You can also ask the payer to write the check if you can’t cash it. 
  • Request the payer to split up the bill and write the amount of two different checks. 
  • If a second party is unable to sign the checks, you can always pay the check using power of attorney. 

Two-Party Check – What You Need to Know

Checks are one of the safest and most simplified forms of payments and are itself evidence for the payment being made. There are several kinds of checks such as Single-party checks, First-party checks, Two-party checks, and Third-party checks. 

Two-party checks is the one where a check is written with two individuals in the Pay-To-The-Order-Of-Line. These are written to both parties, which means it is important that there exist two identifications while cashing these checks. 

It has a similar cashing process as that of the regular conventional checks, but there are only a few additional requirements to pay heed to. You can cash such checks even without the other person or with only one signing by looking into a legal procedure to do so. 

  • Just make sure whether the check is written to Person A or Person B or as Person A and Person B.

The difference can save you from unnecessary hassle and muddle in the future. If it is written as OR, then either party can deposit the check into their bank account no matter single or joint. 

On the other hand, if it is written as AND, many banks require both parties to be physically present while cashing the check. The cashing procedure can get hefty here, especially when both parties do not have a joint account. 

The Bottom Line 

Platforms where to cash a two-party check come with differently curated policies. It would be best to contact your respective target place while handling the two-party checks and ask them about their cashing policies. 

It is very important that you take care of several details in case of two-party checks. provide a good identification, re-check the date, and make sure to enter the right account details. Try to attentively look into the tiny bit of details as there are two parties involved and you wouldn’t want to risk anything at your end. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to cash the two-party check without another person? 

You can only do it if the check is signed as Person A or Person B on the Pay-To line. 

Can I mobile deposit a check with two names? 

You can only make a mobile deposit if the names on the check are written as Person A and Person B. Both the individuals need to deposit into the joint account. 

Does Ingo cash two-party checks? 

Yes, you can cash two-party checks at Ingo.