Apps Like Chime – Top 11 Options That Are Most Reliable!

Mobile banking is a way of money transfer that is quite suitable for your lifestyle that will help you save time and energy. Chime is an online bank that is perfect alternative to traditional banking. However, if you do not find it to be a good fit, there are apps like Chime that you can try instead!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Chime is an online bank that offers commendable services like short-term loan, mobile check deposits, and easy money transfers.
  • Cash App, Varo, and MoneyLion are some of the leading apps like Chime that you can use.
  • While using any mobile banking app, it is important to go through its terms and conditions.

…and Much More!

Apps Like Chime – Top Options In The Market

Chime is an online bank that offers commendable services like short-term loan, mobile check deposits, and easy money transfers between different accounts.

If you are a new customer and don’t know different aspects of online banking, there are a few top rated apps like Chime that are being frequently used by the customers. You can download and sign-up to any one of these to make your daily transactions smooth and convenient.


Current is one of the best apps for new users because of its features such as 30-day free trial to new customers. As compared to traditional banking system, Current provides quick access to all the features of banking.

  • Federal deposit insurance corporation insured all the accounts.
  • It provides $100 free overdraft protection.
  • Through Current, a customer can access up to 40,000 in network ATM machine and utilized cash deposit facility at 60,000 stores.
  • Current charges $4.99 monthly membership fee on every premium account. 
  • Customer help desk is accessible only during working days.


It is one of the most trustworthy mobile apps where a customer can interlink his checking account with investments. One of the best features of MoneyLion is that they always provide you the required amount of loans irrespective your previous history.

  • All their payments are also linked with credit bureaus.
  • Can easily manage Cryptocurrency roundups.
  • 24/7 bitcoin and Ethereum trading is also available.
  • Monthly membership fee of moneylion premium account is $19.99.
  • As a premium accountholder can use all the features of this app to maintain the account.

 Cash App 

Cash App is the one which is being used by huge number of people all over the world for transferring their money without visiting the bank from anywhere anytime because it is quite convenient and quick service.

  • The main reason of Cash App popularity is there the $0 fee on transactions.
  • A customer can link cash app account with bank account.
  • ATM withdrawal is totally free.
  • Suitable for Bitcoin transactions.
  • All debit cards linked with Cash App have weekly and monthly withdrawal limits.

Varo Bank

When customer only wants to do mobile banking and does not want to deposit cash then Varo bank is an ideal option. It keeps record of all your spending, provide automated system and offers direct deposits.

  • You can earn 3.0% APY.
  • You can get up $200 advance from Vero Bank.
  • Their system consists of 55,000 ATMs worldwide out of which 40000 are located with the United States.
  • On each gas deposit they deduct 4.95$ as a service fee.
  • To receive 3% APY, the qualifying amount of direct deposit is $1,000 and maximum saving Dallas should be $5,000.

Capital One

In United States capital one also known as Capital one 360 and it has largest network because of its popularity as technology-focused bank. They are used for banking, saving accounts, auto loans and credit cards etc. Generally, they have three parts which are credit cards commercial banking and consumer banking 

  • Monthly interest rates are awarded to account holders depending on their preference.
  • They didn’t charge any monthly maintenance fee.
  • They also provide access to saving accounts checking accounts and your credit cards.
  • Account creation on Capital One may be an extremely lengthy process that requires a lot of verifications.
  • It also provides different type of credit cards like a secured card, travel rewards card, business cards and student card etc. 


Ally as an online platform like Chime and offers quick, free, and secured banking. Mostly, it is used for auto loans, retirement services for investing in bonds, ETFs, in stocks, for mutual funds etc.

  • Ally offers an interest rate of 0.50% which is much higher than national interest rate which is 0.06%.
  • Overdraft fee option is not required in Ally anymore.
  • Customer help line is available 24/7.
  • Age should be more than 18 years and have a valid social security number.
  • Through Ally money transfer to any bank account is also possible.


N26 is one of the most demanded apps by international travelers. They can create different subaccounts through N26 app and transfer money to all those bank accounts while traveling to different parts of the world.

  • N26 network can be assessed up to 55,000 ATM machines.
  • These accounts are fully insured by FDIC. You cannot earn any interest on your savings.
  • N26 is used to transfer money two days earlier than old banking systems.
  • Overdraft is not protected.
  • It has no in-branch assessment.


The main purpose of this mobile banking is to fulfill the customized money needs of freelancers, small business owners and gig workers etc. It has automatic tax record eliminating extensive paperwork.

  • Tax is automatically calculated on each single transaction.
  • It also provides an optional business debit card that makes it simpler to organize, purchase and transfer.
  • Lili can be assessed online and have no branch access.
  • Moreover, monthly membership fee of $4.99 is charged on every premium account.
  • Ally can be accessed more than 43,000 ATMs throughout the United States.


Porte being an online banking is also known as a multinational bank due to its functions. The process of creating direct deposit and receiving a free debit card is much speedy through Porte than any other banking app.

  • No fee is deducted on domestic or international transfers.
  • If a customer has account balance up to $15,000 then Porte provide 3% APY.
  • Moreover, a huge number of ATM machines are linked with Porte.
  • Provide free visa debit card with 100% banking.
  • On savings, you cannot earn any interest rate.


People who are more interested in that cards for online purchases should use Greendot app because of its outstanding features. It is not fully online banking service so in this app credit cards are linked with mobile banking services.

  • Money transfer is 2 days quicker than traditional banking system.
  • 2.00% APY is available on balance up to $10,000.
  • Many ATMs linked with GreenDot.
  • Also, monthly membership fee is $7.95.
  • When you transfer money to a network other than its own ATM then $3 fee is charged.


NetSpend is most widely used app for in-store purchases and online shopping. Through NetSpend mobile app your account is managed easily. You can also check your card account balance, transaction history and send money to your friends and family.

  • All its features are free to access.
  • You can use NetSpend cards for shopping for online bill payment for refilling your gas tank etc.
  • While using credit card their transaction fee is $1.
  • Depending upon the location of an ATMs location, fees varied on cash amounts.
  • Your driving license and other information are required for using Netspend account.

The Bottom Line

Since mobile banking is a new system, it gets popularity due to its quick, easy, and effortless network over conventional banking system.

While using any mobile banking app, it is important to go through its terms and conditions such as fee deducted for transfers, customer reviews, etc. Secondly, it is crucial to see which type of perks does an app provide to its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is chime a bank?

No, it’s not a traditional banking system but a financial technology-based service which provide a completely secured network approved by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

How can we open a chime account?

Few things are required while creating a chime account like U.S citizenship, social security number, age more than 18 years etc.

What is the difference between Capital one and Capital one 360?

Capital one 360 is an online platform which is accessed through mobile all while for using Capita one branch visit is necessary.