Is Your Hulu Activate Not Working? Check Out These 9 Foolproof Methods!

What’s the point of worthy streaming services if you have to wait for hours to get the show going?

That is precisely why Hulu activate not working can be so annoying. The good news?

Now you can fix this issue with few simple solutions.

Hulu is one of the most interesting online video streaming app that can help you access wide variety of content without an issue. Here you get all the quantity and the quality in one go!

Recently some customers have pointed out that their Hulu activate is not working.

We have addressed the problem of Hulu giving too many redirects in other article. Here we will talk about few problems that may result in activation issues and also guide you on how to solve them. Let’s have a look!

Why Is Hulu Activate Not Working and How To Fix It

The activation has been a nuisance to many new Hulu subscribers. Some have even been frustrated to the point of deactivating the app or signing off.

However, you don’t need to do any of that because with 9 easy methods, you can fix Hulu activation problem conveniently.

1. Restart Your Hulu App

If you can not operate your Hulu app due to activation issues then the first thing to try is a simple restart. You should visit the settings section of your device and turn off any app running in the background including Hulu.

Then open the application again and hopefully it will start to work perfectly.

2. Deactivate Adblockers

Let me explain how a simple adblocker can affect your Hulu app usability.

Adblockers are supposed to identify and restrict unnecessary content from disturbing you.

When you have any such service on, it may recognize Hulu’s videos as extra and block their view. Consequently, the app will present activation issues.

You can fix this by turning off Adblocker when Hulu app is in use. This will allow the application to run smoothly and hopefully, you won’t have to look for other solutions.

3. Switch to a Different Browser

If you notice that Hulu activate is not working on Chrome then may be should give another browser a try.

Fortunately, there are many good alternatives available so you don’t have to think hard about which one to try. This may also help you obtain better streaming quality as a result.

4. Update The Hulu App

A simple way to avoid software glitches is to keep your system updated at all times. Similarly, with Hulu app activation issues, the problem may arise from outdated application.

Whenever an update becomes available, it is best to allow the device to install it right away.

This would keep you safe from many issues and ensure that app delivers maximum performance.

5. Make Sure You Are Entering the Right Code

Hulu activation required you to enter a code. Since we are “only humans”, it is possible that you are giving wrong combinations of digits.

Try re-entering the code more attentively. Even better, see if there is an option of seeing what you are typing in the code bar so you are more sure that there is no mistake here.

6. Deactivate Hulu Device

No method has worked so far? No worries!

Next you will have to deactivate the device and re-activate the account to see if this fixing anything. You can deactivate Hulu device by visiting the account page.

Typically, when your device has been in use for long, it can create issues like activation errors but these can be easily fixed with a little “Turn off and on” strategy.

7. Reinstall The Hulu App

Another hack is to remove the app altogether and reinstall it from the Google Store or Play Store after a while.

The process on uninstalling and reinstalling might differ from one device to another. Therefore, we have summed up the procedure below for each renowned device that is compatible with Hulu service.

  • Android or iPhone Smartphones

Simply visit the Apps section in your smartphone and locate when Hulu app is mentioned.

Click and hold on it until a pop-up appears. Here you will find the option to uninstall the app. Click on it and then wait for the process to finish. You can install it again via Google Store or App Store.

  • Windows PC/Laptop

On such a device, you first have to open the Control Panel and choose to Uninstall a Program.

Then you have to find Hulu app in the list. The process will begin once you tap on it after which you have to restart the computer and visit Microsoft Store to install the application again.

  • PC or Laptop With MAC OS

Tap on Finder on the desktop and then select Applications from the side bar. You have to click and hold Hulu and drag it to the Trash option to uninstall it. Once it is remove, the app can be restored by opening and clicking on Install + option.

  • Fire TV and Roku

For both the devices you need to visit the main menu and then click on Settings. You have to click on Uninstall in Fire TV and tap on Remove Channel for Roku to begin the uninstallation process. After that, reboot the device and hit Add Channel button to bring Hulu app back to action.

8. Check if The App Is Down For Maintenance

Don’t forget to consider that the problem may not be at your end. It is possible that the Hulu app is not working because of maintenance issues. In this case, the problem should resolve itself within a day or two.

You can get in touch with their customer support team via email or phone call. This would help you find out whether there is a technical issue at their side or your application is acting up.

9. Check For Stable Internet Connectivity

The last question to ask yourself is whether the internet is the culprit or not. Maybe you need to choose a router or a modem that delivers optimal performance to solve this issue.

The smartest move in this case would be to reboot your internet or restart the modem. You can do so by unplugging the main wire and inserting the cable after 2 to 3 minutes. It will reset your network and get rid of any glitches in modem connectivity.

The Bottom Line

Hulu activation not working may seem to be a huge frustration but hopefully, this piece of writing would have shown you how incredibly easy it is to get over the problem.

It is important to try your luck in a sequential manner. For example, make sure that your internet is stable before you try to fix anything within the app. In this way, you would be sure that you are not wasting time look at the wrong place.

Good Luck!