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Banks That Accept ITIN | Open Checking Accounts For Non-US Citizens

Non-US Citizens don’t have to worry about having a Social Security Number to be able to open a bank account. We have brought before you several banks that accept ITIN, the details of which we will be discussing in the following guide. 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Banks that accept ITIN include  Chase, Wells Fargo, Ally, Axos, Citibank, Bank of America, Fifth Third Bank, PNC, US Bank, Alliant Credit Union, Charles Schwab, Citizens Bank,  and a few others. 
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is the one that is  issued by the IRS  for people who are not eligible for the SSN. 
  • ITIN does not  provide you with any legal status  or permit to work in the United States.

…and Much More!

Banks That Accept ITIN – What Are Your Options?

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is the one that is issued by the IRS for people who are not eligible for the Social Security Number.

ITIN aimed to facilitate the foreign nationals too who cannot avail of the SSN necessary for US tax laws. 

  • The ITIN is structured as a nine-digit number beginning from the number 9 and formatted like 9XX-XX-XXXX.

You can easily comply with the tax returns and several payments too through ITIN as a replacement for SSN. 

Whether you are a US resident or not, you can always avail of the US filing or reporting requirement under IRC. ITIN, however, does not provide you any legal status or permit to work in the United States, and they are also not eligible for all tax benefits. 

The perks of ITIN do not end here as there are several banks where you can open accounts without having a Social Security Number.

The criteria differ from one bank to the other, but there are even smaller banks too accepting ITNs as it a legally issued tax ID. 


Chase is a financial institution where you can apply for a credit card online either using your Social Security Number or an Individual Tax Identification Number. Just open the Chase Total Checking account and set up your direct deposit

  • To apply, you need to provide two valid forms of ID and proof of US residency. 
  • You can either apply online or through the branch
  • It allows you to earn $300 with Business Complete Checking
  • You can also earn a $200 bonus with Chase Freedom Unlimited all free of cost. 
  • It offers you to deposit checks virtually using Chase QuickDeposit. 

Wells Fargo 

Enjoy the financial services and online banking at Well Fargo. It has a wide range of services such as Checking accounts, personal loans, investing, home loans, auto loans, credit cards, and so much more. 

  • You need to provide a valid ID such as a drivers’ license or a state ID.
  • You can either apply online, through a physical branch, or by contacting them. 
  • It also allows you to open an account using the ITIN if you have no SSN.
  • Wells Fargo app is easy to navigate and offers simplified views of your account. 
  • Get a $200 sign-up bonus for checking. 


Open an online bank account at Ally as it accepts ITIN offering many conveniences to the customers. To join, just make sure that you are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. 

  • Apply online or at the branch as per your feasibility. 
  • It does not charge any monthly maintenance fee or minimum balance
  • It only accepts the ITIN for bank accounts and not for Ally Invest accounts. 
  • Ally has a 0.50% interest rate on its Savings account. 
  • It also does not charge an overdraft fee. 


To qualify to open an account at Axos, you do not need to require a Social Security Number, visa, or even a Green Card to qualify. Axos Bank is a hub of great loan rates and flexible terms. 

  • You must be a US citizen or resident alien to apply. 
  • There are no physical branches of the Axos bank and it only supports the online application. 
  • The documents required include a government-issued photo ID to apply. 
  • The bank also uses foreign credit reports in place of a FICO score. 
  • It has portfolio loan options ranging up to $25,000,000.


Citibank has several perks for consumers that have around 65,000 fee-free ATMs to avail of. It provides various financial services and products like credit cards, commercial loans, lines of credit, mortgages, and much more. 

  • It accepts ITIN for a bank account online and in-branch too. 
  • You must be a US resident or resident with at least a physical US address. 
  • The applicant should have enough information about their business to apply. 
  • Citibank also offers leading-edge technology to keep your data safe. 
  • Through a card, you can earn 2% Cash Back on purchases, 1% when you buy+1% as you pay

Bank of America 

Bank of America is another leading financial institute where you can choose the right card for you and earn cashback. It allows you to get personalized advice and an easy way to set and track short and long-term goals. 

  • Select the account and enter personal information to complete the process. 
  • You can apply both online and at the branch at your convenience.  
  • Provide two identification sources i.e., ITIN or passport. 
  • To open the account online, you need to have SSN, residential address, email address, and account number. 
  • You can apply for the checking, savings account IRA, or CDs too here. 

Fifth Third Bank 

Fifth Third Bank’s financial platform offers online and mobile banking to you in the most approachable manner. There are no hidden fees for the services, and you can get paid early than the traditional banks. 

  • You need to provide a valid form of identification to apply. 
  • You can only apply at the physical branch for the checking account.
  • Specialized accounts of Fifth Third Bank include Preferred checking, Student banking, Military checking, Express checking, and ABLE checking. 
  • You can get access to 50,000 ATM networks and there is no monthly fee for checking to pay. 
  • Savings and checking accounts do not require any deposit requirement


Meet your financial goals by opening an account at PNC bank offering several services. You can explore and even apply online for a checking, credit cards, auto loans, mortgage, retirement, and savings account. 

  • PNC does not accept ITIN online, hence you need to visit a physical branch. 
  • Its Virtual Wallet combines money management tools with checking and savings accounts. 
  • It offers online and mobile money management tools. 
  • It offers low-interest rates on short-term savings. 
  • You can get additional time to make a deposit and also avoid overdraft fees. 

US Bank 

US Bank is another top financial platform offering banking consumers five types of checking accounts. Moreover, it also offers free access to thousands of ATMs nationwide. 

  • You can use ITIN to open a checking account at US Bank. 
  • There is no online application and you’ll have to visit the physical branch. 
  • You need to provide information such as your name, residential address, and government-issued ID for proof. 
  • The bank charges a $2.50 ATM transaction fee on out-of-network ATMs. 
  • It charges $36 per transaction on more than $5 overdrafts. 

Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union stands out among the digital banking providers, allowing you to save money and bank online using the website or even its mobile banking app. Earn unlimited cash backs and open checking account here in just a few steps. 

  • Alliant Credit Union accepts ITIN online for the checking account. 
  • You need to provide a valid and government-issued photo ID. 
  • It has extensive Alliant Membership criteria and you must abide by at least one of them. 
  • For the address verification, you can provide utility bills, lease agreements, or mortgage statements. 
  • You can earn more interest with its high-yield online savings account. 

Charles Schwab 

Charles Schwab is a place for a customizable trading platform and is one of the top discount brokers in the United States. In addition, it also offers educational resources and investment advice to the customers. 

  • You can either apply online or at the branch for a checking account. 
  • You can also call customer representative support to initiate the process.
  • The application requires you to provide a US permanent resident address. 
  • It also facilitates the international residents via the Schwab One International account. 
  • You can get hands-on commission-free stocks and ETF trades too at Charles Schwab. 

Citizens Bank

Get the credit cards, checking accounts, home mortgage, and student loans at Citizens bank. It is one of the largest banking institutions offering savings accounts, checking accounts, certification of deposits, and much more. 

  • Citizens Bank accepts the ITIN to open the bank account.
  • You can apply at the branch and online too for the checking account. 
  • You need to provide an unexpired passport for identity verification. 
  • In addition, you need to provide a US Department of Homeland Security refugee travel document. 
  • It offers four checking accounts to meet consumer needs. 

Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU)

It offers financial wellness tools to the customers leading to betterment in their financial management. The digital banking of DCU has a feature of FutureLook which helps you identify your recurring income and easy-to-read financial forecast.

  • You can apply online or at a physical branch using the ITIN number. 
  • You can also have a family relationship with a current DCU member to apply. 
  • It offers a free checking on balance up to $100,000. 
  • Enjoy DCU mobile banking and mobile wallets to use the DCU cards. 
  • Get personal loans, credit cards, vehicle loans, mortgages, and student loans too. 

Santander Bank 

Financial institute as Santander Bank is the hotspot if you are looking for easy mobile banking. Its financial services include checking or savings account, personal loans, and credit cards. Get personalized banking and achieve long-term financial goals here. 

  • You can open the account online or through the branch using ITIN or SSN.
  • You must have a US residential address to apply. 
  • PROTECHTION is the safety feature it uses to safeguard your information. 
  • Santander Private Client checking account offers personalized banking and exclusive benefits. 
  • Santander Private Client Money Market Savings account is offered exclusively to Santander Private Client account holders.


HSBC international bank offers you banking account, cards, borrowing loans, mortgages, investing options, insurance, and online banking. Opening a no-fee checking and high-yield savings accounts account here is easier with solid saving options. 

  • You can open a US account at the HSBC branch in your country using the ITIN number. 
  • You need to provide a US contact number, employment information, US residential address, bank account, and routing number to apply. 
  • It offers low opening deposit requirements.
  • There are no monthly fees on Direct savings and even on checking accounts. 
  • It has locations in more than 60 countries. 

The Bottom Line 

The ITINs help the individuals comply with the tax laws of the United States and bridge the process of accounting for tax returns and payments. You can take advantage of the ITIN if you don’t have an SSN or looking forward to furnishing a federal tax identification number.

  • ITIN is a perfect savior for you if you are a nonresident alien subjected to filing a US tax return. 

While it serves many purposes and opens the gates for you if you are ineligible for the SSN, please note that it does not provide any legal immigration status, neither it provides any kind of work authorization.

If you are looking forward to opening a bank account, several financial platforms facilitate it and you can use the ID number as the bank verifies your relevant information. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I transfer my ITIN to Social Security? 

You can send a letter to the IRS and request them to combine your ITIN with the new SSN. For this, you need to provide your name, SSN, mailing address, and an ITIN too in the letter. 

Can you build credit history with ITIN?

Unfortunately, you cannot build your credit score with the ITIN. 

How much time is required to change ITIN to SSN? 

It takes around eight to twelve weeks to change ITIN to SSN.

How can I check my credit score with ITIN?

You can check the credit score using the Social Security Number and get the credit report from three credit bureaus.