What is a Gigabit Router?

The gigabit router is the latest technological advancement to speed up your internet browsing experience to the next level with high speed data transfer and HD video streaming without buffering

In today’s world internet has unquestionably become one of the basic provisions of life as it help us connect with the entire world without having to leave the comfort of our home. This technology has made life and entertainment much easier and fun.

However, with the involvement of technology and the devices of entertainment, it is extremely important for the internet speed to keep up its pace to match the streaming and downloading requirements of every household.  

Only taking the example of televisions we can see from 4K ULTRA HD Televisions to 8K HDR Television in just a few years, we can imagine how fast the technology is evolving and so are the internet speed requirements.

Now a days there are multiple users and internet supportive devices in every household.

Family members streaming high quality videos, playing HD games online or uploading their photo albums online, all this requires a stable high speed internet connection to support the traffic.

This is where this amazing technology, the Gigabit router fits in, solving all your internet speed problems in a jiffy.

What is a Gigabit router?

A gigabit router provides you with internet speed that is 10X faster than your standard Ethernet.

A Gigabit Ethernet or a Gigabit router (GbE or 1 GigE) helps transmission of data up to 1000Mbps or 1 GB speed over a network cable as compared to a fast Ethernet connection which supports maximum speed of up to 100Mbps.

So this Gigabit router has made it possible to achieve 1 GB internet speed to match pace with your video streaming or downloading requirements.

As we can see the internet speeds are getting faster every day therefore a router which supports this high speed internet was definitely needed.

How do I know if I should get a Gigabit Router?

Thinking about whether you should or shouldn’t invest in a gigabit router? Well let us help you out with that. You should most probably upgrade to a Gigabit router if:

  • You plan to transfer large files over your network
  • You have high speed internet requirements like online gaming or HD Video streaming etc. and you are tired of the slow buffering every time.
  • You have multiple heavy internet users and devices in your house
  • If you are receiving high speed internet of more than 100 Mbps from your internet service provider.
  • Your old router doesn’t support Gigabit speed, which is required by your internet connection.

But wait, will only buying this Gigabit router provide me with Gigabit speed? :

A router only facilitates transportation of data with up to 1 Giga bit or 1000 Mbps speed over the network per second.

However, buying this device only doesn’t guarantee that you get 1 Gigabit speed at this depends upon your internet service provider as your internet speed is limited through your internet network.

In much simpler words, if you have a 100 Mbps internet connection through your internet service provider then buying this Gigabit router will have no impact on your internet speed. This device is only a hardware to support high speed gigabit internet speed.

As the Giga bit internet speed is the most latest and fastest available speed. Although we recommend that before opting for the gigabit router ensure the rest of your setup supports the fast gigabit internet speed. For example make sure your Ethernet cables support support speed up-to 1 GB, and also all other devices that connect to this gigabit router.

Our Verdict

A Gigabit router is the latest piece of technology in the internet world and being a technology freak ourselves, we beyond doubt recommend this latest equipment to support high speed internet.

If just like us you also strive for an uninterrupted gaming or High Definition video streaming experience and are looking to speed up your WI-FI then you probably should invest in one of these amazing devices.