Rent a Center Return Policy, Reinstatement and Refund Option

Rent-A-Center (RAC) is a rent-to-own corporation based in the United States that produces, sells, and rents furniture, appliances, and electronic devices. It offers advantages such as no long-term commitment policies and low startup expenses but it does come with a Rent a Center return policy.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Rent a Center return policy does not offer refunds but it gives payment protection voucher.
  • You can redeem your payment by giving credit to someone else, selecting previously rented item, or choosing a brand new item.
  • The company will give you refund if the item is damaged.

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Rent a Center Return Policy

Unfortunately, the company will not give you a refund but you will be able to return the rented items and suspend your payments at any point throughout your lease cycle. 

  • If you return your product before obtaining ownership, Rent-A-Center will provide you with a payment protection voucher, which will ensure that your payments are not lost.

Within the next two years, you’ll be able to restart your agreement whenever you’re ready. There are no cancellation fees, and Rent-A-Center will keep track of all of your payments.

How Does Rental Reinstatement Option Work?

You can return products and put your payments on hold at Rent-A-Center at any moment throughout your lease. If you desire to renew your lease at a later date, you can do so by calling or visiting your local Rent-A-Center. 

Moreover, you can redeem your payment protection ticket in one of three ways on the Rent-A-Center website or you can request a rental transfer in person or through the online rental application.

  • Give your credit to someone else

If you give your credit to someone else, they will take over your payments from your initial contract, and they will be able to save up to three months on the item you first rented.

  • Select a previously rented item

 Select a previously rented item and depending on the amount of the voucher, your rental term can be reduced by up to three months.

  • Choose a brand-new item.

If you prefer to rent a completely new item rather than one that has already been rented, for the new product, you can get a three-month free trial. Moreover, Rent-A-Center will remove around 20% of the cost of the new item from your voucher amount.

Does Rent-A-Center Return Policy Include Refunds? 

Unfortunately, Customers cannot receive refunds from Rent-A-Center. However, it will give a refund to its customers only in two ways. 

  • Corporation is obligated to give refund if the item was damaged.
  • If the return policy is not displayed by the vendor, the client is entitled to a refund within a few days of purchase. 

The Bottom Line

Rent-A-Car rental price includes delivery, pick-up, service, and repair. Customers can upgrade goods while renting them, and their payments will adjust correspondingly.

If a customer is not satisfied with the company’s product, Rent-A-Center doesn’t offer a return policy to its customers. However, you can always redeem your payment through the steps mentioned above. 

For more information call Rent-A-Car service at +1-801-895-4555.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you rent anything from Rent-A-Center and then return it?

You can halt your payments without penalty if you return your item at any time. This would be without losing any money already paid. Return the merchandise when you’re ready, and continue where you left off. 

Is it possible for me to receive my money back from Rent-A-Center?

Rent-A-Center, unfortunately, does not offer refunds to its clients. If you return your product before obtaining ownership, Rent-A-Center will provide you with a payment protection voucher.

What happens if you fail to return items to Rent-A-Center?

If you do not pay and do not return the item, the whole amount is payable and the item is sent to collections. Just make sure that every payment you make is secure.

What are my options for getting out of my Rent-A-Center contract?

Customers can usually end their leases and return the things at any time, or pay until they own the items. The corporation uses two basic models. It has around 2,400 locations, most of which are in low-income areas or near military bases.

What effect does Rent-A-Center have on your credit score?

Rent-A-Center will not assist you in establishing credit. This is because its pay-to-own strategy does not require a credit check or explicitly entail borrowing money. Collection accounts and court judgments would appear on your credit record as “derogatory marks,” lowering your credit score significantly.

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