Green Dot ATM Withdrawal Limit and Where To Find a Free Greendot ATM

Green Dot is a prepaid card that works differently from Master Card or Visa Card. This is because it can be used to purchase the things which are already approved by a company only. Moreover, it can be used to make money transfers to another account like PayPala bank account, or take out cash from an ATM. This makes it important to look into the Green Dot ATM withdrawal limit. 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • They are two types of Green Dot cards and both have different ATM withdrawal limits as well as different conditions for approval.
  • Customers can use only their permanent Green Dot cards at an ATM and cannot use the temporary Green Dot cards.
  • Your transactions will be free of cost when you are using a MoneyPass ATM and there will be extra charges when you are using a non-MoneyPass ATM.

…and Much More!

Green Dot ATM Withdrawal Limit Per Day

There are two types of Green Dot cards; one is white and the other is a black card. Both work a bit differently and have different green dot withdrawal limits although you can load the green dot cards in the same manner. For example, if you have a white card then you can withdraw approximately $600 each day. It can only used by those people who have a bank account.

  • On the other hand, black card holders can withdraw money without having a bank account. This is because it acts like a prepaid debit card.

By using a Green Dot Card, customers can withdraw approximately $500 every day from any ATM or bank branch.

However, the amount differs according to the type of the card. For example, Green Dot ATM withdrawal through a Walmart money card will be different from any other online superstore.

If you are using your Walmart money card through Green Dot then every day you can withdraw up to $ 1000. This is much higher than the regular withdrawal limit through ATM. But if you are using a bank account to transfer money then you can transfer $1500.

However, in their system, they have set a green dot withdrawal limit through which a customer can withdraw up to $10,000 each day.

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Is There a Way To Increase Green Dot ATM Withdrawal Limit?

Green Dot cash back Visa debit card allows you to withdraw from in-network ATMs for up to 4 times a month for free. After that, each withdrawal will cost you $3.

Moreover, there is no way to increase your withdrawal limit. Some banks encourage customers to call and request a limit increase.

Green Dot Deposit Limit

The maximum amount that you can reload in cash is $3,000.

However, you need to keep in mind that certain in-store reload limits apply to the transactions. Therefore, you may not load the card at any time when the funds exceed $3000.

  • Moreover, Green Dot authorities reserve the right to reject/accept any request to reload the card.

Green Dot P2P Transfer Limit

Peer-to-peer transactions also have a daily limit with a Green Dot card. You can send up to $1,000 per day and $2,500 in 30 days. 

Green Dot Free ATM – Where Can You Find Them?

A customer can use his Green Dot at any ATM but they will be charged with some fee. However, if you are using your MoneyPass ATM then there are no usage charges making it the online Green dot free ATM option.

  • MoneyPass ATMs are available at many stores like 7-Eleven, at local banks in your area and in credit unions.

Money withdrawal through MoneyPass ATM is free but $2.5-$3 are deducted per transaction from a non-MoneyPass ATM as well and you have to pay additional ATM charges too.

Further, you can avail of all these facilities only when you have your permanent card but if you have a temporary Green Dot Card then try to convert it into a permanent card or request for a new permanent card.

Green Dot Cards – In a Nutshell

Green Dot Cards are amazing options for users who want to transfer their money daily and want to purchase any approved product from any company or online network.

These cards provide facilities such as online purchasing. You can pay your electricity and gas bills, can check your expenses, make a free bank transfer and can track your record 24/7. Other perks of being a green dot cardholder include the following.

  • You can direct deposits without waiting for your turn in long lines outside the banks.
  • There is no need to pay any charges or taxes while doing bank transactions.
  • Enjoy mobile banking like completing all your activities without visiting a bank branch and doing all things through a mobile banking app.
  • Online shopping is done with Green Dot cards either through Apple Pay and Google Pay etc.

The Bottom Line

Green Dot cards as a reloadable prepaid card is mostly used for online purchases. Moreover, you can withdraw money from a green dot card but there are certain limitations. You can use three different methods to withdraw money which are bank wire transfer, credit or debit card and ATM cash withdrawals.

These days customers can send their money from Green Dot card to any other account. They can also pay for various online-approved products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a green dot card at an ATM? 

You can use the card at the ATM just like a regular debit card works. However, it is not possible to reload the Greendot card at the ATM although you can check the balance if you want.

How can I withdraw all my money from the Green dot card? 

You can take out cash at the ATM through your Green dot card. If you want to spend all the funds, you are allowed to make online purchases at Amazon and Walmart although there may be additional fees involved.

Which bank is associated with Green Dot? 

Green Dot is affiliated with Bonneville Bank.

What bank can I withdraw money from my Greendot card?

You can make withdrawals from any ATM as long as it is in the US. The restriction is due to fraud or security concerns. Moreover, you must keep in view the withdrawal limits. Open your account and visit the Account Agreement section to learn more about ATM withdrawal limits.

What is Walmart Green dot withdrawal limit?

You can only withdraw up to $500 from an ATM and $1,000 from a Walmart register per day. Walmart allows $1,500 per teller transaction at any bank.