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Online Store Credit Guaranteed Approval No Deposit Options

Bad credit situation makes it difficult to apply for a credit card or a personal loan. That is when the idea of buy now pay later no credit check websites or online store credit guaranteed approval no deposit websites comes in. The plans are designed specifically for those with average or poor credit score!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Some of the best online store credit with guaranteed approval and no credit check are Amazon store card, Fingerhut Credit account, Total Visa card, and Net First Premium card.
  • Majority of these credit cards can help you establish credit standing with timely payments and responsible spending behavior.
  • You can increase your approval chances by removing any debt from the credit report, providing legit income information and filling out the application carefully.

…and Much More!

Online Store Credit Guaranteed Approval No Deposit – What Are Your Options?

Online store credit plans vary from one retailer to another. They are also different in the credit line that they offer and in terms of use. Nonetheless, they are easier to qualify for than typical credit cards.

There is an important thing to talk about before we begin! Similar to open-loop and closed-loop gift cards, store credit cards are also specific about where they can be used. Needless to say, it largely impacts buyer’s decision if the card is accepted specifically at a store or range of stores.

  • Make sure you know whether you are applying for a closed-loop or open-loop online store credit card.

Now getting down to online store credit card options you have, here are some that are easier to qualify and can even help build your credit score over time.

Amazon Store Card

Amazon Prime Members do not need to look any further as Amazon itself provider online store credit with guaranteed approval and no check in the form of Amazon store card. There are secured and unsecured options to choose from but the terms of use majorly depends on your credit standing.

There is no annual fee for the card which makes it quite an affordable option to consider. Also there are no monthly charges, and you can use the card to establish credit without any hassle.

  • Amazon provides access to $149 credit limit immediately after approval.
  • The account also promises $10 as sign-up gift to each new member. This can be utilized for purchases just as the credit limit.
  • Amazon Prime members can score 5% cash back on all purchases done at
  • The downside is that regular cardholders can not avail any of the rewards here.
  • The APR that Amazon charges is a bit high.

Fingerhut Credit Card Account

Fingerhut credit card promises easy approval. Moreover, it reports to the three major credit bureaus so it can help you build credit score on the go. Just make sure that you make on-time payments.

Fingerhut offers two types of credit accounts. Depending on your credit standing, you will at least get approved for one of the two: an Advantage account or Fresh Start account. Remember, there will be a hard pull on your credit report when you apply for the card.

  • There is no annual fee for Fingerhut credit card account.
  • You can choose from more than 400,000 items that the store hosts for purchases.
  • There is an interest rate of 29.99% which is quite high.
  • You can only use the credit limit at It is not acceptable at any other online store.
  • Some customers have pointed out that Fingerhut sells products at substantially higher prices than other stores.

Total Visa Card

Total Visa is not an affordable option but when you are running out of choices with unsecured credit cards, it is surely a safe bet. Its features are helpful for those with poor credit but the fees can be as high as $89.

It reports to all major credit bureaus and monthly reports are bound to boost your credit score quickly. As long as you don’t mind the fees, Total Visa Card will take care of your credit problem.

  • It provides instant approval even to those with poor credit score.
  • The application process is straight-forward and easy.
  • The interest charges are high but you can minimize their impact with on-time payments.
  • The annual fees can be as high as $89.
  • Unfortunately, you spending power will be limited with Total Visa card.

Merit Platinum Card

This online store credit card promises a credit limit of $750 with guaranteed approval but you can only use it within Horizon Network. It is also restricted in the number of products that it covers but the APR is 0% making it a fair deal, anyways.

The card is also useless if your real intention is to build credit score as it does not report to credit bureaus. Most people apply for it since it does not require income proof or credit check.

  • There will be no harm in applying for the credit here as there is no credit check.
  • There is an annual fee of $177 which is one of the highest you would see in online store credit cards.
  • The annual fee would actually be 20% of your total credit limit every year!
  • The Horizon Network customer support which backs up the card is known for its poor performance.
  • This is only a good option if your credit standing is extremely poor.

Net First Platinum

Net First Platinum by the Horizon Network guarantees approval for up to a credit limit of $750, You may be restricted with the items available for purchase with this credit card but, nonetheless, it is a good choice to consider for online store credit guaranteed approval no credit check.

A major downside for the card which is stopped it from bagging popularity is that it is not a good options for building credit score. Net First Premium only reports to one credit bureau so there is not much it can do to improve your credit standing.

  • Luckily, it has 0% APR on purchases but there is a $14.77 monthly fee.
  • The monthly fees amount up to $177 per year. That is a lot!
  • You don’t need to provide any proof of income or employment to apply for the card and get approval.
  • Moreover, Net First Premium does not require a credit check.
  • You can only use this card credit limit at the Horizon outlet. No other stores accept Net First Premium credit.

Milestone MasterCard

Milestone Mastercard is an unsecured online store credit card. It can help boost your credit score and take care of certain financial needs with guaranteed approval for credit limit of $300. Majority of the applicants employ it as emergency back up as it skips all the qualification check and provides credit instantly.

The credit limit depends on your credit standing. You may score lower interest charges with good credit score but the annual fee is same for all the cardholders.

  • In the list of unsecured credit cards, Milestone charges the lease number of fees. There are no monthly charges as well.
  • Annual fees is up to $75 for the first year and $99 for the years that follow.
  • Moreover, the interest charges is also extremely affordable.
  • Also, with Milestone Mastercard, you get access to mobile account and the transactions are secured from frauds and scams.
  • Unfortunately, the spending power is somewhat limited.

Freedom Gold Card

The last option we have in stock is that of Freedom Gold Card. It promises instant approval with no credit check and a couple of other perks as well.

  • You can get access to $750 unsecured credit limits.
  • There is no employment check and the application is quickly processed online.
  • It has high approval odds even for those with poor credit score.
  • The regular APR is 0%.
  • The card can only be used at

Extra Reading

Online Store Credit Guaranteed Approval Interest Charges

The interest charges vary from one online store credit card to another. In most cases, you can expect to see a huge figure next to APR! This is because since the store is providing you with credit limit without credit check and instant approval, there are high chances that people with poor credit score will obtain these cards.

  • Since their credit history is already shady, the store puts up high APR as collateral. If they are late with payments, they would have to pay a hefty fine.

In contrast, there are certain online stores with guaranteed approval that promise special financing to cardholders.

Their offer is that buyers can get purchases and pay for them over time without accruing interest but if they fail to pay off the original purchase within the time frame, the penalty would be that they will have to pay all the interest accrued from the original purchase date.

These types of plans are known as deferred interest plans and are quite a scary surprise if you were not made aware of it at the start.

Why You Should Be Looking For Online Store Credit Cards?

Online store credits with guaranteed approval are reliable options if you wish to establish credit score but the current standing does not allow you to get a branded credit card.

  • The store credit will open an account and you can use timely payment and responsible spending behavior to improve your credit situation.

However, if you do own a store credit card we would recommend that you do not shop on regular basis in these networks. Instead, focus on creating good payment history so you can score credit limit increase quickly.

You may find that items available in these stores are a bit pricey than the rates on other competitive stores. This is just the price you have to pay when building credit using online store credit cards. This is another reason why we do not suggest shopping in regular categories with these cards everyday.

Once you reach the targeted credit score, make sure you apply for an unsecured credit card that comes with considerable reward offers such as store cash backs. Nonetheless, keep online store credit account active just in case!

How To Choose The Best Online Store Credit Card With Guaranteed Approval?

Online store credit offer convenience but they come at a cost as well. Usually, you will see high rates and interest charges on late payments. However, since there are multiple options to choose from, you can always go for the one that suits you the most and has least red flags attached to it.

  • When it comes to choosing the best online store credit guaranteed approval no credit check, some things you need to consider are fees, grace period, and interest charges.

Credit cards normally do not carry activation fees. Some of them are also free of monthly charges. However, the same can not be said about online store credit. They mostly charge hefty fees especially the ones that aim to rip needy people off their money. Now, these are the stores that you must avoid!

Moreover, credit cards offer grace period to cardholders. This is typically 2-6 months long in which clients do not need to pay interest over purchases. You can find online store credit card with such perks as well.

Attention! There are fewer number of store credits that have lengthy grace period. Aim to find options with smaller time period but you must avoid the ones with non-existent grace windows.

Method To Increase Approval Chances For Online Store Credit

Online store credit is easier to qualify for but that does not mean they would offer it to just about everyone. There is still an eligibility criteria and factors that increase or decrease your odds of approval. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to maximize your approval chances.

  • Clear any debt that might be showing on your credit report. This will largely help you out in scoring online store credit on good terms.
  • Fill out the application carefully. Make sure there are no errors in the personal details that you provide. Moreover, remember to mention all income sources on the application form.
  • Only include legit income information. In addition to your own earnings, you can also share what your spouse’s income is and if there is any side hustle that you do besides a full-time job.
  • If you have a poor credit score, look for secured online store credit options. These require a deposit against the credit line but have highest odds of approval.

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The Bottom Line

Building credit score takes time especially if you can’t afford to do it through third-party services such as Credit Saint or Lexington Law help. You should keep up the efforts but, at the same time, find tools that can help you financially.

  • In this regard, online store credit guaranteed approval no credit check can be really useful as it does not require outstanding credit score or a hard pull on your credit report.

They are a good back up plan, if not an ideal solution, when you want to purchase something that you can not afford upfront. However, do consider all the options on the table before you pick an online store card. These services are rather new and terms of use different drastically from one store to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get instant store credit?

Some of the stores that give you instant credit are Kohl’s with Kohl’s credit card, Best Buy with Best Buy store card, and Amazon with store card.

Will online stores help me build credit?

There are store-specific credit cards that report to credit bureaus and therefore, can help you build credit score fast. For example, Target REDcard, Best Buy credit card, My Kohl’s Charge, Amazon Prime Store Card and Credit Builder, etc.

What is the easier instant credit that I can get?

You should check out Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa credit card, Bank of American Premium Rewards credit card, and Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express if you wish to get instant approval credit.