Shopping Sites That Accept eChecks Personal Checks For Purchases

Most people who choose to shop online tend to do so via credit card or debit cards. Another reliable option is to pay for shopping through checking account.When all else fails, it may be a smart move to know about shopping sites that accept eChecks personal checks.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can use shopping sites that accept eChecks personal checks as alternative to paying via credit card, debit card, or cash.
  • Some of the sites that offer such service include Amazon, QVC, B&H, and more.
  • Other stores like Home Depot, Costco, or Gap do not accept personal checks or eChecks.

…and Much More!

Shopping Sites That Accept eChecks Personal Checks

Here’s an extensive list of stores that let you pay through personal checks sent in by mail or eChecks via PayPal and bank transfer. Some of these accept both the options whereas, some other take only one. Let’s have a look!


  • Amazon does not accept personal checks but you can pay through eCheck via bank transfer.
  • This payment option can be chosen by proceeding to Shipping & Payment stage and tapping on Add a checking Account.
  • In order to complete the procedure, you have to provide your account and routing number as well as driver’s license or state ID.


  • You can pay here with a physical check or an eCheck.
  • The method of payment, however, varies with the seller as some do not accept personal checks while others do.
  • You will see the available options at the checkout page.


  • You can shop online with e check by PayPal here.
  • You will be given the option to choose PayPal at the checkout page.
  • Customers also have to choose the bank account as your payment method.


  • You can pay here using physical check, eCheck, as well as PayPal.
  • The option to select PayPal for payment will pop up at the checkout page.
  • The store will hold you order for up to 2 weeks from the time that check is received to it is clear.


  • This store offers the option to pay via eCheck.
  • It may also request you to submit routing number and account number to complete the payment.
  • It has an extensive online stores that offers range of items that you can pay for with eCheck.


  • QVC accepts physical checks as well eChecks via PayPal.
  • You have to choose PayPal at the checkout or tap on Check/money order. Then proceed to select place order.
  • Users have to provide the contact address, order number, etc.
Note! If the check is not delivered to the QVC within 10 days, the site may cancel your order.


  • It also accepts physical check and eChecks via PayPal.
  • In order to complete the payment, you have to choose PayPal at the check out or call their customers support service at (800) 606-6969 to set up payment via personal checks.
  • B&H will provide you with instructions on how to create the quote and mail it to them.


  • Being one of the largest computer shops, it is a blessing that Dell accepts eChecks as well.
  • You can opt to pay via this method at the checkout point.
  • With a registered account, you can shop at Dell directly through online banking website.


  • The stores takes both, physical checks and eChecks via PayPal.
  • You have to select PayPal at the payment checkout page. You can also choose the option of mail a paper check but these are available for orders over $10 only.
  • In case of paper check, you have to mail to the address: Vistaprint Netherlands B.V. P.O. Box 842882, Boston, MA 02284-2882, USA.

Appliances Connection

  • This shopping site accepts both, physical checks as well as eChecks via PayPal.
  • You can choose the payment method by selecting PayPal at the checkout. Alternatively, users can also can (800) 299-94670 to set up payment through personal check or inquire in case of any confusion.
  • The check may take up to a week to clear.

Brandy Melville

  • You can use eChecks via PayPal here.
  • The option to select PayPal will be showed to you at the checkout point.
  • You can choose the bank here and then select PayPal as the payment method.

Oriental Trading

  • You can pay here with a physical check as well as eCheck via PayPal.
  • You simply have to select PayPal at the checkout, print it out, and mail to Oriental Trading order form along with the check. The address is: Oriental Trading Co, Inc. P.O. Box 2308, Omaha, Nebraska 68103-2308.
  • Users must print your contact address on the check or write it down. Moreover, it will incur additional $20 charges if your check is returned due to insufficient funds.


  • Cabela’s accepts both, physical checks as well as eChecks.
  • You can set up this payment method by getting in touch with the customer support team at (800) 237-444.
  • It is also possible to place the order via mail at the address: Cabela’s Order Processing, 2500 E Kearney St., Springfield MO 65898.


  • This shopping site only takes eChecks but through both, PayPal and bank transfers.
  • The official website guide well on how you can use eChecks for payments here.
  • Unfortunately, it does not accept personal checks.


  • You can pay with eCheck at Overstock.
  • The stores will request you to share the account number and routing number to complete the transfer.
  • You can shop a wide variety of items here.


  • You can shop online at AVON using eCheck to pay for your purchases.
  • According to some reports, you can use PayPal here as well but it would be better to confirm with official representatives beforehand.
  • Alternatives, customers can use checking account to pay here.

List of Stores That Do Not Accept eChecks or Personal Checks

There are shopping websites that stick to only purchases via debit or credit cards such as Mastercard, Discover, or Visa. We have listed some of the names below.

  • AliExpress
  • Big Lots
  • Costco
  • Home Depot
  • Staples
  • Sears
  • Tiger Direct
  • Kohl’s
  • Groupon
  • Gap
  • Old Navy
  • Foot Locker
  • Staples

Alternatives To Shopping Sites That Accept eChecks Personal Checks

As you can see, there are several websites that we have talked about above where you can pay through eChecks or personal checks. However, if these aren’t suitable for your shopping needs, here are some alternatives that you can check out.

Stores That Take PayPal

Most of the stores we have talked about accept eChecks through PayPal and there are only a few online stores that accept echecks without PayPal. You can use this platform to pay directly with your checking account as well. You need to verify the connection and then you are good to go! Some of the stores that accept PayPal include Wayfair, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Macys, BestBuy, Apple, Nike, Nordstrom, Overstock, and many more!

Buy Now Pay Later Stores

The number of stores that now offer buy now pay later schemes have drastically increased over the last few years. These tremendously aid customer’s purchases by allowing them to buy something and pay for it later in installments with flexible terms. Most of these do not even perform a credit check. You can look into these as alternatives to stores that accept eCheck personal checks.

Payment Plan Options

Payment plans are a type of delayed financing where you can carry shopping and pay through flexible plans such as no credit check iPhone financing or no money down plans. You can look around for stores with progressive leasing if you want to make the best out of flexible payment plans.

The Bottom Line

So this was all about shopping sites that accept echecks and personal checks for purchases. Although you may find it useful in a number of instances, keep in mind that payment via checks may take up to a week to complete and there is time required for mailing it in as well.

Therefore, most people prefer to look into alternatives to shopping sites that take personal checks or echecks. In this regard, places that accept PayPal are extremely useful!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the online platforms where you can use eCheck?

You can shop online with e check at a number of stores. Some of the prominent names include Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, Target, and eBay.

Can I buy things online with personal checks?

Yes, it is quite convenient to use personal checks to pay online through PayPal. Most of the big retailers allow customers to pay with electronic checks.

Can I buy things with routing number and account number?

Yes. You can use the account number and routing number to pay for things online as well as send money to other user’s accounts. You can even use these numbers to set up direct deposits.

What online stores accept electronic checks?

Now a large number of online stores have started accepting electronic checks such as Amazon, Target, etc.