Where Can I Reload My Green Dot Card – Top Stores Near Me

Greendot card has a lot to offer: cash backs, free cash deposits and easy cash withdrawal at an ATM. If you are a new greendot cardholder, questions like “where can I reload my Green Dot card?” may be bothering you at the moment. Well, you can come to the right place to have your problems answered!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can load a Green Dot card via  Reload @ the Register, Direct Deposits, Bank Transfer, Checks, and MoneyPak.  
  • Several stores you can reload your Green Dot card at are Walmart, CVS, Meijer, Kroger, Walgreens, 7 Eleven, Dollar Tree, ACE Cash Express, and many others. 
  • Typically, the Green Dot card reload fees range  up to $6. 

…and Much More!

Ways To Reload Your Green Dot Card Online and In-Store

Green Dot is a prepaid Visa or Mastercard debit card which you can use in place of a credit card. It is used for several purchases at any store, for transferring money to bank account and you can load money onto your card whenever you want to. 

Here we will walk you through different ways through which you can load money to your card and use it in the quickest ways. 

Deposit Cash at Reload@theRegister Partner Stores 

To reload funds at Reload@theRegister Partner Stores, all you need to do is take your prepaid card to the cashier at participating retailers and request them to directly add cash to your card. 

The standard reload fee here is $4.95 and you can reload the amount from $20 to $500. Once done, just check your balance on the prepaid card account. The funds are typically available within 10 minutes of reload time. 

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Make a Direct Deposit to Greendot Account 

Direct deposits at Green Dot Account accept payroll checks and various government benefits. In addition, you can get your pay up to 4 days earlier than the current benefits payday. 

To enroll in the direct deposit for state benefits, you can contact your relevant state paying agency. You will then have to provide them with the account and routing number to get your paycheck direct deposited. 

Send Funds Using Bank Transfer 

To initiate the transfer from green dot card to bank or vice versa, it is important to link your bank account to the Green Dot card. The standard and instant transfers allow $500 and $200 transfer amounts per day respectively. 

You can transfer up to $1000 using the ACH transfer and there is also no fee charged for reloading the Greendot card through the bank account. To add funds, you need to log in to the website or simply visit the physical branch to initiate the transfer. 

Load Money Through MoneyPak 

Deposit the cash to your Green Dot prepaid card using the MoneyPak is a flat fee of $5.95. The deposit limit ranges between $20 to $500 and MoneyPak is accepted by most of the Mastercard, Visa, and Discover debit cards. 

You can buy it from thousands of retailers nationwide and create an account there to continue the transfer. To add funds to your eligible card at, you’ll only have to use the secure MoneyPak number.

Deposit a Check 

Lastly, you can reload the Green Dot card using your preprinted check and prepaid card to any Walmart register. You can load any amount up to $1000 to the card in a $5 reload fee. 

Please note that there is no fee if you use the Green Dot mobile application. Just keep your reload receipt with you which is the proof of reloading made. 

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Stores Where You Can Reload Green Dot Card

A number of retail stores that participate in facilitating the process of reloading the Green Dot cards are available. We have listed some of the best ones below. You can click here to find the one closest to your place.


If you are wondering where to reload Greendot card near me, Walmart allows you to easily manage your money, win cash backs and is a reliable option for reloading the prepaid card. You can direct deposit $500, get paid 2 days early, and enjoy up to $200 overdraft protection with opt-in and eligible direct deposit. 

  • It allows you to reload your card with cash. 
  • You can reload the card through MoneyPak and check. 
  • Moreover, there are no monthly fees for the Green Dot card at Walmart. 

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Choose Walgreens health and wellness products with Green Do Every Day Visa Debit Card, Green Dot Pay as You Go Visa Debit Card, and Green Dot Cash Back Visa Debit card and also get paid up to two days early. 

  • Reload the card with cash, MoneyPak, and check as per your requirement. 
  • There is no monthly fee for qualifying for direct deposit. 
  • It also offers overdraft protection up to $200 with opt-in and eligible direct deposit.  


7-Eleven offers reloadable cards to the customers and skips the hassle of paying ATM fees at participating 7-Eleven stores. You can get access to your paychecks two days earlier unlike the traditional banks. 

  • 7-Eleven allows reloading the Green Dot card with cash. 
  • MoneyPak is supported by 7-Eleven to reload the card. 
  • Unfortunately, it does not cater to reloading the card via check. 


Reload Green Dot Visa Debit Card at Kroger with an activation fee of $1.95 and cash reload fee up to $4.95. Whereas, the Green Dot Cash Back Visa Debit Card comes with an activation fee of $2.95 and a cash reload fee of up to $4.95. 

  • At Kroger, you can reload your card with cash and also through the MoneyPak
  • Loading the Green Dot card with the check at Kroger is not supported. 
  • Another one it offers is the Green Dot Pay As You Go Visa Card with an activation fee of $3.95. 

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree also offers the Green Dot cards in addition to gift cards. All you have to pay is $1 for every $75 loaded. The minimum amount you can load on the card is $20 and can be used to withdraw from ATMs, make purchases and cover various bills. 

  • You can reload the card using the services of MoneyPak and via cash. 
  • It does not facilitate the reload through the check. 
  • Moreover, there is no overdraft fee, no credit check, and no credit card debt on Green Dot cards. 

Dollar General

One of the eminent cash deposit partners of America is Dollar General where customers can reload their prepaid cash cards in different stores. Reloading Green Dot card here costs you $4.95 per transaction. 

  • Reload your Green Dot cards at Dollar General with cash and MoneyPak. 
  • You cannot load the prepaid card through the check. 
  • It allows you to add $20-$100 per transaction and funds are available within 10 minutes on the card. 

Family Dollar 

Reload your Green Dot cards at the fastest growing retailers i.e., the Family Dollars offering customers home products, automotive supplies, food, health, beauty aids, and products of various categories. 

  • Reload the Green Dot card with Cash and MoneyPak at Family Dollar. 
  • As soon as you make the request, the cashier swipes your card and accepts the cash to reload. 
  • You cannot purchase gift cards using credit cards at the Family Dollar store. 


Another participating location where you can reload your Green Dot card is at the CVS. At CVS, which is an American retail corporation, you can get a store price of $1.95 for Green Dot Cash Back.  

  • You can reload your Green Dot card at CVS through cash and MoneyPak. 
  • Unluckily, you cannot reload the card with the check at CVS. 
  • The reload fee with the CVS is $4.95 per transaction. 

Circle K

You can get a reloadable prepaid card at Circle K locations and use it anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted. Moreover, you won’t have to go through any credit checks, penalty fees, and even an overdraft. 

  • There is no facility for loading the Green Dot card with Cash at Circle K. 
  • MoneyPak facilitates the process of reloading the card. 
  • Lastly, sad to say that reload via check is also not supported. 

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Speedway is just right at your service whenever you wish to reload your Green Dot cards as you checkout. The reload service fee charged by the Speedway is around $4.95 with certain limitations. 

  • Reload your Green Dot card with Cash and MoneyPak. Loading via check is not facilitated at Speedway. 
  • Green Dot Reload @ the Register is facilitated at the Speedway. 
  • There is no monthly maintenance fee and you can your government benefits up to 4 days early. 


Safeway is a supermarket retailer offering several products like groceries and much more. It is indeed one of the largest drugs and food retailers in the United States allowing reloading the Green Dot card.

  • To reload your card, you can do it via cash. 
  • MoneyPak is available at a variety of Safeway stores where you can load your Green Dot card at. 
  • Checks are not supported for loading the Green Dot card. 

Rite Aid 

An American drug store Rite Aid is yet another platform clearing the way for you to reload Green Dot prepaid cards in just a few easy steps. You can add cash directly to the card by using Reload @ the Register at Rite Aid. 

  • Reload the card using the cash at Rite Aid. 
  • You can use MoneyPak to bridge the process of reloading money onto your Green Dot card. 
  • Checks are not compatible to load cash on your Green Dot cards. 


Meijer is a versatile store offering multiple ranges of products for customers from groceries to electronics. You can shop from weekly deals available here and browse through several departments here. 

  • Reload your Green Dot prepaid card here with cash. 
  • MoneyPak and checks are not supported at Meijer. 
  • Get a Meijer Visa Prepaid Card without any activation fee. 

ACE Cash Express 

ACE Cash Express is the financial company where you can apply for an installment and even a payday loan. It is an authorized retailer for the Green Dot Reload Network and any such cardholder can reload cash to their card. 

  • Reload your card with the cash and checks at ACE Cash Express. 
  • You cannot load a Green Dot card using MoneyPak here. 
  • You can reload your card at any of ACE’s 1500 locations in 35 states overall. 

Office Depot

Office Depot allows the customers to buy MoneyPak from them and reload their Green Dot cards. You can shop at Office Depot for low prices and get perfectly comfortable furniture and agile electronics. 

  • You cannot reload your card using direct cash at Office Depot.
  • MoneyPak can be used for reloading the card. 
  • Checks are also not supported here in this regard. 

Pilot/Flying J 

Pilot/Flying J Truck Shops allow you to reload your Walmart Green Dot card here seamlessly which has your name on it. You can reload the amount ranging from $20 up to around $400. 

  • It also enables reload on Green Dot prepaid card via cash. 
  • You can take advantage of MoneyPak too to reload your Green Dot card. 
  • However, it does not facilitate the reload via the checks.

Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores 

Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores is a nationwide truck service platform and has convenience stores in around 41 states in the United States. It has various payment types you can opt for at your convenience. 

  • As for the Green Dot card, you can reload it using cash. 
  • MoneyPak is yet another option to facilitate the reload. 
  • Checks are not accepted here for reloading. 

Winn Dixie 

Winn Dixie, an American supermarket chain offers top-quality products at affordable prices. You can buy the freshest food and even earn rewards every time you shop around 500 stores across the United States, Florida, and Jacksonville. 

  • No cash is accepted for reloading the card. 
  • Also, you can buy MoneyPak to reload the Green Dot card. 
  • Checks are also not accepted at Winn Dixie. 

TravelCenters Of America 

It is one of the largest publicly traded full-service truck stops in the United States whose mission is to return every traveler to the road better than they came. They serve thousands every day with their commendable services. 

  • You can load your Green Dot card too here via cash. 
  • Moreover, if you are thinking of MoneyPak, you can opt for that too. 
  • Unfortunately, checks are not accepted for reloading the cards. 

Check Green Dot Card Balance – Step by Step Guide 

There are several ways through which you can check your Green Dot available balance. Some of these include the ones we have mentioned below.

  1. You can log in to your Green Dot account either on the website or mobile application to check the balance. 
  2. You can add your contact number by logging in to your account. 
  3. Or, go to the Account Settings then and text the following commands to 43411:
  4. For the balance: Text BAL Last4 to 43411
  5. For the transaction: Text HIST Last 4 to 43411. 
  6. Please note that the Last 4 means the last 4 digits of your respective card number. 

The Bottom Line 

That should answer your question about where can I load my Greendot card. Now that you are all well aware of several ways you can reload your Green Dot card through, do not wait up further to avail of the facilities. 

  • Using the Green Dot card, you can get federal tax refunds up to four days early and earn a chance to win up to $1000. 

It has various cards such as Visa Debit Card, Pay As You Go Visa Debit Card, Cash Back Visa Debit Card, and GO2bank Visa Debit Card. each card has its benefits and savings features which you can look into before choosing the right one for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I reload my green dot card online? 

You can not load money onto your Green Dot card online via the website. However, you can request friends/family members to use services to reload your card. You can also transfer money via a bank account. 

Where can I reload my Greendot card for free? 

You have to pay a $3.74 reload fee when adding money up to $1000 to your card. 

Can I reload my green dot card at an ATM? 

It is not possible to add cash to your Greendot card at an ATM. You can find a list of retail locations that allow you to top up the balance on your card. 

How much can you load on a green dot card at Walmart?

You can add a balance of up to $1000 at the Walmart register. It carries a retail service fee of $3.74 for the Greendot card. The money will be available in your account within 5 – 10 minutes. 

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