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Does IKEA Take Apple Pay In-Store And Online?

Which store comes to your mind when you think of affordable furniture or inexpensive home renovation?

I’m sure it’s IKEA! Since it everyone’s favorite, customers often wonder does IKEA take Apple Pay, Google Pay or other forms of contactless payments?

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • IKEA accepts payments through electronic wallets including Apple Pay, Android Pay either in-store or online. 
  • Payment alternatives that use’ buy now pay later’ technology are not accepted by IKEA. These include Afterpay, Quad Pay, and more.
  • Other options to make payment at the IKEA store or app include a VISA card, MasterCard, IKEA gift cards, and a lot more!

Does IKEA take Apple Pay?

A precise answer to this question is YES, IKEA does take Apple Pay in-store and on their online website just like Best Buy and Target.

  • In addition to this convenient payment method, IKEA offers its customers a lot more payment alternatives.

If you wish to know more about other payment methods accepted by IKEA, keep reading!

What About Google Pay and PayPal?

Google Pay and PayPal are electronic wallet payment options. They not only save time but make shopping easier as well.

IKEA unfortunately, does not accept PayPal at the moment but customers are hopeful that the new payment method would be installed soon due to the high demand.

  • In 2021, IKEA confirmed that it now accepts Google Pay in-store. As for online payment, it is still a mystery. 

If you wish to clear the bill using Google Pay, you just need to select the items, open the app and then choose your card, and tap!

Does Ikea Accept Cash?

Cash is one of the most commonly used payment methods for Ikea purchases. The store accepts cash for in-store as well as online purchases. You have the option to pay with cash when the delivery of online orders arrives.

What Are Other Types of IKEA Payment Methods

IKEA offers a bunch of other payment options for its customers. They range from cards to IKEA payment plans. Let’s divide these options into two categories

  • In-store Purchase
  • Online Orders 

In-Store Purchases

The payment options which IKEA customers can avail themselves in-store include a variety of cards: 

  • American Express
  • Android Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Cash 
  • Delta 
  • Google Pay
  • IKEA Gift Cards
  • IKEA Home Cards
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • VISA Electron

IKEA also accepts store return card for in-store purchases. If you have received one in return for a refund, feel free to pay through it on your next visit.


When purchasing through an online website or app, use the payment options given below.

  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • IKEA Gift Cards
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal (Not confirmed by IKEA yet)
  • VISA
  • VISA Electron
  • Discover
  • IKEA Store Return Card

If you still have a query about some other payment options make sure to consult IKEA official customer support team.

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How To Pay On The IKEA App

Shopping via mobile app has become very common nowadays. Luckily, IKEA also allows its buyers to shop and pay through the app. Some common payment methods that you can link with the app are listed below.

  • Credit cards (American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard).
  • Mobile payment methods (Apple Pay).
  • IKEA gift cards.
  • Store refund cards.

Ikea app also offers the unique “Shop & Go” functionality. The feature allows you to save time by simply scanning the unique QR code to complete the payment. This is how it works:

  1. Open Ikea app. Choose the products you want to buy and add them to cart.
  2. Then scan the unique QR code displayed on each product using the app built-in scanner.
  3. Proceed to the Shop & Go checkout counter.
  4. Scan the unique QR code on the terminal using the app. The payment will be processed shortly.

The Payment Methods That IKEA Does Not Accept 

Where IKEA offers that many payment options some of them are still not accepted yet. These mostly include the ones with a ‘Buy now Pay later’ policy. A few of these options are mentioned here.

Additionally. IKEA does not accept personal checks as a form of payment at this time.

IKEA Payment Plans

Even though IKEA does not accept buy now pay later apps, it does offer its customers payment plans. This not only budgets your bill but also makes shopping stress-free. These include:

  • IKEA VISA Credit Cards

This allows you to earn reward points every day and use them at IKEA to purchase any item.  

  • IKEA Project Credit Cards

This card offers installments for large purchases. Now enjoy the product and pay for it later!

Note that these payment plans differ for different countries. Call your nearest IKEA to get more information.  

Extra Reading

You are not alone!

Many buyers have reported that they are experiencing issues with Apple Pay payments on Ikea. Some common reasons may be:

  • Multiple order attempts within a 24-hour period. 
  •  Incorrect billing information. 

One of the hacks that many users have shared is ordering one item at a time. Some buyers experienced payment issues when there were multiple items in the cart order. The order got processed when they tried with one item only.

The Bottom Line 

Due to the pandemic, people are now more into contactless payment alternatives. The majority of the stores have now shifted to these options. IKEA has included itself in the list too. 

  • IKEA now accepts almost all mobile wallet apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay, and more. It also accepts cards like VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc. 

If all these options don’t interest you don’t worry, because IKEA came up with their payment plans for their customer’s convenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is IKEA’s Apple Pay limit?

Although the general limit for any contactless payment option is $30 IKEA allows its customers to exceed this limit for Payment through Apple Pay.

Is it possible to alter my IKEA payment method?

IKEA payment method can only be changed before you place the order. To change the payment method after the order is placed you need to cancel the order and replace it. Recheck your payment method before checking out. 

What is the procedure for adding an IKEA card to My Apple Wallet?

To add your IKEA family card to your Apple Wallet all you need to do is click the IKEA family card email on your phone, find ‘add to Apple Wallet’ at the bottom of the page and click it, add the card details, save the card. Finish!

Is Discover accepted at IKEA?

Discover is a card option accepted by IKEA along with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and IKEA gift Cards. You can use all these options in-store as well as for online purchases.  

Does Ikea take Klarna?

Ikea has recently been added to the list of stores that accept Klarna. Klarna gives you the option to pay for your online orders up to 14 days after the delivery.

Does Ikea take Afterpay?

On September 19, 2023, it was announced that IKEA will be one of the stores that accept Afterpay as a method of payment. This payment type was added for both in-store and online purchases serving as a great solution for that customer who could not afford a credit card.

Does Ikea take PayPal Pay in 4?

Yes, Ikea allows PayPal to be used for all purchases made through the website.