Ashley Furniture No Credit Check Financing – Is It Really Possible?

Thanks to furniture store financing, there are people moving into new houses and offices without worrying about how they will furnish the place within a limited budget. However, most of the loan programs run a thorough scrutiny of credit standing. Does that mean people with poor credit history have to wait till they get their credit score back in good shape? Not really! Ashley Furniture no credit check financing is the answer to all their worries!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Ashley Furniture offers financing in the form of Advantage credit card and Genesis Gold Account both of which require a credit check.
  • You can apply for the credit cards online by visiting Ashley official website right now.
  • Alternatively, furniture financing for bad credit is also available at Aaron’s, Fingerhut and Rent-A-Center.

…and Much More!

Ashley Furniture No Credit Check Financing – What Are Your Options?

Shopping sites with no credit check are definitely a blessing but you can’t expect to find it everywhere. Unfortunately, Ashley does not offer no-credit-check financing but what if we tell you the store has something better in stock?

  • You can apply for Ashley Advantage credit card and Genesis credit gold account even with less-than-perfect credit score.

You must be look for no credit check financing because your credit score seems to be quite low. However, with Ashley, you don’t need to worry about the credit history at all. Although credit card application here requires a hard pull, you can get approved with minimal requirements.

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Ashley Advantage Credit Card

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using this credit card is that it offers interest-free financing if you spend a minimum purchase amount at the store. In fact, it offers interest-free financing for 6 to 12 months on all purchases.

You can increase the window to 24 months of interest free financing if you shop above $1,499, to 36 months for purchases above $1,999 and to 48 months for purchases over $2,499.

  • Ashley Advantage credit card requires a minimum credit score of 650.
  • Applicants need to provide their social security number, US contact address, and proof of income.
  • You can shop at Ashley store or online and avail 6 to 12 months of financing.
  • Financing for up to 18, 48, 60 or 72 months is also available but for in-store shopping only.
  • The Synchrony Bank also provides Card Security program to safeguard your transactions.

Apply For Ashley Advantage Credit Card – Step By Step Guide

Although the application for the credit card can be completed online and in store, we strongly recommend that you do so at their official website. This a hassle-free and quick method to apply for Ashley Advantage credit card.

  1. Check that your internet connection is working and then open Ashley official website.
  2. Open the credit card application and provide the necessary personal details such as full name, contact information, source of income, etc.
  3. Click on the submit button to get this done.

Attention! It is ideal to apply for the credit card once you have purchased something from the Ashley store. Otherwise, you would waste the financing if you don’t get anything later on.


  • Ashley furniture credit card offers exclusive discounts that only cardholders can avail.
  • You can also get access to coupons for in-store and online purchases.
  • Credit card will also eliminate the need to make down payments or pay shipping costs.
  • The Card Security program will take care of monthly payments if you lack funds.
  • You only need to pay minimal fee to sign up with the Card Security program.
  • The mobile online management system will ensure that you manage your Ashley credit card account without any issues.


  • The APR is quite high once the interest-free financing period finishes.
  • The offer of interest-free financing will be removed if you miss just one payment.
  • Those without Card Security program will have to pay late penalty fee of $27 to $37.

Genesis Credit Ashley Advantage Gold Account

Another financing option that you have at Ashley is through Genesis Gold Account. This one is relatively new but we do know that the program is quite flexible and you can get sufficient amount of loan through it.

However, it is difficult to know exactly the amount that you will be approved of. This is because Ashley Genesis credit card sets the credit limit depending on your current income and debt situation. It varies from one person to another.

  • You must apply with a minimum credit score of 550 and be above 18 years of age to be eligible.
  • All applicants need to submit their social security number, contact address, and proof of income.
  • You can score 6-12 months of interest-free loans if you apply with good credit standing.
  • Electronic Bank, the one that issues this credit card, will report to credit bureaus if you do not make the payments on time and this can dip your credit score further.
  • Please note that this credit card is not available in West Virginia.


  • It is available for credit scores lower than the ones required for Ashley Advantage credit card.


  • It is not available in West Virginia.
  • The card can not be used anywhere except Ashley store.

Extra Reading

Do You Need Good Credit Score For Ashley Furniture Financing?

We have mentioned in detail the credit scores that you need in order to qualify for Ashley furniture financing programs. In a nutshell, any score above 550 should be fine but those who have a lower score may face difficulty in getting approval.

  • Ashley has officially not mentioned such credit score requirement and these scores were assumed to be a pre-requisite given the standing of applicants who got approved.

The standard criteria is only limited to being above 18 years of age, US resident, and giving source of income as proof. Other than this, you may apply with a score lower than 550 and still get approved.

Nonetheless, Ashley furniture no credit check financing is considered to be one of the plans with highest odds of approval. There’s no harm in trying!

Ashley Furniture Financing With Bad Credit – Alternatives

If Ashley does not seem like a good fit for you, luckily, you are not out of options yet. There are several other stores as well as financing programs that would be more than happy to take care of your needs. Let’s check out a few them!

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  • Aaron’s

One of the most reliable options for furniture financing and rent-to-own furniture is Aaron’s. Its loan terms are quite simple and you only need a decent credit score to be approved of here. In fact, there have been many clients who are able to qualify even with a poor credit history.

  • Rent-A-Center

With more than 2500 stores across the US, Rent-A-Center is a popular option for furniture financing with bad credit. This is also because the company does not run a credit check at all.

You will find a great deal of variety here and items for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room and much more. Additionally, you can get electronics and home appliances under financing programs here as well.

  • Fingerhut

Fingerhut is another financing company that can lend you money even with a poor credit score.

You can use it to cater to furniture purchases here or choose from a wide range of other products that it has. The list includes clothing items, houseware, decoration pieces, home appliances, exercise equipment. and much more.

  • Personal Loans

Another option you can try for financing your furniture purchase is getting a personal loan like the ones that Guide to Lenders or Stilt offers. Such loans do not require you to apply with a fair credit score and have high chances of approval as well.

A major advantage that financing through personal loans carry is that you can use the amount in any store and for purchase of any item, even other than furniture. Just make sure that you back the installments on time.

The Bottom Line

You can avail of different financing programs at Ashley but none of them feature no-credit check policy. If poor credit situations is what’s worrying you, Genesis Gold Account would be a great option to try out as it approved applicants with credit score as low as 550.

  • It may be difficult to qualify for any type of financing if your credit score is lower than this.

But even that is something you can fix! There are other furniture stores that have more appropriate financing plans for people with poor or no credit history. They may come with higher interest rates but if you think you can be punctual with payments, you must try these out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ashley furniture require good credit score?

Ashley Advantage credit card requires a minimum credit score of 640 to have appropriate chances of qualifying.

What credit score do I need to finance furniture?

Most of the furniture stores that offer financing with a credit check require you to apply with at least 600 for fair chances of qualifying. The higher the score, more would be the chances of approval or getting the loan on easier terms.

Which credit bureau does Ashley use to make a hard pull on your credit report when you apply for financing there?

Ashley uses reports from Equifax and Experian to check your account activity and get the credit report.