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How To Delete Cash App History or Hide Transactions In Your Account

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You can start sending or receiving money on your Cash App as soon as you open account or activate your debit card.

However, somewhere along the transfers, you might want to learn how to delete Cash App history and the answer is somewhat surprising.

What Will We Talk About Here?
1. You can not delete Cash App history but you can choose to hide transactions or delete the account permanently.
2. You can delete Cash app account by Open Account > Profile Icon > Support > Something Else > Account Settings > Close Account > Confirm.
3. You can download the history as well by Open Account > Profile Tab > Statement > Export CSV > PDF.

…and Much More!

Can You Really Delete Cash App History?

The truth is that it is not possible to clear the history on your Cash App account. Perhaps the officials did not consider this since the transactions are already private and not accessible to anyone accept the accountholder.

  • Nonetheless, if a user wishes to remove the transaction history he or she will have to delete the Cash App account altogether.

Cash App transaction history is visible once you tap on the bottom-right corner and open the Activity Tab. Since the account number is yours to use, nobody else can access this information.

Is There a Need To Clear The Cash App Transaction History?

As we mentioned above, you can delete Cash App account permanently to clear the activities on Cash App, if need be.

  1. Open your Cash App account and click on Profile Icon.
  2. Then tap on Support and scroll down to find Something Else option.
  3. Click Account Settings and then choose Close Account from the menu.
  4. You will be required to enter some information before you can Confirm the action to delete the account.

Your $Cashtag will disappear once the account is deleted and you won’t have to worry about the history as it will be gone for good!

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Alternative to Deleting History – Hide Cash App Transactions

There is not point of beating around the bush, trying to find a way to delete Cash App money transfer history.

As an old Cash App user, you would already know that payment details only show if its complete or pending and it allows you to get a web receipt. That’s it!

Some other mobile apps like Venmo allow users to hide the transactions but there is no need to do that with Cash app; the entire transfer history is already private.

Extra Reading

Check Transaction History on Cash App

You can keep a check on your transaction history at all times. This is a good way to keep a check on your spending and be aware beforehand, if you are in need of a loan.

  1. Open Cash App and tap on the main icon present at the bottom of the page.
  2. Then click on Activity.
  3. Tap on Payment Options to see the transactions you have made recently as well their on-going status.

Download Cash App Payment History

Before you hide the transactions or choose to delete the Cash App account permanently, it might be a good idea to download and save the payment history.

  1. Open your Cash App account in your mobile or computer.
  2. Click on Profile Tab and tap Statement.
  3. Now press Export CSV.
  4. There will be further on-screen instructions that you need to follow until you can print out the transaction history.

The Bottom Line

Cash App is a safe and quick way to share money with other accounts like PayPal, Venmo or even other bank accounts.

You can also have your account verified to increase spending limits but, there might be a situation where you want to remove your transaction history.

  • Although there is no option to delete history on Cash App, you don’t have to worry since all transactions are completely private.

However, we do suggest readers to keep their Cash app account information safe at all time. It is not smart to share your login details with any third party.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Delete Cash App History

Can I delete transaction history on my Cash App account?

It is not possible to delete the history as the application does not offer any such options within payment details. However, you can delete your account permanently to get rid of all the money transfer details.

Can I delete my Cash App account and make a new one?

You can uninstall the application from the main menu. However, you need to make sure that there is no pending balance in your account at that time. Later on, you are free to make a new account and sign in again.

Can I have two or more than two Cash App accounts?

Users can choose to have as many accounts as they please provided that each is registered with a unique contact number and email ID.

Is it possible to make a new Cash App account using the same number?

Unfortunately, you can only register one account per number. Therefore, it will not be possible to have two accounts linked to the same contact number of email ID.

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