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Does Speedway Take Apple Pay – The Ultimate Guide 2022

Speedway, for most people, is a quick grab-and-go and Apple Pay is a high-speed payment method. So that leaves us wondering does Speedway take Apple Pay to make our trip even better?

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Apple pay can be used by Speedway customers not only in the stores but also at the gas station for almost 3000 different locations. 
  • You can set up the Apple Pay app by Downloading the app > Linking debit or credit card > Required information > Finish.
  • You can clear bills via Apple Pay by Placing Apple device near reader > Permitting linked card > Confirming transaction with touch ID.

…and Much More!

Does Speedway Take Apple Pay – Locations Take This This Mode of Payment

Most of the speedways accept Apple Pay since January 2019 as it is a very convenient contactless payment method and most customers use it in-store.

  • Around 3000 locations in the East Coast, Midwest and southeast accept the Apple Pay as till now.

The few famous spots that take the apple pay for the pump as well as the store are listed: 

  • 7-Eleven
  • ARCO
  • BP/Amoco
  • Chevron  (the system may not  be the most convenient here as they go inside the station instead of swiping it at the pump)
  • Chevron Extra Mile 
  • Circle K 
  • Conoco
  • Cumberland Farms
  • Delta sonic
  • ExxonMobil
  • Kum & Go
  • Kwik fill/Red apple
  • Kwik trip/ Kwik Star
  • Meijer
  • Phillips 66
  • Quik Trip
  • Race Trac/ RaceWay
  •  Shell
  • Sheetz
  • Speedway
  • Sunoco
  • Texaco  
  • Valero
  • Wawa

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Setting Up Apple Pay In Your Apple Device

Now that we know which gas stations accept the Apple Pay we need to learn how to set up it in our iPhones as well as our Apple watches step-by-step. The setting up is as convenient as the payment method: tap and go!

  1. Download the Apple Pay app in your iPhone.
  2. Enter your credit card or any other card detail in the app and other required information.
  3. Now all you do is tap your apple gadget to a speedway to make the payment.
Note!You can also connect your Apple Watch with it in a similar manner.

Making Payments Using Apple Pay

Now that we have the Apple Pay app and the speedway where we want to use it all we need to learn is the method and then we’re good to wave and go.

  1. Keep your iPhone or apple watch near the contactless reader at the counter without covering the touch ID.
  2. Click the default option and chose your desired card.
  3. Now place the finger on the touch ID, keeping your Apple device near the reader to complete the payment process.

Apple Pay or Not – How To Find Out?

The best method to know if a speedway or any other store takes Apple Pay or not is through Apple maps app. All you have to do is listed below:

  1. Search for gas stations near you by adding your location.
  2. Chose the option at the top of the page ‘useful to know’.
  3. Look for the Apple Pay logo or a tick mark in front of the logo, if it is present on the payment option this means it accepts the apple pay. 

Attaining Reward Loyalty Points With Apple Pay

Customers using Apple Pay frequently and spending money at speedway either at the gas station or in-store can earn some point which once accumulated. This means you will have some perks after you load the Apple Pay and use it for clearing bills.

  • Bonus points can be cashed out as a coupon or you can even pay your pump bill using those points. 

You will earn 10 points on every full gallon of fuel and 20 points for each dollar you spend in-store. 

The Bottom Line

Apple Pay is not only the most secure, convenient, and faster method but also it is completely free of cost!

  • It does not charge the customer any extra money to use Apple Pay anywhere in the whole world.

Also, like debit and credit cards have limit, Apple Pay has no such restriction and can be used as many times as you like in a day. Perhaps this is the biggest advantage over other payment apps like Venmo that has spending limits.

Ready to use it on your next speedway drive?

Frequently Asked Questions About Does Speedway Take Apple Pay

Can I use Apple Pay to pay at Speedway gas pumps?

Yes. you can use your Apple devices to pay at Speedway. However, beforehand, you need to perform the set up process. This involves linked a credit card or debit card to the app. Then you can tap the Apple Pay at the gas pumps to make the payments.

Do gas stations take Apple Payments?

There are many gas stations that accept Apple Pay but not all. Therefore, you need to check if a store, gas station, or a restaurant will let you pay via Apple Wallet.

If a gas station accepts Apple Pay you would be able to see it as a payment option when you are about to check out.

Where is Apple Pay accepted?

There is a long list of locations that now take Apple Pay. Some of the more prominent names include Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, Disney, Office Depot, Target, Publix, Taco Bell, Staples, Lucky, Petco, KFC, and CVS.

How can I pay at a store using Apple Pay?

Keep your iPhone or apple watch near the contactless reader at the counter without covering the touch ID. Click the default option and chose your desired card. Now place the finger on the touch ID, keeping your Apple device near the reader to complete the payment process.