Does Target Make Keys or Offer Key Copy Services?

A recent study calculated that more than 20 million people lose their important keys. Consequently, getting Walmart duplicate keys unless you can find cost-effective solution. With Target being customer’s favorite shopping spot, we are left wondering does Target make keys?

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Unfortunately, Target does not offer the key-making services yet.
  • Other store alternatives that can make a duplicate key include Walmart, Kroger, Winco, Safeway, and more!
  • For cheaper alternatives, get a duplicate or chipped key for up to $1.50 from your nearest automotive or hardware stores like Home Depot.

…and Much More!

Does Target Make Keys?

Unfortunately, you can not get keys made at Target. The store has not introduced any such service neither has it shared any plans of doing it in the future.

  • Alternatively, Target offers key rings, chains, and hooks to make it less likely for you to lose your important keys.

Is Target Selling Keys 2023? 

Although it is frustrating, Target does not sell Keys , it does offer master Padlock with a key for up to $8.06 excluding the delivery charges. 

Other than that, Target is a great shopping spot for your needs to shop online and pay via checking account and you can use other contactless payment options like Apple Pay.

Attention! There is no harm in getting a duplicate key before the emergency situation arises.  But make sure you replace your locks as soon as you lose a key, especially for home and car locks.

Where Can I Get a Key Made – Alternatives 

We have listed a few grocery stores, automotive stores, and hardware stores that you can easily refer to for a duplicate key in time of emergencies.

A few hardware shops that provide their customers with this facility are:

  1. Ace Hardware: Gives customers options for key materials like brass, regular keys, or auto keys
  2. Home Depot: Specializes in copying either standard or automotive keys.
  3. Lowes: Don’t usually charge for key making. 
  4. Menard’s: Almost all Menard stores have a KeyMe kiosk inside their shops.
  5. Sears: It offers all the cuts including Smart, Chip, and even remote Key.  
  6. True Value Hardware: Specializes in standard, double -sided and decorative Keys. 

Following are a few automotive stores that offer key-making services for your cars. Most of them even offer duplicate car remotes in addition to home keys and office keys.

  1. Advance Auto Parts
  2. Auto Zone
  3. Car Key Express
  4. Napa Auto Parts 
  5. O’Reilly Auto Parts
  6. Pep Boys

If you don’t have any of the above options near you, some helpful grocery stores might be what you need.

  1. Kroger
  2. Meijers
  3. Rite Aid
  4. Safeway
  5. Walmart
  6. Winco

Attention! These are some really good options when it comes to key-making and saves up to 50% of your money. 

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get Your Keys Made?

Key duplication can cost you up to $1-$6 which is still cheaper than padlocks or MinuteKey which costs up to $8-$15. Hardware, automotive, and grocery stores offer you their services at much lower charges. 

A few stores with their standard key charges are given below:

  • Home Depot being the cheapest charges you $1.50 for a standard key. 
  • Walmart charges up to $1.98 for a standard key and electronic key ranges from $50-$100
  • Lowes usually doesn’t charge for key-making services but their price for the decorative key is up to $3.48

The Bottom Line 

Although target does not offer key-making services, they do provide their customers with hooks, chains, rings, and kiosks that prevent them to lose their keys.

Nonetheless, even if you have lost your essential keys, don’t worry because there are other cheap retailers that offer the service like Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace Hardware with a cheap price of $1-$6. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Does Target Make Keys

Where you can get duplicate key at Target?

Target is only selling locks and key accessories like hooks, chains and rings but it does not offer you to make a duplicate key.

Does Walmart make keys?

Yes, you can get keys made at Walmart. You can copy and cut keys in-store via MinuteKey.

Does CVS offer to make keys?

No, as for 2023, CVS does not cut keys or even sells the tools for key duplication in any of their locations. 

Is AutoZone a place where you can get house keys?

Most car dealerships including AutoZone do not make house keys but rather specialize in duplicating car keys, chip keys, and even car remotes. 

Does Home Depot Specialize in Keys? 

Home Depot offers key cloning for mechanically operating keys only. Their machine cuts through the metal to copy the key. 

What is the price of duplicating a key at Lowes?

The key-duplicating charges mainly depend on the type of key. The standard key Costs range from $2-$5. The decorative or electronic keys can cost you much higher than that.