What Is ARRISGRO Device? | Tips to Get Rid Of It?

If you are an Xfinity user who is still wondering what is ARRISGRO device then you have landed on the right page!

A unknown name on your network list is never a good sight.

Although we are here to tell you how ARRISGRO devices are not something to worry about, we would still show you some way, other than rebooting your internet connection, that can help remove it for good.

Let’s begin with the basic question.

What Is ARRISGRO Device?

There is no doubt about the quality of service that Xfinity offers to its users. It hosts incredible deals, hassle-free internet coverage, mobile phones, and state-of-the-art security products for your home.

Recently, some customers pointed out that they have been observing an unknown ARRISGRO device on their network list. The company was quick to provide an explanation for this ambiguity.

Technically, ARRISGRO devices are a sort of a wireless bridge that connect Arris users to U-verse wireless signals. This bridge operates via 5GHz network band and is not supposed to have any impact on 5GHz connectivity.

However, sometimes the name can pop-up as an unknown device connected to your network. Although that is nothing to worry about, it still may seem annoying to some users.

5 Ways To Remove The Unknown Device

If you are put off by seeing the name on your list then here are a few steps that you can take to have it removed.

Some of these work better than others so it is best to try them out sequentially and see which one does the job for you.

Reboot Your Router

Turning a device off and then switching it on is a strategy that never disappoints. In most cases, it can quickly get rid of glitches and fix the issue at hand.

Similarly, you can remove ARRISGRO by disconnecting the cables or rebooting the router.

Keep it switched off for a couple of minutes. Then you can turn it on, let’s say after 60 seconds, and see if the name has been removed.

Change The WiFi Password

What if the ARRISGRO device is someone in your neighborhood trying to eat away your data? Since it is not a glitch in the software, it will not go away with a soft reboot.

In this case, you should quickly reset WiFi password and disconnect all previous devices. Connect the smart devices to the internet with the new password and see if that fixes the problem.

Utilize Smart Home Manager

If reboot seems like a hassle and you can’t afford to alter WiFi password, then your only option is to use a Smart Home Manager.

This software has been designed to keep a check on devices that connect to your network and block any that is not authorized.

Look Into MAC Address of Connected Devices

Moreover, ARRISGRO device may not be an issue at all like we mentioned before.

This is possible if you have any MAC device with the address randomization turned on. Though this feature is great for security purposes, it can make your device appear on network list with weird names.

This means ARRISGRO that you are worried about may simply be a mobile phone in your own house.

You can identify which device it is by matching the IP addresses. If there is not hit in the match then you should change WiFi password and try again.

In case that does not work either, it would be best to reboot your internet or try this one last method we have thought of.

Choose The Right Internet Settings

If your network settings allow third-party access then that might be the reason you are seeing an ARRISGRO device. You would just have to toggle with settings a bit to have it removed.

The Bottom Line

ARRISGRO device is not anything that you should lose your sleep over. It can just be a random ARRIS strand that can be removed by a soft reboot or the right internet settings.