Make Quick Transfer From Zelle To PayPal Using a Linked Bank Account!

Have you heard that sending money from Zelle to PayPal is impossible, and are you ready to believe that? Wrong!

Although the process can not be carried out directly, you can conveniently send money from Zelle to PayPal indirectly, which may differ from sending money from Zelle to Cash AppVenmo, or internationally.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can send money from Zelle to PayPal by first transferring it to a linked bank account and then moving funds from bank to PayPal.
  • In comparison, Zelle money transfers work faster than PayPal.
  • Nonetheless, PayPal has more security features and offers better buyers/sellers protection.

…and Much More!

Can I Send Money From Zelle To PayPal?

If you are a Zelle user, you would have a significant advantage when sending money to any US bank. You can utilize this feature to send funds indirectly to PayPal as well.

Let’s talk about how to use Zelle’s free and fast service and the business model it uses to send funds to your linked bank account and then to the PayPal account where you need them.

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Step 1: Link Your Zelle Account To Your Bank

The majority of the banks in the US have started accepting Zelle online banking services so that you can link this app to your bank without any hassle.

  • If you have already created an account and are opening a new one, it is best to confirm with their staff whether the bank supports Zelle. 

You can send money from Zelle to PayPal if you have a bank account supporting Zelle money transfer services. If not, you must look for a different bank account or remember to send funds to PayPal.

The first thing to do is connect Zelle to your bank account. This is easy and can help you streamline all your future bank transfers. Moreover, remember that you must consider Zelle transfer limits for any transaction.

Step 2: Connect Your PayPal To The Same Bank Account

The next step is to connect PayPal to the same bank account with which you had previously linked your Zelle account. This is necessary because, as we mentioned before, PayPal does not accept Zelle transfers, so the money exchange can not take place directly.

Neither of the companies wishes to work with the other, but having a linked bank account would mean you can access the same funds from either of the apps.

  1. To add a bank to a PayPal account, you first have to visit its My Money section.
  2. Then click on the Account menu and tap on Update. Here is another option for a bank account.
  3. Enter the account details, such as the account number and routing number, and then confirm the connection.

After this, you can easily send money from one app to another using your bank account.

Step 3: Use The Bank as A Middle Party To Exchange Funds

Now that you have linked both apps to the same account, transferring the funds between them is time.

  • You can use Zelle to send the money to your bank and transfer it to a PayPal account. The funds will be made available within a short period. 

There are multiple ways of doing so when you have to pay for a service through PayPal, such as at a gas stationhotel, etc. Most people like to utilize the funds appearing as PayPal balances, while others prefer using linked bank accounts or debit cards.

You can choose to do either as long as you have sent money from Zelle to the bank account.

Zelle To PayPal Money Transfer Fee

There are no fees for sending money from Zelle to a PayPal account.

Most banks allow transactions from Zelle for free. However, it is ideal to check with your specific bank beforehand. There may be fees for non-participating banks.

How Long Does It Take To Send Money From Zelle To PayPal?

Since you need to transfer the funds to a bank account, payment transfer from Zelle to PayPal can take up to 3 business days. 

Method To Send Money From Your Zelle To Someone Else’s PayPal Account

In the example we discussed above, our aim was to show you how to use your Zelle account to send money to your own PayPal account.

  • This leaves room to discuss the same with someone else’s PayPal account. 

The answer to this question is that money transfer from Zelle to someone else’s PayPal account is only possible if you have a PayPal account of your own. Moreover, you can sign up immediately and for FREE if you don’t currently.

You should visit for this task and click on Sign-up. This would open a new page where you must choose whether you want a personal or business account.

Creating a PayPal account requires you to enter your email ID, which must be valid, and then choose a password. Furthermore, information such as name, phone number, and contact address would also be required.

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Thing To Keep In Mind When Sending Money From Zelle To PayPal

If you are transferring funds from Zelle to PayPal for the first time, a few considerations can help you.

  • You can only send money to PayPal from Zelle within the US. 
  • It is not possible to send money from Zelle to PayPal business accounts.
  • You can not send money to a recipient who does not have a PayPal account. As discussed above, the recipient must create a PayPal account beforehand.

Zelle To PayPal Money Transfer Alternatives

Now, you have figured out a way to send money from Zelle to a PayPal account indirectly (with the help of a US-based bank account). However, what’s the solution if you are outside the United States?

In that case, the only fix is to look for an alternative. You can use third-party money transfer services such as Xoom or WorldRemit. These alternatives can also help you send money to a PayPal business account.

Zelle vs PayPal – In a Nutshell

When choosing a money transfer service, newbies often need clarification about which one to go for. Similar comparisons have been made in the case of Zelle and PayPal, although it is pretty tricky to draw a final verdict.

Zelle takes extra points for being quick with money transfers. Moreover, it can be integrated with large banks in the US or even accounts for bad credit, making it an ideal choice for those who frequently need to share funds.

  • PayPal, however, is a safer platform with all layers of security set in place. 

Compared to this, Zelle does not have a buyer protection feature, which means you can not return a product if it does not match the description upon delivery. PayPal also supports refund requests made within six months.

Therefore, the final choice depends on what you are looking for. However, we have discussed some of the leading comparative points below to make things easier.

The Process of Money Transfer With Zelle Is Easy and Straightforward

Zelle is meant for quick money transfers. The app removes funds from your bank and sends them to the recipient’s bank without obstacles.

On the other hand, PayPal users need to share their PayPal balance instead.

This means the transfer does not occur directly from the bank; instead, it proceeds using either the money in your app or linked debit card/bank accounts.

Moreover, when using a credit or debit card, PayPal charges a fee before it makes the money available as the recipient’s PayPal balance.

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Zelle Transfers Are Instant

Zelle again takes the lead here by allowing instant sharing of funds. With PayPal, you have to look out for many additional steps.

If you wish to transfer them to a bank account, you must file this request separately.

Any transfer made in the evening would arrive on the next day. You can expect further delays if there is a weekend or a holiday.

However, the instant transfer option is open with a $0.25 fee per request. In this way, you can send the money within 30 minutes.

PayPal Offers Better Buyer and Seller Protection

There is no doubt that PayPal is a safer platform offering complete protection for online transactions.

Although you can not utilize these to share funds with friends and family like Zelle, it is quite helpful when making transactions with merchants.

PayPal is further guarded by a username and password that is compulsory for login. Moreover, it can be protected by SMS verification. 

Zelle can easily be logged in by just providing the phone number. As you can see, there is a significant difference in the level of security that they provide.

PayPal Has Higher Additional Fees

Zelle considerably has lower fees. PayPal, on the other hand, charges $0.25 for instant transfers.

Those wishing to make credit card transactions must pay 2.9% and $0.30 per transfer. If you are using PayPal to send money to a bank account, that would not incur additional costs.

International transactions carry fees as well. However, these can vary, so you have to check with the service and confirm the rate for the currency under use.

The Bottom Line

Sending money from Zelle to PayPal is not a big deal after all. You need to own a bank account linked to both apps.

Moreover, you can also use the same method to send money from PayPal to Zelle.

Hopefully, this article has summed up everything you need about swift and easy money transfers between Zelle and PayPal. 

If any queries are left, drop them in the comment section below so I can get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you receive money on Zelle without having a bank account? 

Yes. It is possible to send and receive money on Zelle without an account. You only need to download the app and create an account. Then, you can transfer money between any account.

Who owns Zelle service? 

Early Warning Services own Zelle. The financial service is a US-based digital payment platform with Bank of America, Capital OneChase, PNC Bank, Wells Fargo, etc.

Is PayPal safer than Zelle?

There is no doubt that PayPal is a safer platform offering complete protection for online transactions. Although you can not utilize these to share funds with friends and family like Zelle, it is quite helpful when making transactions with merchants.

PayPal is further guarded by a username and password that is compulsory for login. Moreover, it can be protected by SMS verification.

Does Zelle take a fee for money transfers? 

No. Zelle does not charge any fee for sending or receiving money. There are no additional fees unless you want to send the money instantly.

Can I send money from Zelle to a PayPal cash card?

No, there is no way to send money directly from Zelle to a PayPal card. The two platforms don’t support each other.