Insufficient Liquidity For This Trade? How To Fix This on Crypto Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges make it pretty easy to sell, buy, trade, or exchange crypto currencies. However, these too, are not free of errors or glitches. As such, some customers have experiences “Insufficient Liquidity For This Trade” typically when working with PancakeSwap. Luckily, there are some easy fixes to get rid of this issue.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Insufficient liquidity on an exchange means that you do not have enough currency available for a particular trade.
  • If you are on PancakeSwap, one reliable method to fix this is by shifting to the older version of the exchange.
  • You can also try to lower the price slippage, shift networks, or disable VPN to deal with this error.

…and Much More!

“Insufficient Liquidity For This Trade” – What Does It Mean?

When you are trying to swap tokens on the market, you may come across this error and, consequently, you will not be able to complete the transaction.

Attention! Total liquidity means amount of currency available for trade. Insufficient liquidity therefore implies that you can’t trade cryptocurrency in the market.

This error is known to occur more frequently in the newer version of the exchange but there can be other things getting in the way of swapping as well. Therefore, in this guide, we will walk you through different methods of fixing this error without any hassle.

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Fixes For Insufficient Liquidity For This Trade

You can try different ways to fix the “Insufficient Liquidity For This Trade” error. This is because the reason you are facing the issue may vary depending on the exchange that you are using. Consequently, one solution may not be suitable for everyone.

Exchange Version Change

Most users have been facing this issue because they have recently shifted to Version 2 of PancakeSwap which does not support the particular token exchange. This is why if you have migrated from V1 to V2, you may frequently come across this problem.

Therefore, a simple solution is to go back to the older version. This will not require much of your time. Let’s take a look at how it is done.

  1. Open PancakeSwap and connect with your Wallet.
  2. Move to the bottom of the exchange to locate couple of versions such as V1 and V2.
  3. Click on V1, i.e. the older version and that would switch you to it.
  4. Wait for the pop-up message that says “PancakeSwap V1 is no longer supported. Go back to V2 Exchange?”
  5. Tap on checkbox to agree to “Slippage” and continue using V1 by clicking on Continue to V1 Anyway.

Change Price Slippage To Complete Transaction

If you have set the slippage tolerance too high, it can interfere with exchange of token on PancakeSwap or other crypto exchanges.

  • Remember, orders are not executed if price difference is greater than slippage tolerance.

Simple lowering the price slippage should take care of the problem. For this you have to tap on the Settings icon on PancakeSwap and then follow the protocol given below.

  1. Locate the pop-up that opens.
  2. See the 3 given percentages i.e. 0.1%, 0.5%, and 1%.
  3. Tap on the input field and enter 12%.
  4. Close the pop-up error message that states “your transaction may be frontrun“.

Other Fixes To Consider

It is possible that the issue may not reside even when you have tried out the above hacks. What you can do next is probably a “trial and error” method but some customers have experience improvement after trying these out.

So, first of all, shift to a different network. If you were previously working with home WiFi, disconnect your device and connect it instead to mobile network or vice versa.

Attention! We also recommend users to disable VPN services at this time. Sometimes geo-restrictions can be the reason why you are experiencing errors.

The Bottom Line

The fixes discussed above should take care of the liquidity problem given that it is occurring at the exchange. However, if the problem is with the token that you are using, the issue may persist. In this case, it would be better to reach out to the particular customer support team for further guidance and help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you solve the problem of insufficient liquidity for this trade?

A simple way is to shift to the older version of the exchange. You can also try to lower the price slippage, change networks, or disable VPN in order to solve this error.

What does it mean to have insufficient liquidity on PancakeSwap?

This means that the user does not have enough token that they are trying to swap and thus the exchange is not possible.