Shopping Cart Trick at Walmart Pre-Approval Card No Credit Check

Have bad credit but want to do shopping from Walmart? No Worries! You can try the shopping cart trick at Walmart which provides you with a store credit card approval without a hard pull on the credit. You can use it to purchase different items at Walmart such as get the gift card of your choice and even avail further cash back offers!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Get the credit card approval without a hard pull on your credit by using Walmart Shopping Cart Trick.
  • Your credit score may suffer a five-point decline due to the hard pull when banks get your whole credit history for inquiry.
  • When you have bad credit, hard pulls put you further back to restore your credit history.

…and Much More!

Walmart Shopping Cart Trick- All You Need to Know

There are four vital considerations you should be aware of before using the Walmart shopping cart trick. These are listed below so let’s discuss them before we go ahead!

  • There is no assurance that the trick will succeed. Trying the shopping cart method at Walmart has reportedly resulted in some customers still receiving a hard pull on their credit reports. So, be careful when doing the trick.
  • You must permit pop-ups. The shopping cart trick solely functions when the credit card pop-up advertisement for the retailer shows up.
  • Make sure your browser’s pop-up blocker is turned off before trying the Walmart shopping cart trick. Do remember to clear the cache in your browser before starting, because an uncleared cache may potentially hinder the procedure.
  • You must have chosen to receive offers for credit cards. Verify to see if you haven’t already chosen to stop getting credit card offers. Call (888) 567-8688 or go to to opt back in if you didn’t or aren’t sure.
  • During the process, they would ask only for the final four digits of your Social Security number.
  • If the program asks you for your entire number, close it out because a hard pull on the history is going to happen.

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How To Use the Walmart Shopping Cart Trick – Step By Step Guide

The following steps will help you use the Walmart shopping cart trick effectively.

  1. Hover your cursor over the “Account” icon in the upper right of the home page to sign up for a Walmart online account.
  2. Choose “Create Account” and complete the form that appears with your details.
  3.  Place something in your shopping cart on as though you were about to make a purchase there.
  4. Visit the checkout page and complete the form as if you are ready to make a purchase. You don’t need to purchase the item. Therefore, take better care not to mistakenly make the purchase.
  5. Please don’t input any payment details. Avoid using autofill and double-check that everything you input matches exactly what is on your credit report. This includes even the smallest details like your middle initial.
  6. At this point, search for a pop-up ad requesting that you sign up for a Walmart credit card. Verify that you are only required to input your Social Security number’s final four digits before continuing with the application.
  7. When finished, you can remove everything from your shopping cart. A soft credit pull or effective use of this trick is not guaranteed. Although some customers have reported success otherwise.

Note! If the trick doesn’t work, it could be that your information does not match what is on the credit report. You may try deleting your cookies and repeating the process.

Things To Consider Before Using Walmart Shopping Cart Trick

For instance, in a situation where you frequently get turned down for credit cards and your credit is bad, needing you to improve your score. The shopping cart trick can pull you out of the worries. Before deciding to use the shopping cart trick, think about how getting a new credit card would influence your credit score.

  • If you can pay your monthly bills on time, having a newly established card will initially help lower your credit score.

This will increase your total amount of available credit in the long run. Applying for another credit card might not be a good idea if you have trouble making on-time payments on your current cards. There is never a legitimate reason to take on new debt to pay off old debt.

You would be happy to know that there are several additional benefits to having a Walmart credit card. Earn reward points while saving 3% on retail purchases. On your first transaction with the new card, the card usually also offers an additional discount. There is also no yearly cost.

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The Bottom Line

The Walmart shopping cart trick is a technique to get pre-approval for the retailer’s credit card without having a hard pull on the credit record. Most retailers who accept the shopping cart trick distribute their cards via Comenity Bank.

  • However, Walmart uses Synchrony Bank to distribute its cards. Perhaps, this variation does not affect the whole trick process.

You can do the trick by using Walmart or any other appropriate store and following the directions above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Walmart keep products in the cart?

Whether a consumer is logged in or is just a guest, it affects how long their shopping cart stays active in the online store. When logged in, the consumer has two weeks to finish the order and buy the items that were put into the shopping cart. The cart gets emptied following that time frame.

How can I use the shopping cart trick?

Putting products in your shopping cart and starting the checkout process can make a retailer’s website believe you’re about to make a purchase. However, you’re simply doing this to initiate a pop-up that asks if you’ve been pre-approved for the store credit card offered by that company.

Does the shopping cart trick do a hard pull?

If the shopping cart trick is successful, your request for a store credit card won’t require a hard credit investigation.

Is the shopping cart trick still effective in 2022?

The shopping cart trick is ineffective to prevent a difficult query for everyone. So, adopt this trick as your responsibility. Hard credit inquiries are now necessary for approval of store credit cards from Comenity Bank, Synchrony Bank, and Wells Fargo. You can still check if you’ve been pre-approved using this trick, though.