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How to Withdraw Money from Varo Without Card? – Tips

Those without the debit card often worry how to withdraw money from Varo without a card but it will be quite relaxing to know that there are multiple ways of getting cash without card from your Varo account!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can link digital wallets like Google Pay and Zelle to Varo account and withdraw money without any issues.
  • You can send money from Varo to another bank account or friend’s Varo account.
  • Varo allows cardless ATM withdrawals.

…and Much More!

How To Withdraw Money from Varo Without Card? 

Withdrawing Money without a payment card can be problematic but, no need to worry at all. A famous saying states that modern problems require modern solutions; we have all the best alternatives to save you from this hassle!

You can withdraw Money from Varo without a card in several ways, which we will be introducing you with just now. 

Use Varo Through Digital Wallet Apps 

One of the ways to withdraw money from Varo without a card is through digital wallet apps. It could be any application such as Google Pay, Pay Pal, Zelle, Apple Pay, Cash App, Venmo, and a few others. 

To initiate the withdrawal, you first need to link your Varo card to any of the above-mentioned mobile applications to make it your payment method.

Now, the transfer can be made through two sources, i.e., ACH transfer or Varo instant transfer

Let us say you are using Google Pay, follow the below-mentioned process, and you are good to proceed:

  1. Open Google Pay to link your Varo card. 
  2. Click on the profile picture on the Google Pay app. 
  3. Now, go to Bank Accounts and Cards. Here, click on Add Card
  4. Enter your Varo card details, usually the card number, expiration date and the Card Verification Value (CVV). Now, click on Save
  5. Now you will receive a One Time Password (OTP) for verification on either your email address or contact number provided while registration.
  6. Lastly, look for Activate option, and you will be able to make payment through digital wallets successfully. 
Attention! You can link several apps to your digital mobile wallets and Varo account to make payments through this alternative without having to have a physical hard in hand. 

Transfer Funds to Another Bank Account

Another convenient method for this is to transfer your money to another bank account, provided that it is linked to your Varo app. Unfortunately, this method won’t work if you have entirely lost hold of your Varo card. 

To link your account, follow these steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the Varo app. Look for the Accounts page there. 
  2. Now, click on the option Link an Account +.
  3. Next, look for the bank you want to link your Varo card with. 
  4. Log in by entering your other bank’s User ID and Password from the web address. Click on Submit
  5. Follow further instructions and enter the necessary details required. 
  6. Once done, you will see your bank account linked on the Varo app.

Now, once you are done with the linking step, transfer the Money from Varo to the other bank account by following the process mentioned below:

  1. Open the Varo application
  2. Now, tap on the option Move Money followed by Transfer Money
  3. Make a selection From Varo Bank Account – To your Bank Account

Once done, enter the amount you wish to transfer. The transfer limit is $5000 maximum when transferring to a checking account. 

Send Money to Your Friend’s Account 

Having a Varo card user here can be a great help. You can ask one of your friends to withdraw money. For this, you need to follow a few steps as mentioned here:

  1. Log in to the Varo App and click on the option of Move Money right at the bottom of your screen. 
  2. Next, choose an option of Varo-to-Varo transfer
  3. Enter the details of your friends’ cards and enter the amount to transfer to the recipients’ account. 
  4. Take a final look at the transfer details. 
  5. Once done, click on the option Send Money. And it is done!
  6. Your friend can then withdraw the cash you need.

These transfers are instant and free of any additional transaction cost. Hence, this can be a good option if you have a friend who also uses Varo Card.

Note! If you opt for this option, please note that the limit on transfers is $2000 per month. 

Use Digital Card Details for Payments 

To make a payment when you are out of cash or have forgotten your Varo card at home, you can make use of the digital card.

  1. Open your Varo app and click on the Account Details.
  2. Now, enter the card details such as card number, account number, expiration date, and card verification value (CVV). 
  3. And voila! The payment is made. 

Cardless ATM Withdrawals with Varo

Getting to the cardless ATM is yet another best alternative for withdrawing Money from Varo without a card. Even though there are certain set of rules you have to abide by opting for this option, but it is surely an easy go alternative. 

You do not need a physical card here, just the Varo mobile application. But, the vital thing to note is that your Varo Debit Card must be linked to your device.

To make a cardless ATM Withdrawal with Varo, here’s what you need to do

  1. Install the Varo app on your mobile phone and open it. 
  2. You will come across the Move Money option. Tap on it. 
  3. Now, tap on the option of find ATM.  You will come across several cardless ATMs within your radius on this locator. 
  4. Visit the nearest cardless ATM and see if mobile cash access is supported on it or not. 
  5. If yes, choose the mobile cash access option. Next, go to the Varo app on your mobile.
  6. From the banking options, select cardless ATM withdrawal. 
  7. Now, insert the amount to withdraw from the account through ATM.
  8. security pin will be generated on the mobile app. Enter that pin in the ATM and wait to get your cash. 

Simple and convenient. Isn’t it?

The Bottom Line 

Varo bank is an excellent choice as you won’t have to pay any additional fees with it. It is a safe and secure mobile banking system for people who wish to proceed with online banking.

  • With Varo cards, you can make withdrawals and use them for purchasing several goods and services.

But what if you don’t have a Varo card in hand and forgot it at somewhere? Well, several alternatives can assist you in withdrawing the cash from your Varo account without a Varo card, as mentioned earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I transfer Money from Varo to the Cash App?

Yes, you can transfer Money from Varo to the Cash App by linking your Varo account to the digital wallets on your mobile. 

Does Varo offer a virtual card?

Yes, digital debit cards can be used for payments and purchases, and you can also add them to the digital wallet to proceed. 

What is the direct deposit limit of Varo?

The direct deposit limit of Varo is $1000 per day and the maximum limit for 30 days is $5000. 

How much money can you withdraw from Varo?

You can withdraw around $750 per day using your Varo card at the ATM.