Apps That Pay You Real Money | Best Platforms To Make Money This Year

If you are a person who spends most of the time using smart phones and other gadgets, you have the opportunity to earn cash by using apps that pay you real money. In this article we will highlight different apps that pay you for simply watching videos, purchasing household items, accepting different challenges, doing surveys and playing games etc.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • There are online apps that pay you real money but that will not be enough to compete with a monthly paycheck.
  • Some outstanding apps to earn money include Inbox Dollars, Ibotta, and and Swagbucks.
  • Other ways to earn money through apps include taking surveys, watching videos, posting ads, etc.

…and Much More!

Apps That Pay You Real Money – 10+ Options To Try Out!

Getting the chance to make some money at home sounds interesting, right? Although we can’t guarantee that the earnings would be enough to last a month and compete with your paycheck but these apps can help you make real money that you can consider as a side hustle.


Ibotta is basically an online shopping app. For earning money, you can link different products from utility and grocery stores with the app and after buying that product you have to simply scan the barcode and you will get or earn coins as a reward.

  • Money transfer is done within with minimum time after 1 hour and maximum up to 48 hours.
  • This service is available on different online supermarkets like Publix, Target, Walmart Sam’s club etc.
  • Customer can earn money just by doing their routine shopping.


Swagbucks is truly a money earning app. Here you have to complete different tasks and earn points. The activity is of your own choice so you have to simply complete that activity and then you will get cash points.

  • Within 6 months your money will reach up to $300.
  • In order to earn money or to get points you have to simply watch the different videos.
  • Apart from watching videos you can also earn money by completing different surveys and questionnaires just in 3 to 20 minutes.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollar is also a money earning app that is very easy to use and provides the tasks according to your interest. You can also complete the tasks either by watching videos or filling questioners etc.

  • First you have to create account and from their sent emails activate your account.
  • Provides you trail survey opportunity to make you more experts in this field.
  • Provides $5 instant bonus so always avail it.


Acorn app is a passive way of earning money where you invest small amount but gets huge amount as a reward. Money is authentically invested in stock market. 

  • It is accessible both through desktop and mobile.
  • You can invest minimum of $1 per months and can earn 200k per year as a reward.
  • You can also earn $5 per each recommendation.


Decluttr is a selling app where you can sell your spare things like DVDS, electronic appliances and CDS etc. As a return you will earn a huge amount of money. Product selling is the easiest process through Declutter. It is totally free and can be used by both Android and desktop.

  • Just use phone scanner to check the prices of your products.
  • Free shipping is also provided.
  • System is completely secured and free of scam.

Solitaire Cube

As a gaming app, Solitaire Cube provides different ways of earning money to the users. In this game the players participate in different types of organized tournaments and games and earn money in the form of cash prizes.

  • Android customers cannot use it and available only for apple store.
  • Players on both sides have equal level of skills for playing a game at tournament.
  • Cash is withdrawn through PayPal.

Nielsen App

While using Nelson app, users simply go through different websites and perform different type of activities like searching, downloading and watching videos and automatically earn money from the app.

  • You can get different electronic appliances through their reward system like TV.
  • Just by downloading the app on your PC you can avail up to $500.
  • If you simply install the app per year you will earn $50.


Lucktastic is an Android app that provides you the opportunity to win money just by scratching cards and participating in their lottery scheme. This game is available at different local utility stores. More than 300,000 people are using this game and are completely satisfied with ads networking.

  • Card cash prize amount is up to $10000.
  • This app also arranges a giveaway of $500 as Amazon gift card.
  • Available only for Android users and free to download.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion reward is one of the best and unique systems of earning money just by going through the customers and users data from Google engine itself. It is completely free to use and have no charges. 

  • You simply go through their service, reports and then can earn money in the form of dollars.
  • You can collect your money in different mobile apps that you installed through Google Play.
  • Money is transferred to your PayPal account.

Survey Voices

Survey voices are another online app through which different type of voice note surveys are conducted. When customers go through those voice notes and recordings they can earn money. In this app you are provided different types of questionnaires and service which you have to complete according to get money as a reward.

  • Customers use their PayPal account to get money.
  • Both desktop and mobile apps can be used for assessing survey voices.
  • App is completely free to use.

Kash Kick

Kash Kick is actually a survey-based app for earning money. There is no hard and fast rule for using Kash Kick to earn because it is totally based on your per days activities. Secondly you can use it according to your ease and available timing.

  • $5 is the minimum amount you earn through Kash Kick.
  • For earning money through Kash Kick, use your PayPal account.
  • Also allow you to earn money by performing different activities like videos completing different tasks and doing surveys.


Gazelle is an app used to sell old smart phones from home. This app is available both through desktop and Android.

  • Cash amount is given after every sale.
  • Totally free app that provides best money earning options.
  • Software system is always updated.


Surro is most widely used social networking app through which you can earn a huge amount of money just by having fun and doing interesting things. You can download it through play store and start earning by doing mutual work with your client. You can also use options of blocking to block spam numbers as wells hackers.

  • Only Android users can use this app.
  • It can be used to earn money and make customers from any part of the world without any restrictions.
  • You can set your hourly rates according to your choice.
Check out 51

Check out 51, as the name indicates, is an app that provides cash back on checkouts while doing grocery shopping from utility stores. Always upload shopping receipt of an item and then automatically you will receive reward.

  • App is linked with so many famous brands that increase its acceptability among customers.
  • You will get $5 as a cash on account creation.
  • You will get bonus or cash on food, clothes, shoes and healthcare products.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is among the best social media apps for selling products through. It is also free to use. 

  • You sell products through Facebook and earn money.
  • Available on platforms like desktop and Android.
  • Simply mention the desired items and write a brief description of the item to enhance sale chances.

Slide Joy

Slide Joy is another app through which you can also earn money without doing any hectic task. In case of this app, user have to upload different adds or promotions from phone and as a result they will get money. It is free to use.

  • Your earning will increase with the increasing number of add the promotions uploaded to your phone.
  • App is available for Android users only.
  • Also known as app for passive income.

Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is bingo game app through which you have to simply play the game and earn up to $100 per day. This app provides you opportunity to earn money simply by downloading the app.

  • The app is free to use.
  • User can get it through mobile desktop and web.
  • Players can play the game just for 2 minutes and then they get bonus points which they can convert into cash money.

Healthy wage

Healthy wage is a wonderful weight loss game where after losing weight you will get money as a reward. This is linked with different government and private sector agencies encouraging the people to lose weight and attain a healthy lifestyle.

  • User has to join the weight loss challenge of the app.
  • For earning money set at target like time you will take to lose weight by following different challenges of the app.
  • It is basically a health app that gives you wealth.

Drop App

As a shopping app, Drop App is one of the best options for you because by using this app you can buy anything from the place of your choice and earn points as reward. When you use this app, shopping centers give you high discounts on every purchase automatically.

  • App linked with different shopping platforms like food stores, grocery centers, travelling agencies etc.
  • After every single purchase user will get points that he can convert into cash.
  • It’s totally up to you to which shopping center you want to use for getting reward.

Other Ways To Make Money Through Apps

If you want to make money by using different apps then it is quite simple and easy because now you can do different things to earn money online.

  • Complete online surveys and questionnaires.
  • Post the ads for selling any gadget or electronic appliances.
  • Write reviews and descriptions of different.
  • Like and share various social media posts.
  • Play games, do shopping and follow weight loss challenge on different apps.

The Bottom Line

These days every single person wants to earn more and more money. Although it is not easy without having good and well-established source of income but now without having any permanent job or source of income you can earn money in real ways.

Luckily there are so many apps available on internet through which you can earn a huge amount of money just by watching our sharing something from the platform of that app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why people should news those apps that pay them real money?

Definitely everybody wants to earn money without doing a 9-5 job and the work in which he is not good. So people should use that apps through which they can earn money just by doing their daily work ok and doing shot task for getting money.

Why different apps pay the users after the use?

In the era of social media when people use different apps then apps provide money to them just because by using these have users are doing their publicity and commercialization. That will ultimately increase their susceptibility among other non users.

What are the best parts of using apps to earn money?

Of course apps that pay you money in return are beneficial for users. For example different apps provide $5 just for creating your personal account on their website as well as increase your earnings with your working progress.